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Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

They took pictures for a new book. I, proud, got all my culinary trinkets.

My God, that only I do not have!

A knife for cutting tomatoes, a brush for cleaning the hats of mushrooms, a knife for cleaning the skin of a mango, a garlic chopper in the form of a small children’s car, a salt shaker on wheels (very convenient: no need to ask a neighbor to transfer salt.), spray for olive oil.

I’m not talking about cutting, cleaning, squeezing, crushing, and other knockers and scribes, which I myself don’t even remember for what.

From every trip I carry this suitcases. I, of course, not Box, but I love that everything was. And so that it would be possible to flash before the guests.

Serve, for example, a snack is not on a common plate, and lay out on tiny plates in portions. And the same miniature fork put — so that he stumbled and immediately into his mouth.

Just for one bite.

Oh, how then taste buds will play out!

Or serve a hot dish in a special clay pot. And not just in a pot, but in a huge baking form, made by hand and also painted by hand.

She weighs about 8 kg.

I dragged her out of Strasbourg, not letting go of it, fearing that it might break. Cornflower-colored, with white daisies, it has become a real decoration of the kitchen. And each of her exit on the table is preceded by a prelude.

I tell the guests what unique and rare clay it is made of.

And how incredibly delicious it is that everything you don’t bake.

And the secret of this huge pot is that before putting ingredients into it and sending it to the oven, I soak it in water for half an hour. Clay, like a sponge, absorbs water.

And then, when you put the pot in the oven, the water begins to evaporate, thereby creating a special atmosphere and humidity inside the pot. The dishes cooked in it are fantastic and tasty.

After such stories, guests eat consciously.

And everyone wants such a miracle pot.

I love everything to be at hand at the right moment. Therefore, in the cabinets and shelves do not remove anything.

On the working surface there is a meat grinder, a juicer, a coffee machine, a mixer, a blender, a double boiler, a kettle, etc. Small appliances hang on metal hooks.

He wanted to remove the zest from the orange — here it is, the knife.

It took butter to make elegant rolls — all at your fingertips.

Eighty percent of what is, I use regularly.

But there are also so-called Ponte, which I show in front of the guests, causing smiles.

For example, special pink-rimmed glasses that children wear when they cut a bow.

Tight-fitting to the eyes, glasses really protect from tears, but wearing them every time you chop onions seems funny to me. Or I have a thimble (I call him that). In fact, it is a plastic plate that is put on the middle finger of the left hand, thus protecting all fingers at once from possible damage by a knife during a shredding process.

It seems to be a necessary thing, but I do not use it.

But there are successful acquisitions.

For example, many years ago I bought a special pan for cooking spaghetti (kids love pasta). It represents two tall pots inserted into one another.

The one inside, full of holes, like a sieve.

When the pasta is ready, you just need to remove one pan from another.

Of course, the best part of this story is the buying process. Because when you are standing in the store, looking at different hooks and zaguliny, there is a desire to buy everything at once.

And on the way home, you can already imagine how you serve asparagus on a special spice made for this purpose only — and a smile of tenderness does not leave your face.

Undoubtedly, gadgets greatly facilitate our stay in the kitchen. But when buying them, you need to carefully weigh up how much this or that thing is really necessary. You should not, for example, buy a champagne cork if you do not drink this drink.

But if the potato dishes are the best in the family, then why not purchase a special knife for cleaning and slicing potatoes.

Natasha Skvortsova:
“I have four children and, of course, most of the time I spend in the kitchen.

I perceive any information from the point of view of its application to cooking. When I meet a new person, I look into his eyes and try to guess what he eats for breakfast and what his lunch consists of.

Very often, according to eating habits, you can make a psychological portrait of a person.

I do not have branded recipes.

I cook so many and varied that there is no need to repeat the same dish several times.

I like to experiment.

If something touches me in a dish, I take it as an idea as a basis and develop it. I do not like the phrase «author’s cuisine.»

All the basic culinary techniques invented before us. You can only change something, customize for yourself, to your tastes.

I can stand at the stove all day and get an incredible thrill from it. I like to watch the soup gurgle in a saucepan and the clear broth overflows with amber bubbles. I love the smell of fried onions and garlic.

I like the warm softness of yeast dough and the flavor of cherry pie with cardamom.

If it were possible, I would live in the kitchen. ”

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

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