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Irish specialties: whiskey, beer, coffee

Beer Guinness — the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Ireland.

In popularity with him can be compared only Irish whiskey, which in Ireland itself is added to almost all drinks.

One such example is Irish coffee (Irish coffee) — unconditional world hit.

His recipe is quite simple — in a mixture of hot black coffee and Irish whiskey slowly, without stirring, pour cold cream.

For Irish coffee, there is even its own special glass goblet in the form of a tall cup with a small handle on a thick, stocky leg.

A bartender of Shannon Airport named Joe Sheridan came up with this wonderfully warming drink.

At all, Ireland It has a glorious history of the production of alcoholic beverages — whiskey, beer, liqueurs. «. Of all the wines, the best is Irish alcohol.“- Peter I considered. And nowadays, according to the World Health Organization, every resident of Ireland drinks about 14 liters of pure alcohol per year.

Irish Beer

The most famous Irish beer Guinness («Guinness«) Wears the romantic nickname» cold blonde in a black skirt. «

In 1759, the peasant Arthur Guinness rented an abandoned brewery near St. James Gates. Now a multi-storey Guinness Storehouse — a symbol of Dublin and the whole country.

As the driver of the bus, on which I came to this museum, said: “Here, many go, but no one returns«.

The place to visit is really worthy, but what really surprised me was the number of children, including school trips, visited this place. Post Office Ireland In 1959, Arthur Guinness dedicated a series of postage stamps for special services.

And indeed, Guinness beer is sold and produced under license in more than 150 countries around the world, and since 2009 it has been celebrated worldwideArthur’s Day«.

From other Irish beer brands binding to mention — red Smithwicks, Harp (Arfa plant is located in Dundalk and specializes in a bright camp.), Kilkenny and Murphey’s Dark Stout.

Besides, Ireland home of red ale (Red irish ale) with an original combination of malt and hop flavor and creamy consistency.

In the year for each resident of the country accounted for more than 150 liters of beer drunk.

Irish whiskey

But the Irish are not alive by beer alone. On the meaning of whiskey for the locals says the popular saying «Do not steal someone else’s wife and do not dilute someone else’s whiskey.»

There are very few Irish Whiskey companies in Ireland: Cooley, Kilbeggan and Midleton.

In the town of Middleton, County Cork, produced the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world — Jameson.

Irish Specialties

Irish creamy whiskey-based liqueurs based on whiskey with its leader, Bailey`s, are widely known.

Apple cider, a drink in Ireland is popular, its sales are growing outside the island.

Local moonshine Poitin can also be used as a rubbing with arthritis.

He has the image of «the Irish» alcoholic beverage and it is the result of the distillation of grain or potato mash.

Since 1997, it has been allowed to produce for sale in a legal manner, and since 2008, a product with this name has been officially assigned to Ireland as “geographic name product«.

The technological features of potin include its repeated distillation and sale to consumers without lowering the fortress.

Most often you will find a drink with a strength of 60%, but there are options with 80% and, even, with 90%.

This year, during the judging competition at the International Spirits Challenge in London, I had the opportunity to evaluate several samples of potina and I was very impressed.

Read about Irish pubs and restaurants next Friday.

Illustrations: Leonid Gelibterman, shutterstock

Leonid Gelibterman:
“I was born almost in the middle of the last century. At the time of the gourmet doctoral sausage, the cherished jar of Riga sprats in the New Year’s grocery set and apple wine of the type “Michurin’s Tears”.

I did not understand my happiness when I scooped black caviar with an aluminum spoon from a three-liter glass jar from a construction team, and did not pay attention to the deposits of shrimp and squid in fish departments.

I looked at the world through the eyes of Yuri Senkevich and dreamed of distant countries and cities. How everything has changed … And even the joke of Zhvanetsky «I am in Paris on an urgent business!» Is not a joke at all. And natural caviar of black already in the afternoon with fire cannot be found, and wine appellations appear in Russia.

And I go around the world, I look, I absorb, I try.

And I share the joy of knowing with other people. ”

Traveling in Ireland: meat, fish, milk

Leonid Gelibterman visited the first literary and gastronomic festival in Ireland.

See below.

Traveling in Ireland: Pubs and Restaurants

For all interested parties, I hasten to inform you that in Ireland it’s not a pub, but a pub. Irish people are very sociable, but they rarely visit.

See below.

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