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Immunity increase: 4 important factors

The season of viral diseases is like winter: it will come and not ask if we want it or not.

But in our power to do everything to increase the body’s resistance.

What to eat, how to drink and, in general, how to live, so as not to get sick even during a flu epidemic? Improving immunity — this is the topic of our conversation with an immunologist.

Immunologist Ekaterina Repina recommends: «Food should be balanced and varied. Proteins are needed in the diet — they are the building blocks for the body, including the cells of the immune system; carbohydrates and fats — as sources of energy. As well as vitamins and minerals, which play an important role in the normal course of biochemical processes in the body, and whose deficiency can lead to immunodeficiency.

In the autumn-winter period, when the viral load on the body increases, in order to prevent hypovitaminosis and acute respiratory viral infections, it is advisable to take multivitamins in combination with minerals.«.

At risk are those who are on rigid diets with a restriction of total calories and fat, as well as vegetarians.

The cold season is not the right time for experimentation and quick weight loss!

Protein 0.8 g per 1 kg of weight.

This rule should be higher in children, in pregnant women and in those who are engaged in strength sports.
Fat 0.5 g per 1 kg of weight, but not less than 30 g per day
Carbohydrates 50-60% of daily calories, which should be at least 1500 kcal.

The main source of high-grade proteins — lean beef, poultry and fish, eggs, dairy products. Every day we must receive all those 8 essential amino acids, without which the body can not fully function.

Plant food is not able to fully meet the needs of the body in these amino acids.

A protein deficiency reduces immunity.

On the other hand, overuse of meat products affects health in the same way.

Catherine Repina: «Among the final products of cleavage and digestion of proteins, there are substances that have toxic effects, such as indole and skatole.

They are neutralized by normal intestinal microflora.«.

Therefore, the recipe for good immunity — moderation and accuracy in the construction of your diet.

Healthy fats need to be sought in vegetable oils, fish oil (especially in salmon and herring) nuts, avocado, and (not forgetting moderation) in dairy products and cheeses.

Catherine Repina: «Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in vegetable oils, and for the normal functioning of the body, you must regularly eat them.

To do this, it is enough to fill the salad with 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil«.

Catherine Repina: «Regular, once a day, bowel movement is the prevention of immunodeficiency states. It must be remembered that the lack of lacto-and bifidobacteria in the intestinal microflora can lead to impaired immunity.

Therefore, for the prevention of such conditions, it is useful to eat natural yogurts with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.«.

A healthy microflora stimulates the immune defense, therefore dysbacterioses weaken the body.

Catherine Repina: «Adequate fluid intake is an important component of the normal functioning of our body. The daily fluid requirement is 2 liters minus tea and coffee.

It is advisable to use filtered boiled water or mineral mineral water of weak mineralization.«.

Not only 8-hour, but also timely, that is — at night. You need to go to bed before midnight and take care of the maximum blackout in the bedroom so that melatonin hormone (the level of which decreases in the daytime) had the opportunity to be fully developed and to increase the efficiency of the immune system.

If you have migrated over several time zones, you may need to take melatonin tablets to regulate sleep.

«Our body needs physical exertion.

Hypodynamia leads to increased susceptibility to infectious diseases«, — warns Catherine Repin. Of course, we are talking about a moderate load, because the sport «wear, On the contrary, weakens the defenses.

Regular walks are what will prevent viruses from occupying the body, and also help the vegetative-vascular system to feel fully armed.

If you protect the immune system from the slightest attempts on it — to be afraid of open windows, to maintain a temperature of at least 26 degrees in the house, to wrap up with a reserve, going outside — the immunity will weaken in the same way as untrained muscles weaken.

It is on this principle that the hardening systems are built.

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