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I was here

I was here. Two mills in Paris.
Says Vlad Vasyukhin

No, gentlemen, thank you!

AT Rome I’d rather go to Antico Cafe Greco, where Gogol loved to be, Venice, at San Marco, I push the door in Florian, where everyone was sitting — from Byron to Brodsky, a visit to Prague no visit U fleku, but in Paris. Well in Paris so many places with which we have something connected — I don’t want to choose!

Do we know him? Yes, like the back of my hand!

Seen in the movie a million times.

Therefore it is not surprising that, once in the French capital, many go to familiar places in absentia.

Well, how not to go to «Two Mills»? This is the most popular movie address of recent times. For the past ten years, since 2001, tourists have specially come to Montmartre in order to find exactly the cafe, the very vegetable shop.

However, a lot of effort is not required: pilgrimage sites for moviegoers are already included in many guidebooks marked: “Amelie’s workplace”.

The romantic comedy of Jean-Pierre Gene “Amelie” (in the original — Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain) with Audrey Tautou starring in actual places. And if you want to definitely drink coffee or beer in a cafe «Two Mills» (Des Deux Moulins), where the eccentric Amelie Poulain worked, then you — on Lepic street (rue Lepic, 15).

The institution is located at the intersection with the street Turlak (Tourlaque).

However, please note in advance: firstly, there are no black-eyed waitresses here, only men work in the bar, secondly, the interior has been slightly modified for the film, and after the shooting for some reason they have returned to their former appearance, thirdly, you will not find the tobacco counter, behind which sat the imaginary patient Georgette.

It would be strange if the cafe owner resisted the temptation to hang on the wall a huge portrait of slyly smiling film heroine.

It hangs in the depths of the hall, and visitors happily take pictures against the background of Thoth-Poulain. In any case, the place is sweet, sincere, typically Parisian, low-key.

In native Montmartre it is known for its good cocktails. And even if you are not a fan of sweets, be sure to order a dessert, named after Amelie.

Of course, we are talking about creme brulee, because the girl loved to break a caramel crust with a spoon on this delicacy.

And yet the cafe is not so stunningly charming and carefree, as in the film. Do not be surprised if you recall the dialogue from Amelie there: “Do you believe in miracles? — Not today…»

The second address, which is worth a visit to fans of the tale of Montmartre, — «Maison Collignon». In this vegetable shop, located next to «her» house (rue des Trois-Frere, 56 rue des Trois Freres), Mademoiselle Poulain usually bought food with endive and lettuce and, as everyone remembers, adored to stand, putting her hand in a bag of grain . You can also buy asparagus, strawberries or avocados.

Grain is not traded, but there is ready couscous.

It is said that earlier these “fruits and vegetables” were called Wu Ali (Chez Ali) — by the name of the Arabian host, but after the triumphant success of the film and started
Amelimania on the bench appeared a new sign, of course — «Maison Collignon», and a few posters in prominent places — and on the cabinet at the entrance, and in the windows, I saw.

And finally, another cult address associated with another popular movie. This is a cafe «Horse Marley» (Les Chevaux de Marly), at Louvre. The emblem of the institution is a masterpiece of baroque art, the sculptural image of horses from the castle of Marley by Guillaume Couste — hence the name.

The place is associated with the filming of Ron Howard’s best-selling Dan Brown film “The Da Vinci Code” — a view of the museum’s western wing, where the action unfolds.

As in the case of Amelie, after the film was released, agencies began to organize excursions along the routes of the characters of the Da Vinci Code.

And you say: tourist places.

I was here.

Piedmont, Albarretto della Torre municipality, Via Umberto, 12. Vlad Vlad Vasyukhin

In truth, I did not know who this Umberto was.

Well, certainly not the writer Umberto Eco — even the Italians, who are generous with emotions, do not call their streets the names of living people, even the classics, and even less do not arrest the last name so familiarly.

See below.

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