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Ignazio Di Mauro, pastry chef at Spago restaurant: interview

Ignazio Di Mauro, pastry chef at Spago restaurant: interview

Ignazio Di Mauro kindly agreed to answer some of our questions.

Corr.: Mr. Di Mauro, you have devoted all your life to cooking desserts. Tell me, what trends are recently observed in the confectionery world.

How have the tastes of customers changed?
THEM.: Indeed, recently I have noticed a very clear tendency to return “to the roots” — clients most of all want to feel the “taste of childhood”, to return to tasting those sweet dishes that were prepared by their mothers and grandmothers, which they ate in childhood.

Therefore, in our menu, along with desserts that are so popular today, everyone’s favorite classic is always present — for example, cakes «Black Forest», «Sacher», puff «Napoleon».

Corr.: Please tell us about the traditions of your country — what desserts are handed down from generation to generation in every Italian family?
THEM.: Well, first of all, the traditional Sicilian cake — Cassata siciliana. It is made from ricotta goat cheese, candied fruit slices, as well as other additives — pistachios, chocolate, cinnamon — depending on local ingredients.

He will certainly be present in the delivery menu of our restaurant.

Corr.: Do you think the tastes of Russian consumers differ from those of Italians, and what, in your opinion, is the most popular Italian dessert in Russia?
THEM.: Tiramisu is very popular in Russia, this dessert is incredibly popular here. And, of course, eclairs.

We want to give our Russian customers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite desserts and at the same time not worry about the quality of the ingredients, because our desserts are made entirely from natural products.

You will not find in them neither vegetable fats, nor any other artificial additives — only natural butter, Sicilian pistachios and excellent dark chocolate.

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