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Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova — fried potatoes

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova — fried potatoes

The fastest and easiest for men. Not particularly ceremoniously, they wash the tubers, not peeling, cut into even cubes and fry in vegetable oil. The secret to the success of this method in a small amount potato (because they only fry for two), a large frying pan, a generous amount of oil and the complete absence of salt.

If these conditions are met, it turns out that the potato is fried, not stewed.

A special way of frying at the eldest daughter Masha. Although she does not reveal her secret, but I guess why her potatoes are so fragrant.

Masha in the middle of frying adds spices: sweet paprika, turmeric, curry, garlic, chili, in general, everything that comes to hand at this moment.

And only we with Polina and Nastya approach the issue of frying potatoes fundamentally. First, choose the appropriate potatoes for frying. It usually has a pinkish peel and contains starch moderately.

Wash the tubers, peel, cut into strips and rinse well in cold water to remove excess starch.

Towel dry.

In which pan to fry — a matter of principle. Ideal — ceramic pan.

Nothing sticks to it, and the potato crust is excellent.

But we also adapted to fry in a cast iron pan. Put the pan on the fire, pour the vegetable oil and add a small piece of butter.

Before you start frying, we make sure that the frying pan is well warmed: we throw at it one slice of peeled potatoes and we look: if bubbles have gone around it and started to twist, it means it’s time!

We lay out all the sliced ​​and dried potatoes and cover with a lid. The first few minutes, fry at maximum heat. Then remove the lid, stir and cover again.

As soon as the potatoes reddened, remove the lid, reduce the heat and fry until tender.

Often do not interfere with the slices of potatoes are not broken.

Then we add salt, pepper and add all sorts of goodies as desired.

It can be sour cream, dill, chopped onion, garlic, mushrooms (pre-fry them separately), bacon, bacon, ham — in general, all that your soul asks.

And during the frying, the scent emanates from the potato that I only hear from all sides: “Mom, give it a try!” And by the time I was ready, I suddenly found out that the pan was already half empty.

Natasha Skvortsova:
“I have four children and, of course, most of the time I spend in the kitchen. I perceive any information from the point of view of its application to cooking.

When I meet a new person, I look into his eyes and try to guess what he eats for breakfast and what his lunch consists of. Very often, according to eating habits, you can make a psychological portrait of a person. I do not have branded recipes.

I cook so many and varied that there is no need to repeat the same dish several times.

I like to experiment.

If something touches me in a dish, I take it as an idea as a basis and develop it. I do not like the phrase «author’s cuisine.»

All the basic culinary techniques invented before us. You can only change something, customize for yourself, to your tastes. I can stand at the stove all day and get an incredible thrill from it.

I like to watch the soup gurgle in a saucepan and the clear broth overflows with amber bubbles. I love the smell of fried onions and garlic. I like the warm softness of yeast dough and the flavor of cherry pie with cardamom.

If it were possible, I would live in the kitchen. ”

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

Apple punch

Snow has already poured in so much that it is time to take up a shovel and build not only slides and castles, but also something more practical. For example, an ice bar.

If you plan to celebrate.

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Russian salad

What a New Year without Olivier!

On ordinary days, I make this salad not so often, but on New Year’s — this is holy.

Spouse immediately orders Russian salad with doctor sausage.

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Duck and goose confit

It’s time for geese and ducks. I buy them at the beginning of November, when fat birds had already worked up everything that needed to be fed for winter. I always take from Lyuba.

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Millet porridge in a pot of pumpkin

My real hit last weekend was millet porridge in a pumpkin pot.

Millet well washed with cold water. I take a small pumpkin, cut off a hat.

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Goulash soup

I take beef tenderloin and cut into large cubes.

Salt and roll flour.

I heat the pan well with vegetable oil, fry the chopped onion.

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