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Ireland — Pubs and Restaurants

Proven Leonid Gelibterman, who attended the first literary and gastronomic festival in Ireland and personally tested the Irish pubs and restaurants.

Irish Pub

For all interested persons, I hasten to inform you that in Ireland Need to say no pub, and pub.

Irish people are very sociable, but they rarely visit. For these purposes there are pubs. It is no coincidence that people say: «In the winter we go to the pub for the heat, and in the summer for the shadow«.

If you want to eat in the pub, then ordering Pub grub, You can get meat pies, sandwiches and simple salads.

Taste Irish cuisine in the largest restaurant DublinCustom house quay, occupying an area of ​​13,000 square meters. m. And Dublin The palace bar Since 1843, it has been a favorite meeting place for Irish writers.

The restaurants of Cork County, which I had the opportunity to inspect through a trip to the festival, are practically unknown in Russia, so I’m happy to present some of them.

Oh, and do not forget that, as the Irish proverb saysThat which cannot be cured with oil and whiskey is incurable«!

Sisters Berry

The city of Cork in the south of Ireland — the capital Rebel county or «republic cork«.

It is the country’s second largest city, and in many areas (in any case, according to local residents) and the first. In the center of the city, in the lane of Phoenix Street, directly opposite the entrance to a large club with powerful shaved security personnel, the door to the establishment lurked Jacques.

Since 2007, the restaurant is recommended guide Michelin like a place worth visiting.

The first impression that covers you after you get a seat at a simple painted table in a room resembling a carriage is disappointment. Candles from IKEA, unpretentious dishes, simple glasses, noise, not giving to forget that although you are not in the Irish pub, but in Ireland.

All this lasts until the moment when food is served.

And it immediately becomes clear what the sisters spent 30 years of their lives Eithne and Jacqueline Barry.

These middle-aged blondes with pink colored strands of hair still help the waiters to serve guests dressed for democratic Cork very elegantly. Delicate scallops, beets in a variety of varieties, crab cakes, a variety of Irish meat, seven vegetarian tajins with sauces, the most delicious fried potatoes on my adult memory, the freshest Irish farm cheese with pickled figs, meringue …

The wine list is small, but with its raisins such as white wine from the Italian province of Marche, a good Austrian Grüner Veltliner from Kamptal, or, say, a blend of Muscat and Flora from Australian Victoria.

If you have about 100 euros, and you want to really enjoy the food, not the entourage (though, quite comfortable after the second glass), go to the Barry sisters.

And then stroll through the ancient streets of Cork — the birthplace of the world’s first yacht club.


One of the most gastronomically interesting places of Cork is located at the hotel. Isaacs.

Crossing the river Lee and rising a little uphill, you will go out Maccurtain.

House number 48 — restaurant Isaacs. It is marked by numerous guides, associations and associations.

There are so many memorable plates that, starting at the entrance, they chase you even in the toilet.

In fairness it should be noted that all of the case.

The waiters are reminiscent of well-trained hounds, and the quality of the performance of dishes by the chef is close to impeccable.

In the large hall, with high ceilings, is mainly a crowd of locals.

The menu is small but varied. Fresh seafood, Irish salmon, grilled meat, green salads. I got great pleasure from the average sharpness of lamb curry.

Restaurant Isaacs is one of the few public catering establishments I know where they can work equally well with meat, fish and desserts.

A good quality wine list, consisting of well-known manufacturers, at reasonable prices for Russian restaurant goers — from 23 to 35 euros per bottle.

Dinner with wine, will cost you about 100 euros.

Before drinking, wish others using your rich vocabulary of Gaelic words “Slainte!»- Good luck!

Fish day

As I mentioned earlier, Ireland — This is part of the land, surrounded by water.

And in this water who only edible is not found. And all this diversity of the underwater world of Ireland is soared, boiled and fried in the kitchen of the restaurant Fishy fishy.

This two-story restaurant in the cozy town Kinsale (Crowley`s quay), half an hour from Cork, has a reputation as the best fish restaurant in the country.

A well-published book of recipes of local cuisine, which can be obtained with the autograph of the chef, speaks about a serious approach to business.

The design of the restaurant with a nautical theme is hard to see as original, but the fact that many of the decorative items you can buy, including paintings, is curious.

The restaurant staff is well trained and looks, which, in my opinion, is especially important in the fish restaurant, very neat.

Fish dishes on the menu (hot dishes from 18 euros) complemented by unfading hits such as Caesar salad.

Desserts are good, but without fanaticism. On the selection of wines obviously worked specialist. Here and Sancer, and New Zealand Sauvignons, and unseasoned in oak Chardonnay.

The spirits card has a surprisingly wide selection of French liqueurs.

For those who can do without classical digestives, there is an unusual Jamaican Salty dog and dry gin from Cork.

Butter, an absolutely cult product for Ireland, will be present at your table from the beginning of the meal.

And the whiskey factory in Middleton will be offered to you before you are ready to leave the establishment.

Illustrations: Leonid Gelibterman, shutterstock

Leonid Gelibterman:
“I was born almost in the middle of the last century. At the time of the gourmet doctoral sausage, the cherished jar of Riga sprats in the New Year’s grocery set and apple wine of the type “Michurin’s Tears”.

I did not understand my happiness when I scooped black caviar with an aluminum spoon from a three-liter glass jar from a construction team, and did not pay attention to the deposits of shrimp and squid in the fish sections. I looked at the world through the eyes of Yuri Senkevich and dreamed of distant countries and cities. How everything has changed … And even the joke of Zhvanetsky «I am in Paris on an urgent business!» Is no joke at all.

And natural caviar of black already in the afternoon with fire cannot be found, and wine appellations appear in Russia.

And I go around the world, I look, I absorb, I try.

And I share the joy of knowing with other people. ”

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