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Juicy cottage cheese cake, step-by-step recipe with photos

If you haven’t prepared an Easter cake before, because you made it: dry, too sweet, too bland, and in general if you thought that the cake was too difficult to prepare, then here’s the recipe for a juicy curd cake!

The name speaks for itself!

You need to try at least once, it is this recipe that will be written in your notebook "the most successful recipes". Just as it is recorded now with me 🙂

  • milk — 1/4 tbsp.
  • flour — 1 tbsp. l
  • sugar — 1 tsp.
  • fresh yeast — 20 g (or 8 g dry yeast)
  • cottage cheese — 250 g
  • butter — 50 g
  • eggs — 2 pcs.
  • yolk — 1 pc.
  • sugar — 2/3 tbsp.
  • salt — 2/3 tsp.
  • vanilla sugar — 10 g
  • flour — 2 tbsp.
  • candied fruits, raisins, dried fruits — to taste
  • sugar icing, candied fruits, nuts, pastry sprinkles

On Easter day, after a seven-week fast, Easter baking, cottage cheese Easter, appears on the table.

Easter in 2019 will be celebrated on April 28th. Even before the holiday, choose Easter recipes and.

Easter cake is a special, «festive» type of bread. It is baked from yeast.

Baking is called products from any kind of dough, cooked in a stove or oven. But .

Alexandra, your opinion is very important to me and I am very glad that everything turned out! Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you so much for the recipe. Everything is simple, affordable and not for long.

For this week (Bright Week) I bake already 4 times, and the last two times already four times the norm. The taste is amazing.

Even my unloving sweet husband is very appreciated.

He says that he does not like Easter cakes because they are dry. But the curd dough is not dry at all. Everyone is delighted!

Children are ready to absorb in unlimited quantities.

Tatiana, very happy!

So this time the curd turned out to be good and the yeast did not disappoint!

Awesome recipe!

Kulichi just delicious! Last year I did it — they failed, I decided to try it.

Hooray, everything turned out right.

Very tasty! Thanks for the recipe

Natalia, it is a pity that the Easter cakes disappointed a little Nevertheless, I wish you wonderful holidays and all the best!

Julia, I am very happy!

On health and with the holiday!

Natalia, very happy!

Happy holiday!

Alas, my Easter cakes befell the same fate: when baking "caps failed". Probably a concept "not too thick dough" very conditional.

I added a little more flour and in my opinion the dough turned out even thickish. More add flour did not dare.

And it was necessary. It is a pity that mistakes can be corrected in a year.

After all, Easter kulich symbol. But I was not upset. Kulichi delicious.

And for the festive table were also cakes, baked according to other recipes.

I will leave this recipe in my book.

Excellent recipe: not too complicated, simple products and very tasty!

I made my own adjustments: I took flour in half (1 cup each) of plain wheat and whole grain.

The filling turned out well with light raisins and dried cherries.

It turned out amazing! Bake cakes for the first time in my life!

And the result exceeded all expectations. Kulichi air porous, and taste. All as it should — and sweet and salt and cottage cheese smack!

Thanks for the recipe!

Barb, great, I’m very happy!

Yana, I am very glad!

Happy holiday!

Great dough turned out. I kneaded for a long time and pleased with the result. thank!

I made fudge on blackcurrant juice — it turned out bright and beautiful!

Great cake.

Did the first time and immediately triple portion.

Everything turned out well. Used live yeast. Delicious

Katya, I straightforwardly drew this wonderful picture in my mind :))))) thanks! 🙂

I liked the taste, a delicate cake came out. And we made a nest out of the sagging cake: the cake was covered with glaze as usual, and finely chopped chocolate was put in the recess (twigs in the nest), then golden almonds in chocolate (eggs) were added, and a decorative bird was planted next to it. All home were delighted.

And the rest we decorated with blue and pink icing (food coloring added).

Thanks for the recipe!

Alain, great, I’m very happy. I use ready-to-icing glaze — this is Dr.Oetker’s icing

Eugene, really liked your recipe! Everything turned out delicious.

Rose excellent dough! Although it was cool at home. Only the flour dough took more than 1.5 cups in the recipe, was afraid that it would be damp.

Thanks for the recipe!

And how did you make such a beautiful blue glaze?

Katya, I hope, I liked the cake 🙂

In a small mold, the cake rose perfectly. And in a large mold, too, rose, but at the end in the middle "sank"

Elizaveta, Olga, thank you very much for the comments! I am very glad that you have succeeded 🙂

Everything worked out! Looks great!

Tomorrow we will try) thanks a lot for the recipe.

And with the upcoming holiday!

Yummy! Baked exactly according to the recipe. I just didn’t notice how much time I was beating.

I think about 7 minutes. Shelled in muffins at 200 ° 10 minutes and 180 ° 18 min. while in the oven put a bowl of water.

Thank you very much for the recipe.

I’ll write it down for the future.

I tried to bake a cake for this recipe, took the recipe on another site. Gorgeous came out. According to the recipe, 3 cake is obtained. The diameter of the form is 10 cm.

Added flour on 1st. more like the dough took. Everything rose and cooked.

The dough is not dry, which is very pleased.

Marina, you are absolutely right! Indeed, I always advise everyone to bake cakes in small molds, this increases shunch to get very neat, correct little cakes

She made one wide cake and two wide paper cups.

