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Interval training

Classes on the treadmill stopped bringing satisfaction and results?

Try interval training.

They are very effective for training the cardiovascular system and endurance.

And for beginners interval training will be useful in losing weight.

We offer 5 programs of interval training, so you can choose the technique of training to your liking.

Running program for beginners

Start by jogging for 5-10 minutes. Set the track speed depending on the selected base tempo (for example, if you want to run 10 km in 50 minutes, set the speed to 12 km / h). Run as much as the strength will allow, but not to the point of complete exhaustion.

By setting the tilt angle of the track to 1 degree, you can simulate real running conditions.

Simple interval program

Start your workout with jogging for 10 minutes. Then go to run at 9 intervals of 2-3 minutes each.

Alternate the intervals as follows: first, the interval with acceleration or with a change in the track inclination angle of several degrees, then the interval at a quiet pace without the track inclination, and the next one — again with acceleration or with inclination.

At every fifth “difficult” interval, increase the running speed or the slope of the track so as to gradually increase the intensity of the workout.

Finish jogging for 5 minutes.

Progressive interval program

30 minutes of progressive running.

This means that you start training with a 5-minute jogging and every 5 minutes increase the speed of the track by 0.5–1 km / h. Running speed should reach its peak from 20 to 25 minute workout.

These 5 minutes you will be laid out in full, but in no case do not bring yourself to exhaustion.

The last five minutes should run, gradually reducing the pace.

Advanced Interval Program

Start by jogging for 5-10 minutes, which will warm up your muscles. Then train according to the following plan, moving without pause from one interval to another:

  • 4 minutes at a basic pace (eg 12 km / h).
  • 4 minutes at the same pace, but with a track angle of 2 degrees.
  • 3 minutes with an increase in speed of 1 km / h, without changing the angle of the track.
  • 3 minutes at the same pace, with an increase in the angle of the track to 4 degrees.
  • 4 minutes at a basic pace (eg 12 km / h).
  • 2 minutes without tilting the track, with a decrease in speed of 2 km / h from the base rate (for example, up to 10 km / h).
  • 2 minutes with an increase in speed of 3 km / h (for example, up to 13 km / h).
  • 1 minute at this pace and with a slope of the track up to 4-6 degrees.
  • 1 minute with an additional speed increase of 1-2 km / h.

Finish jogging for 5 minutes.

Innovative interval program

Jogging for 10 minutes. Then 4 intervals of 4 minutes each, with 2-minute breaks for slow walking after each interval. During the first interval, your pace should be slightly higher than the initial speed when jogging.

In each subsequent interval, gradually increase the speed so that during the fourth, last, you feel that you are running at the limit of your abilities — but not enough to completely get exhausted.

How to practice on a treadmill as efficiently as possible?

* Increase the slope of the track.

This will involve in the work and strengthen all the muscle groups involved in the race.
* Increase speed: this is the easiest way to improve physical fitness and endurance.
* Constantly vary the speed and angle of the track during exercise: this will allow you to burn fat faster than with constant running conditions.
* If you are just starting to run, get used to the new load for the first 2-3 weeks, and only then proceed to the interval training.

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