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Karl Lagerfeld Diet

The famous couturier Karl Lagerfeld in his 64 per year dropped 42 kg.

For many years before, he was interested in fashionistas and fashionistas only for his design developments, and now his own new image, or rather his unique way of losing weight, is of considerable interest.

One day, Mr. Lagerfeld just wanted to wear clothes designed by Dior men’s line designer Hedy Slimain.

The doctor-dietician Jean-Claude Udre took up the matter. He created a diet for Lagerfeld called 3D Diet, where both the age of the famous patient and his state of health were taken into account.

And the name was deciphered very simply: “Designer. Doctor.


The main principles of this diet: balanced nutrition and dietary supplements of plant origin and proteins. Less than a year, as Monsieur Lagerfeld returned to his 60 kg. And this is with the growth of 180 centimeters!

Karl Lagerfeld got rid of serious «excess» weight, but he didn’t have big cosmetic problems, because he was losing his kilograms slowly — one per week.

Menu for the week

Breakfast: 1 slice of bread from ordinary flour,
half a teaspoon of bold butter,
2 low-fat yogurt
It is possible between breakfast and dinner to drink mineral water without gas and herbal infusions without sugar.

Dinner: Some vegetables.

A salad seasoned with a light sauce, plus a protein shake will do.

For dinner: Salad and vegetables can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities.

They are served fish stew: tuna, sea bass or sole.

White chicken meat, sushi, vegetable soup with shrimps and greens.

Attention: a glass of dry red wine will not interfere (!).

So it went. It was recommended to eat the above products, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, beans, carrots, leeks, and fruit: raspberries, melons, tangerines, peaches. Under the ban were cherry, bananas and grapes.

The basic rule was: drink more water!

And from the very awakening.

But what about the feeling of hunger, you ask? Do not be surprised, the feeling of hunger psychologically affects the body rather than physiologically. If the body requires vitamins and minerals — give it, but only the most necessary.

And the body can declare war if psychologically you are not ready for changes.

Conclusions that Lagerfeld himself made of his diet:

1. No need to go on a diet just because you want something new from life or for love. In addition, a new love for losing weight is not a friend. Quite the contrary: the object of desires will occupy all your thoughts, and you will not be able to concentrate on the diet.

First decide what you need.

And only then — for a diet!

2. You should not devote friends and relatives to your plans.

Their curiosity will only distract and discourage you, so you have to break out of your usual social circle for a while.

3. For a diet table, it is better to buy products independently and with pleasure.

Choose them "turning on" all the senses.

4. It is also necessary to set the table with pleasure.

And beautiful.

5. Walk more.

Sport is, of course, a good thing, but it is rather silly to drive to the training of someone who is already in constant tension.

Losing calories is hard work, and after exercise you feel like eating.

Losing pounds is hard work. Especially if the time of the first youth is long gone. And the second one too.

The famous couturier Karl Lagerfeld in his 64 per year dropped 42 kg.

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