The little ones rose, the big ones did not. Maybe matter in size?

Your picture is already my big.

But very tasty! So I advise everyone to do such small, and the probability of success is great)

Naira, it turns out about three small cakes.

Vanilla extract, of course, can be replaced.

1 tsp will be enough.

Good luck!

Evgenia, tell me, please, how many cakes are this recipe designed for?

On average, some benchmark) And is it possible to replace vanilla sugar with vanilla extract?

How much does it add in this case?


Maria, the recipe is all the same.

In the brew 1 tbsp, in the dough- 2 tbsp.

And how much flour to add to the dough and how much in the course of mixing the dough?

Those who did not succeed, perederzhivaet you dough, then you need to feel, rose and immediately into the oven

Anna, thank you so much for the comment, otherwise I’m already straight upset- to a few people a cake in my recipe "spoiled the holiday".

I was very worried: (but good comments give me strength and faith that it’s not for nothing that I shared this recipe! Thanks again 🙂 In general, an approach to yeast dough needs an approach, you need to "make friends" and feel it. My baking of yeast began to be obtained from the first time, not a single cake turned out "empty" and sunken "caps", rolls are always lush, delicious pies.

Maybe I was lucky)))) but not everyone succeeds from the first time "to tame" yeast cakes, so it is especially difficult for me to respond to comments, what went wrong. What did I do wrong?

What’s my mistake? And especially in the case of this cottage cheese cake

Kulich turned out chic.

The first time, I also failed the cakes, my mistake was, when the cakes are baked, it’s better not to bother them and certainly not to slam the lid of the oven (which I did).

The dough is gentle, requires careful treatment. The result of this, I am looking for 4 years — soft, juicy crumb, curd taste) is brilliant!)

Elena, hello!

It’s a pity that your cake didn’t make you happy and spoiled the holiday: (sorry, I feel my responsibility for this failure 🙁 about your problem, I still can’t understand why some people are perfect, and in the process of baking hats fail: (I still think it’s in the flour. It was not enough.

It is difficult to say the exact amount of flour, because the curd is different for everyone. Once again I apologize for the fact that my recipe did not please you 🙁

Tamara, I am very happy! And thank you for your wishes.

Also curd cakes this year. Very tasty! Great photos!

I wish you victory!

Natasha, I suspect that it was necessary to add a little more flour — literally 2-3 tbsp. Due to the fact that cottage cheese is different for everyone, it is very difficult to say exactly the amount of flour.

I have already "I see" the right consistency. Try, if you do it again, take a curd of less moisture and add a little more flour.

I’m sure everything will work out for you! And I am glad that despite the trouble with the failed "hat", the taste of the cake pleased me 🙂

Hello. The holiday is spoiled.

Kulich is not.

Read Natalia’s comment of April 28, 2016.

All as a blueprint. Made exactly according to the recipe. (((


I stayed for a holiday without a cake. (((Chose your recipe and failed!

Natalia from April 28, has already described everything!

I have an exact copy. The oven did not open, flour 2 cups, the dough was like it is written in the recipe! I put the full form in the oven, with a cap, pulled out half the form ""Easter cake"", a hollow in the middle, similar to the mouth of a volcano.

It’s a pity.

Eugenia, two full glasses of flour were taken, a little bit of a slide, the oven did not open, failed exactly in the baking process, it was strange, I had to cut one small cake for the sake of interest; This is by no means a complaint, I just asked so that it could influence. I liked the recipe myself, I will repeat it, see how it goes.

Irina, thank you so much for the feedback! I’m glad everything worked out!

Happy holiday! Natalia, how is that?

If the dough rose well and everything was fine, then your fault is definitely not. Tell me, you accidentally did not open the oven in the baking process.

And yet, was the dough thick?

Exactly 2 cups of flour left?

I did it for the first time. Exactly according to the recipe, I got 3 pieces (I took large cans of Lawazza coffee under the shape). I did it manually (the mixer was broken), I mixed it without any problems at all.

Cover with a foil, as recommended, so that the top is not burnt.

Everything turned out great, delicious, I recommend. Thanks for the recipe


I took advantage of this recipe and failed))))) For some reason everything went well and simply, everything is clear, the recipe is not complicated, the dough rose with a bang. and when I put the dough in the oven and put it in the oven again, then when baking the round hats sagged and failed (I do not understand what went wrong, maybe tell me why this could happen?

Lena, no words !!

You are a magician!

Zhenya, I’ll post a chocolate recipe soon, if it’s interesting — see later.

In the original, he was with grated chocolate, and I thought up to melt it, plus I added something)) But the curd cake somehow passed me by)) Although baking yeast on cottage cheese, for example, Lucia’s buns ("Lussekatter") and pie "Sugar" with a peanut-sugar crust and a light lemon flavor (which by technology is somewhat similar to "Quick Yeast Cardamom Cake"that hangs here on my site).

Lena, thanks! Wow, melted chocolate.

For the first time I hear, probably very tasty! A cake on the curd is enough "hackneyed", I would even say, the recipe, surprised that you have not tried.

Yummy is studying, really, juicy.

Zhenya, what a bright design and a rare composition!

Classical; night fermentation "Davydovsky"; on melted chocolate — did, but on the curd did not have to)) Thanks for the idea!

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