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Launched user rating

Site Gastronom.ru runs user rating. Now each registered user of the site receives a certain amount. points for almost every action on the site; points determine user status, and status, in turn, is encouraging prizes.

And now — about everything in order.

User Rating — This is an assessment of the contribution of each user to the development of the site.

By development, we primarily understand the addition of high-quality and user-friendly materials and messages.

For each user, two rating values ​​are calculated:

  • overall rating, taking into account the activity of the user for all time of his activity on the site;
  • current rating, taking into account the activity of the user for a certain period — a week, month, year.

Overall user rating is displayed in his profile, The current can be viewed at the specified link.

The user receives points for various activities on the site:

  • for a comment left under another’s material and past moderation (as well as additional points for a comment, which the editors will mark as particularly useful);
  • for likes put to any of his material by another user;
  • for adding any user material to the “Culinary Book” by another user of the site;
  • for placing a recipe on the site (as well as additional points for a recipe with a photo and for a recipe with step-by-step photos);
  • for posting text;
  • for filling the profile;
  • for participation in the competition (as well as additional points for winning the competition);
  • for participation in the quiz (as well as additional points for a prize in the quiz);
  • for assistance in identifying and correcting errors on the site (in recipes, texts and other materials);
  • for the unique, interesting, entertaining materials that the editorial board will deem worthy of an additional reward.

The most a large number of points (30) from this list you can get for victory (1 seat) in recipe contest.

Earning extra points — a prerogative of the site administrators.

You should not persistently beg for bonuses to yourself or punish other users by depriving them of points, although it is permissible to draw the attention of administrators to any user activity — their own or someone else’s.

Unfortunately, not all of our users adhere to generally accepted standards of behavior on the site. Therefore, the editors reserve the right to penalize users, depriving them of previously scored points for:

  • use of obscene language;
  • insults other users;
  • total illiteracy;
  • meaningless flood in the comments, not related to the commented materials;
  • spam;
  • other violations of the rules of the site.

Users who earned a certain number of points get different statuses:

  • Newbie. It is given immediately upon registration. Valid from 0 to 50 points.
  • Gourmet. From 50.1 to 300 points.
  • Cooker. From 300.1 to 600 points.
  • The pros. From 600.1 to 1000 points.
  • Guru. From 1000.1 points.

There is one more status — the expert, however experts are appointed exclusively by the site’s editors.

The status is displayed in user profile.

Change of status occurs automatically.

Status is not just a formal name in a profile.

This is an opportunity to receive incentive prizes — subscriptions to magazines Gastronom, Deli School, Recipe collection, discount for visit Culinary School Gastronom, publication of your recipes in magazines, branded aprons of the culinary school and the opportunity to become a moderator of recipes and comments on the website Gastronom.ru.

And that’s not all: we are negotiating with our partners to provide other gifts for our users (discount cards in chain stores, home appliances, etc.).

Full list of prizes according to points and statuses see here.

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