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How to whiten your teeth at home

Smile is our business card.

With just this mimic gesture, many conflicts can be smoothed out.

However, if the teeth were overpowered by a yellowish bloom — the faithful companion of coffee-lovers, smokers and connoisseurs of red wines — you don’t want to smile at all. You can, of course, reject products that are harmful in every sense of the word or seek professional help from a dentist, but you can try to whiten your teeth at home.

There are several ways to do this.

Teeth whitening with soda

Remember, as before, without having access to high-quality cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom, we resorted to using the good old soda? Only one treasured yellow-orange box helped all yellowed plumbing and household items to find the former sparkling whiteness!

Believe it or not, you can try whitening with soda and our teeth! Just dip the wet toothbrush into the soda and gently swipe the front of the teeth several times.

Rinse your mouth. This method is quite traumatic for enamel, but, as they say — from one time no one has ever died.

Do not try to whiten your teeth with soda more than once a year.

Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent.

Citrus fruits have a known whitening property. Especially succeeded in this lemon!

Why not use these qualities of sour fruit to whiten your teeth at home? It is enough to slightly wipe the front surface of the teeth with the light side of the lemon peel. The method is less traumatic than "soda"but you will not see a quick effect.

Must hold "lemon course" within a couple of weeks to notice the result. By the way, malic acid also has bleaching properties, so lovers of nibbling on a fresh apple can boast a shade of teeth a couple of tones lighter than those who don’t eat apples.

Do not forget, after any acidic product should rinse your mouth with water.

Strawberries are good not only for health, but also for whiteness of teeth.

Who does not like strawberries?

All winter we are waiting for the opening of the season of this fragrant and juicy berries, to buy a kilogram at once and eat it fresh and sweet.

However, few people know that this berry also has gentle whitening properties. So May and June are great months to test this method on your teeth.

Mash the ripe berries in a puree and rub into the surface of the teeth.

You can wield directly with your finger, and spit out the flesh, even not necessarily!

And tasty and healthy!

4. Teeth whitening with whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste is a simple and proven way to whiten your teeth

Whitening toothpastes have every dental brand. They offer to kill two birds with one stone — and hygienically clean the mouth, and whiten your teeth.

It would seem: an excellent way out for those who have the least time for procedures.

But remember, if you use whitening toothpaste regularly, tooth enamel can quickly become thinner.

So alternate it with regular prophylactic toothpaste.

Tooth cap is easy to use.

An effective way to whiten your teeth at home — a toothbrush.

Such a whitening kit can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Following the instructions, it is necessary to apply a special gel on the surface of the teeth and fix it with the help of the cap itself.

Depending on the time and mechanism of action, there are day and night drips.

All of these methods will definitely bring results. But remember that whitening is a procedure that is traumatic for enamel and therefore requires the supervision of a physician. This is due to the fact that there are a number of contraindications to whitening, for example, hypersensitivity of the teeth, the presence of unhealed caries, inflammatory processes in the gums, wedge-shaped defects.

In addition, teeth that are prone to fluorosis (when tooth enamel is affected due to an excess of fluoride in the body) or that have changed their color under the influence of tetracycline antibiotics cannot be whitened. Do not whiten the teeth in the process of wearing braces — partly their teeth are closed, respectively, whitening will be incomplete.

So do not get carried away fanatically and remember that only a sincere smile can be charming!

Within two weeks after bleaching, it is recommended to follow an uncomplicated “colorless” diet.

What for?

The fact is that during this period the enamel remains more porous than usual, and may miss the coloring matter. Get rid of this color will not be easy. Among the products that are recommended to be excluded during this period are bright berries, for example, blueberries and black currants, red wine, painted vegetables (carrots, beets).

Tea, coffee, juices and drinks containing strong dyes, natural or artificial, are also on the “black list”. But if you really want, you can drink them through a straw.

Actively paints teeth tobacco.

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