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Iodine deficiency

In the morning it’s hard to get up, it’s hard to wake up, it’s hard to start the day without a liter of coffee?

Perhaps you just do not have enough iodine.

Iodine deficiency — the situation in Russia is more than widespread: 60-75% of the country’s territories are recognized as iodine deficient.

These are areas that are far from the sea: after all, only in coastal regions iodine concentration is sufficient in order not to have any health problems.

Only there is a lot of iodine in the air, in the water, and in the soil, and therefore in the local vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat.

The farther from the sea, the worse the situation with iodine.

Zhener Sahakyan, endocrinologist, chief physician of the Generale anti-age medicine institute:
“Iodine is one of the components of the thyroid hormone.

And thyroid hormones are the metabolic rate, these are immune reactions.

Iodine is crucial for the body, it is necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, for the normal flow of thought processes. It happens that a child demonstrates low IQ, poor learning ability, he is lagging behind in school.

And due to iodine deficiency, his metabolic processes are slowed down and the transmission of nerve impulses is proceeding at a low rate. ”

The same symptoms can be noticed in adults as well — and not at all associated with a lack of iodine.

Moreover, the manifestations of this deficiency do not resemble the course of a specific disease, but simply life, only of low quality.

Zhenya Sahakyan: “The tendency to swelling and fluid retention, slow reactions, depressiveness, tearfulness, difficult to“ swing ”in the morning, to begin to function actively, without coffee, the day does not start — this is how the body can react to reduced thyroid function due to iodine deficiency.”

Of course, the cause may be completely different factors that are not associated with iodine — exhaustion, fatigue, increased stress, stress, other diseases, in the end.

But if this state of health remains unchanged throughout the day, if these sensations become permanent, and this state is chronic, this is a signal to check the level of thyroid hormones.

Zhenya Sahakyan: “There is an easy way to decide if it’s time for a visit to an endocrinologist: measure your pulse. If it is below 55-60 beats per minute and if this reduced pulse rate is accompanied by constant chilliness, then the analysis is worth doing.

Especially if you recently suffered stress: it can be a provocative factor. «

How to live in conditions of iodine deficiency?

Very simple.

1. Buy iodized salt
Iodized salt able to fully meet the body’s need for iodine. “Iodine deficiency practically did not become in the United States after iodized salt was introduced everywhere in 1924,” says Zhenera Sahakyan.

2. There are foods rich in iodine
Those who consume salt below the norm (the norm is about 10 g per day), it is recommended to pick up iodine from other sources: seafood, seaweed, walnuts. During heat treatment, a part of iodine is lost, but it remains sufficiently — about 60%.

In addition, on sale, although infrequently, there are products enriched with iodine (bread, milk, kefir: look for information on the package).

3. Breathe in iodine

Zhenya Sahakyan: “Put an open bottle of iodine in the room so that it gradually evaporates, saturating the air — this effect is familiar to us from trips to the sea, where we begin to feel quite differently.”

And this is a pleasant «sea»The state of health remains with us not only during the week that we spend at the resort, but also in the next month or two.

Zhenya Sahakyan: “Our body is designed in such a way that in case of a deficiency of a vital microelement, at the first opportunity that arises, it will store it for future use, delaying more actively than usual.

If this trace element is constantly supplied with an excess — then the body learns how to deduce it. ”

4. Arrange the sea at home
Baths with sea salt (especially hydromassage) also allow you to get iodine — albeit in small quantities.

5. Drink iodine preparations
And finally, there are iodine preparations.

In regions with iodine deficiency, adults can take them in infant dosage as a preventive measure. Excess iodine is excreted in the urine, so there is no danger of overdosing with such drugs.

In the case of pronounced iodine deficiency, completely different drugs are prescribed, with a different dosage.

But what categorically you can not do — it is taken as a prophylaxis iodine solution, which is intended for external use.

The dose of iodine in it is so high that it can completely block the function of the thyroid gland.

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