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Leek — product description on

Leek was once bred from wild onions growing in the Mediterranean. It looks like a giant green onion, but its taste and aroma is richer.

There are winter leek and summer leek.

Leek was once bred from wild onions growing in the Mediterranean. It looks like a giant green onion, but its taste and aroma are richer.

There are winter leek (with short and thick stems) and summer (with long and thin).

However, in both cases, the food is only the bottom — white and tender — part: in the winter leek it is boiled or stewed (raw, it is too rough), and in the summer it can be cut into thin half rings and add to the salad.

Leek is very useful.

This is a diuretic (diuretic), it removes toxins from the body.

The varieties of leeks from the agricultural point of view are divided into summer, autumn and winter.

Early leek ripens in August: it is a leek with long and thin stems, which is also suitable for salads.

Later varieties — with short and thick stems — fresh rather coarse.

Separately mention Kavar, the same Dzhusay, the same onion branched — Caucasian and Central Asian varieties of leeks, resembling mid-strip green onions: Kavar thinner and more fragrant than the usual leek.

Sell ​​Kavar in the markets.

Only the lower one goes for food — white and tender — a part of leek.

In the winter leek, it is boiled or stewed (in raw form it is too rough), while in the summer it can be cut into thin half-rings and added to the salad.

Leek is put in soups and vegetable dishes, served on a side dish for meat and poultry.

It is best to blanch it in salted boiling water for about 10 minutes.

If you incise the stalk lengthwise, you get neat leaves in which you can wrap and then bake any stuffing — from cheese to meat.

The season of leeks begins in August: these are early varieties that can be consumed fresh.

Then comes the turn of the later varieties that ripen in different regions until winter.

Leek sells whole year.

But the best leek is from August to the end of April.

Leek is often sold in bundles of four. It is better to buy onions without plastic packaging, which causes rot.

It is better to buy onions with unpacked roots and with green intact leaves.

Such packaging prolongs life onions.

Choose onions with clean white legs.

The length of the white part should be 5-7 cm.

And the leaves should be strong and dark green.

The base of the onion must be at least 1.5 cm in diameter.

The younger the onion is, the more fragrant and tender it will be. Choose a bow with cylindrical legs, rather than bulging.

If the bases begin to form onions, it means that the onions are overripe.

Check the center of the bow. If the spike begins to form for the production of seeds, do not take it.

Such a bow will have a hard woody center.

If the whole onion is soft, you should not take it.

At storage leek in the refrigerator must be borne in mind that its flavor will absorb other products. Therefore, wrap the bow in polyethylene loosely. So you keep the aroma and moisture.

Do not wash or cut leek before storing.

Store the onions in the vegetable box of your fridge.

Depending on the level of freshness at the time of purchase, leeks can be stored from five days to two weeks.

Cooked leek can be stored for one or two days.

When frozen, the leek turns to puree and starts to taste bitter. If you still decide to freeze the leek, cut it into slices or cut it in length, put the onion in an air-tight bag and freeze.

Such a bow can be used for three months.

Leek is known from ancient times, it was grown in ancient Egypt, and the Romans spread it.

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