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Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova — flambe sausages

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova — flambe sausages

It will take a few pieces hunting sausages. Usually at the rate of 3-4 per person.

Large pan and 60 g of vodka, vodka or brandy.

But the whole intrigue is how this dish is served. First, guests sit down at an empty table. This is not usual, since it is customary for us to set the table for the arrival of guests.

Then it is announced that the stove has broken, so we will cook dinner directly on the table.

In the center of the table on the heat-resistant stand put a huge frying pan.

We put hunting in it sausages, pour brandy and set on fire. While the flame is burning, the sausages are roasting on a live fire.

The aroma will be crazy and there will be a full barbecue feeling in the fresh air.

Instantly, mustard, barbecue sauce, horseradish, cheese, garlic croutons appear on the table — I prepare them in advance.

Baguette cut into thick slices, grease each fragrant oil and dried in the oven at 220 degrees until golden brown.

To make fragrant oil, in a blender I mix a bunch of green basil, two cloves of garlic, half a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of olive oil.

After a portion of sausages eaten, fried new. And when the sausages run out, sausages, wieners and slices of boiled sausage are used.

The main thing is to have enough brandy — to overcook such a quantity of meat delicacies.

Natasha Skvortsova:
“I have four children and, of course, most of the time I spend in the kitchen. I perceive any information from the point of view of its application to cooking. When I meet a new person, I look into his eyes and try to guess what he eats for breakfast and what his lunch consists of.

Very often, according to eating habits, you can make a psychological portrait of a person.

I do not have branded recipes.

I cook so many and varied that there is no need to repeat the same dish several times.

I like to experiment.

If something touches me in a dish, I take it as an idea as a basis and develop it.

I do not like the phrase «author’s cuisine.» All the basic culinary techniques invented before us.

You can only change something, customize for yourself, to your tastes. I can stand at the stove all day and get an incredible thrill from it.

I like to watch the soup gurgle in a saucepan and the clear broth overflows with amber bubbles. I love the smell of fried onions and garlic.

I like the warm softness of yeast dough and the flavor of cherry pie with cardamom.

If it were possible, I would live in the kitchen. ”

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

Pasta with pesto sauce

Our family is quite Italian.

First, a lot of children. Secondly, the cult of pasta.

We eat them every day: boiled, fried, sour, sweet, spicy, with sauce and without.

See below.

Yeast dough

Never be afraid to cook a new dish and do not tell yourself: this will not work for me. Fear in any business is a bad helper, and especially in the kitchen.

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Natasha Skvortsova offers a recipe for homemade ravioli and offers to sculpt them using new, accelerated technology.

Trying to remember when I learned to sculpt dumplings.

See below.

Roast potatoes

Fried potatoes are an unsurpassed hit on our table. And each family member has their own recipe for its preparation.. The fastest and easiest for men.

See below.


Meringue is very easy to prepare, although at first glance it may seem difficult.

I myself thought so for a long time, until I started doing it.

See below.

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