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Igor Bukharov, restaurateur, President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia

Igor Bukharov, restaurateur, President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia

The meaning of his activities Bukharov sees in the revival of the rich Russian culinary traditions, consigned to oblivion in the XX century.

In Soviet times, not only old recipes were lost, but also traditions of using unique products that were once so widely known throughout the country and abroad (Nezhin cucumbers, Belozero smelt, Khakasskaya lamb, Tatar dried goose (kaklagan kaz) — this list goes on and on).

As a result, by the early 1990s, Russia’s culinary culture was far behind the western culture, which by then had reached a completely different professional level.

Igor Bukharov was among those people who brought the Russian restaurant business out of stagnation. To a large extent, this was facilitated by Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO).

This organization brings together prominent figures of the restaurant and hotel business, it includes many prominent restaurateurs — Andrei Dellos, Arkady Novikov, Mikhail Zelman.

And Igor Bukharov is at the head of the FRIO.

Under his leadership, a unified concept of the development of the restaurant business is being formed, a project has been developed. Special Technical Regulations — The basic law of the food industry, which reflects all the mandatory requirements for modern gourmet restaurants.

In 2007, the efforts of Igor Bukharov created Academy of Management of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia — training center, where they prepare managers of restaurant and hotel business.

According to Igor Bukharov, the most important part of the restaurant culture is the correct supply of wine.

He heads Russian National Branch of the International Wine and Food Society, uniting restaurateurs in more than forty countries and several tens of thousands of people around the world. “We get together,” says Bukharov, “and discuss how a particular wine or distillate is suitable for a particular dish.

There is a mutual development, mutual enrichment. People share with each other experiences, who tried what, in what situations.

All this is of great importance for the development of the culture of wine drinking in general. «

It is no secret that in Russia the culture of wine drinking is far from being as developed as in the West. Bukharov and here serves as an educator.

He publishes two magazines on “alcohol”: «Vinomania» — about wine «Distiller» — about whiskey, brandy, tequila, vodka and other distillates.

Bukharov has been engaged in the restaurant business for more than twenty years.

It all started in 1980, when he got a job as a cook in a Moscow hotel «Budapest» — at that time there existed a restaurant with the same name.

Gradually grasping the restaurant business from the inside, the future restaurateur simultaneously studied at the evening department of the Moscow Institute of National Economy. G.V.


Years later, Bukharov was the clerk of Nostalgie and Tent.

The menu of both institutions is the embodiment of the concept of the author’s cuisine.

The idea of ​​the author’s cuisine is of particular importance for Bukharov, because he makes cooking a real art, creativity, expression of a concept.

Created by Bukharov Nostalgie was the first gourmet restaurant in Moscow.

Initially, this paradise for connoisseurs of European chic and French charm (only a foie gras in the institution has a separate menu!) Was a closed club: the entrance was strictly on the cards. Many theater and cinema actors and directors came to the restaurant, therefore the institution began to be called an art club.

Later it opened to a wide range of visitors.

Another project of Igor Bukharov, embodied by him together with the famous restaurateur Roman Rozhnikovsky, — Shater, a summer restaurant on Chistye Prudy, and on the spot where such a “veranda on the water” existed even before the revolution.

The tent is an Oriental-style institution, however, not tied to the culture of any particular country — it is rather a European sensation of the East, with an author’s kitchen in the style of fusion.

The restaurants opened by Bukharov have long been the object of imitation, turned into symbols of the revival of Russian restaurant culture. Since 1999, working open Bukharov School of Wine and High Quality Nostalgie.

It trains future chefs, waiters, sommeliers, restaurant managers.

Igor Bukharov summarized his own experience in the restaurant business in the book “Nostalgie. The Secret of Success »: using the example of the history of the restaurant “Nostalgie”, he showed the backstage life of the domestic restaurant business. “The book showed everything that our restaurant has achieved over the years,” says the author. — Oddly enough, this was the first text about high cuisine in Russia. I find it very flattering if, when I come somewhere in the outback, to Orenburg or to Tomsk, I hear a request to sign this book.

And she is already all wasted, read to the holes. According to her cooks. «

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