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Immersion blenders: the right choice

Decide on the necessary equipment of the blender. Minimum grade An immersion blender is actually a blender and a glass in which whipping should take place. Maximum includes many sophisticated items, up to the vacuum system and special storage containers.

Think about which one is right for you.

Do not forget about the overall design of your kitchen — the blender must at least to some extent be in harmony with it, because otherwise you can lose your appetite.

You will ask why when choosing an uncomplicated, in essence, household aggregate, it is necessary to show such concentration.

Why not?

Since there is so much variety in the blender market.

But suppose you all thought it over, went to the store and walk now along the vast length of the shelves. Everything seems to be beautiful, if not beautiful.

But the terrible secret is that different blenders fulfill their declared functions in different ways.

One chops the onion perfectly, the other breaks the chicken fillet into excellent stuffing, the third — well, the third mixes tomato juice with vodka well.

Therefore, in order not to waste your and your time, we took eight different combined, that is, hand-held blenders with different nozzles and subjected them to testing.

To start it was cooked pesto from basil, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic and olive oil.

Then, with the help of our blenders, we made breadcrumbs from roasted white bread.

Then came the turn of minced meat from raw chicken fillet (and for the greater truth of life we ​​did not remove the skin from the chicken).

Then we chopped onions.

Then whipped egg whites.

We did not mix cocktails, nor did we make mashed boiled vegetables — since both blenders can do both.

Since 1935, if you remember.

The test was carried out in the following way: our consultant chefs manipulated blenders, simultaneously voicing their feelings, and the editors of the magazine recorded them, examined the results, and also tried them, that is, the results, to the taste and to the touch. Then we literally processed our feelings and observations — and now you can see them by looking at the pictures and the accompanying text.

And draw conclusions.

Bamix Swissline Superbox

■ Included: blender, 4 nozzles — multifunctional, for mixing, for beating, a knife for chopping meat, a processor for solid products, a set of nozzles for chopping, 4 cups and a stand.

Turbo mode

Power — 200 watts.

The price is from 10,040 to 11,050 rubles.

■ Classic design.

Swiss motor and assembly, non-stop operation of the blender without heating the motor — 5 min.

A tiny nozzle is used for whipping, which, if handled skillfully, can beat not only egg white, but also milk.

True, the blender should be lowered into the protein mixture only at an angle.

■ To cook in a blender Bamix pesto, greens must first be cooled. With breadcrumbs for the first time, we suffered a setback — very large; then we decided to use a processor, and everything worked out.

But the onion was cut perfectly — not a drop of juice.

Philips HR 1379

■ Includes: blender, tumbler, 1 chopper nozzle. Turbo mode no.

Power — not specified.

Price — 9990 rubles.

■ Blender with battery — the wires do not interfere during operation, which is convenient.

Full charge — 3 hours, work time — up to 20 minutes.

For security, there is a “lock” button, which must be pressed simultaneously with the “start” button and then released; at first it is unusual, but after a couple of minutes you get used to it.

■ Pesto turned out to be of high quality, but it had to be prepared a little longer than usual.

There is no corolla, but squirrels can be whipped without it, with a standard nozzle. Stuffing turned out good.

About 30% of slightly larger pieces are left in the onion.

We prepared the breading using an ice grinder, which turned out well.

Braun MR 6550 MFP HC

■ Included: a blender, 2 nozzles for cutting and shredding, a nimbus, a multifunctional nozzle with a chopping knife, nozzles for coarse and fine cutting, nozzles for coarse and shredding, a holder for nozzles.

Turbo mode

Power — 600 watts.

The price recommended by the manufacturer is 6690 rubles.

■ Equipment — almost exhaustive. Design — traditional, but ergonomic.

The blender works reliably, efficiently and for a long time.

The only negative — it takes quite a significant place to store the device.

■ Almost instantly whipped perfectly homogeneous pesto. The corolla is very large and therefore the whites are whipped excellently. Breading — homogeneous, as from a meat grinder.

Chicken mince is completely homogeneous, but not slain.

Bosch MSM 7700 mixxo quattro

■ Included: blender, universal chopper (bowl), measuring cup with scale, whisk. Turbo mode Power — 750 watts.

The price recommended by the manufacturer — 4550 rubles.

■ Mixxo quattro is the name of the patented knife manufacturer with four blades. Indicator light speed.

On the handle — loop for hanging.

■ Pesto had a somewhat rustic style — the consistency made it possible to spread it on bread; if, however, to treat it as a sauce, the cheese and the leaves were not ground enough. The breading contained an uncritical amount of large particles.

Onions were crushed unevenly.

Chicken fillets really turned into mince, and the whites were whipped instantly.

Binatone HB 733

■ Included: blender, 2 chopper bowls, tumbler, whisk.

Turbo mode no.

Power — 700 watts.

Price — from 2220 to 2599 rubles.

■ The handle of the blender has a rubberized coating that prevents it from slipping out of your hand.

The shape of the small bowl-grinder turned out to be too narrow at the base, so when working you can only drive the blender up and down, which significantly reduces the quality of mixing.

In a big bowl, everything turns out better.

■ Very powerful blender; power can be adjusted, but the difference between the smallest and the highest power is small. So, the pesto consistency resembled buckwheat.

Egg white scattered on the walls.

Both onions and mince Binatone literally smeared in mashed potatoes.

Crackers turned out great.

Moulinex HAPTO DD408

■ Included: blender, food processor bowl, 2 cutting inserts for cutting / grater, knife, mini-mill, jug, whisk.

Turbo mode no.

Power — 600 watts.

Price — from 3950 to 4070 rubles.

■ The case and leg of the Moulinex blender is made of stainless steel — it is not only a very practical material, but also an actual trend.

The rich equipment allows the device to combine the features of an immersion blender and the versatility of a food processor.

■ Pesto was not pounded, but chopped. Squirrels are whipped well. The quality of grinding dried bread is normal, onions are slightly better.

Chicken blender literally destroyed.

Kenwood HB 795

■ Included: blender, grinder, large grinder (bowl), frother nozzle, whisk, nozzle storage system. Turbo mode no.

Power — 700 watts.

Price — from 4490 to 5451 rubles.

■ Impressive design. Blender demonstrates high speed and ease of management.

Upon closer examination, it turned out that it is very inconvenient to wash the upper part of the bowl — water gets into the structure during washing, which cannot be shaken out afterwards.

There is no additional glass, which is strange with such a complete set.

■ Pesto is of superior quality, smooth and uniform.

Protein whipped perfectly, with strong peaks and very quickly.

Minced meat, onions, crackers — everything was crushed very quickly, finely and fairly uniformly.

Vitek VT-1472PR

■ Includes: blender, glass. Turbo mode no. Power — 400 watts.

Price — from 1300 to 1370 rubles.

■ Immersion blender in the minimum configuration. Equipped with a rubberized loop for hanging.

Speed ​​is controlled by pressing the button.

In the hand is very comfortable.

The duration of continuous operation is 30 seconds, then the motor needs rest.

■ Minced meat, crackers and onions cannot be chopped with this blender (using standard tools). Protein whip, too, will not work.

It remains pesto — it came out not uniform, somewhere thicker, somewhere thinner.

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