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Lavender tea

During the pre-New Year bustle, Marina Pankova found something in a Moscow store that calms her nerves and stabilizes emotions — Australian black tea Earl Gray with the addition of lavender flowers.

I am a restless person. I am anxious on numerous occasions and without them. But I have a long-time proven way to return myself to the state of goodness: you have to drink tea, preferably some unusual.

Earl Gray with the addition of lavender flowers is just recommended for people with an unstable psyche.

It is desirable to drink tea in the middle of the day. It is believed that lavender calms, stabilizes the psyche and relieves depression. And bergamot (citrus additive in tea earl gray) increases self-esteem, which contributes to the feeling of complete harmony with oneself and the world around.

By the way, a special effect of bergamot and lavender on the human body is actively used by psychologists to help their patients improve communication skills, stimulate creativity and imagination.

Well, I, taking with me a thermos with a new tea, decided to stabilize the psyche in the sauna of the sports complex «Chaika», where I have been going for more than one decade. It must be said that the visitors of our bathhouse are ladies, as if on selection, progressive, tuned to sport, health and eternal youth.

In the intervals between the pair of supporters of a healthy lifestyle, sitting in chairs, they make small talk about proper nutrition, drink refined herbal teas and rub their bodies with coffee grounds (homework): coffee — the best scrub, do not waste cosmetic junk — it still will not help.
On that day, besides the traditional mint and eucalyptus, more refined aromas sounded in the steam room.

— Girls, let’s go steam! — loudly shouted slender Lisa, grandmother of 18-year-old Alyosha, a comrade of my eldest son. — I am treating lavender today!
— Little girl, are you in your mind? — Honored horn player of Russia Rimma Yakovlevna reacted sharply. — In the previous entry anise was the same.

Is it possible to treat lavender after it?

Yes, even in the evening … It’s the strongest aphrodisiac!

Women noticeably perked up and lined up for the steam room. — «Aphrodisiacs want aphrodisiacs!

«- they began to shriek.
Lisa splashed lavender on the walls. On the steamy floated delicate aroma.

The ladies subsided, but soon began to actively discuss the pleasant effect of an aphrodisiac.
— And I, by the way, have tea with lavender today! — I said proudly from the top shelf.
— So what?

Does it help too?
“I don’t know,” I smiled lightly. “I haven’t tried it yet.”
When in a few minutes I left the steam room for a rest area, my small metal thermos was not among the others.
“Comrades, has anyone seen my thermos?” I asked quietly.
Women looked at me with sympathy.
— Why are you so rare tea put on the table? — asked Liza with reproach. — It was necessary to keep it in a bag.
I rushed into the locker room and rushed about between the lockers.
— Citizens! I lost a thermos with lavender tea! — I shouted, afraid to assume the worst.

The mood is hopelessly spoiled.

I wanted to quickly return home and brew lavender again. So I did.

And soon, having forgotten all the hardships, she really came to a state of goodness and peace. Thermos is just a pity …

Earl Gray tea with lavender, Australia, 200 g, 1380 rubles.

Marina Pankova:
“My parents really wanted a boy to be born to them — Anton. Anton Pavlovich.

And I turned out, that is a girl.

The name was not prepared for me. Therefore, they called me at random Marina, which, as it turned out later, means “sea”.

Maybe that’s why I love to swim so much.

Only not in the sea, but on the blue path, in the pool. Be sure to open. If I do not swim a couple of kilometers a day, I break out like an old cupboard.

Sometime in the late autumn, in the team “Walruses of the USSR” I even swam across the lake Issyk-Kul 42 km long

The “walruses” themselves floundered in the water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and I swam behind them, on a steamer, where I wrote a report about the tempering amateurs for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In general, I always liked to watch how people know how to create a beautiful world around them. For a long time I talked about this in my author’s headings in a magazine about design and interiors with the funny name “Stool”.

I also love to eat tasty food, especially what someone else cooked, not me. But my favorite dish is not necessary to cook.

Oysters are good in themselves.

I can easily eat a couple dozen.

But I still had a connection with the “world of Anton Pavlovich”.

Friends often call me MaPa.

So Chekhov addressed his beloved younger sister Maria Pavlovna. ”

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