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How to treat rosacea, anti-rosacea diet, cosmetics for rosacea

How to treat rosacea, anti-rosacea diet, cosmetics for rosacea

A healthy blush for everyone to face, but when steady redness appears on the nose and cheeks and a network of small blood vessels appears, it’s time to talk about rosacea.

And not only to speak, but also to heal — once appeared, he himself will not disappear, and with age the situation will only get worse.

The direct cause of rosacea is vascular wall weakness. Under the influence of stress, cold, wind, physical exertion, blood rushes to the face, the vessels dilate, but then they cannot contract. At first, this may manifest as slight redness on the cheeks and wings of the nose, but over time, if you do not try to solve the problem somehow, the vessels will weaken more and more, and your face will become covered with a “net”.

In a word, pleasant and inspiring is not enough.

The first victims of rosacea are people with delicate thin sensitive skin, often — allergies. Women this misfortune gets more than men.

Among the provoking factors are stress, smoking, alcohol abuse and, excuse me, gluttony; very spicy, salty or smoked food, coffee and increased physical exertion. Kuperoz in itself, of course, is not dangerous, but may indicate specific health problems — first of all, hormonal imbalance and gastritis.

Cosmetology experiments — peels, for example, or hard massage can also provoke the manifestation of rosacea.

It is better to take a complex approach to the treatment of couperosis.

one. Start drinking vitamins that will strengthen blood vessels.

First of all, these are vitamins P, K and C, substances that regulate the permeability of capillaries, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

2 Minimize the provoking factors.

In frosty and windy weather, use protective cosmetics on a fat basis and wrap a scarf over your face; Do not overstrain fitness, less nervous, stop smoking and drinking.

3 Use special anti-couperose cosmetics.

Many cosmetics manufacturers have similar tonics, serums and creams that reduce the manifestation of rosacea.

Apply funds worth courses.

four. Carefully choose home skin care products.

They should not be alcohol-based, contain fruit acids, menthol and other substances that irritate sensitive skin. Some essential oils such as rosemary and thyme give a good anti-ropery effect. They can be mixed with grape seed oil and lubricate problem areas.

Ascorutin pill crushed into dust can be added to a conventional day care cream.

five. More gentle, more gentle.

In general, treat skin that is prone to rosacea, as gently as possible.

Do not rub your face with a hard towel, do not wash your face with too hot or too cold water, do not use scrubs, do not bathe in the bath or sit for hours in the sauna.

6 Salon Care.

Since with rosacea you need to especially carefully clean, moisturize and nourish the skin, you should regularly visit a beautician.

Beauty and health is not an area where it is worth saving money and time.

6 Use new technology. For a long time, the only hardware way to deal with the vascular wall on the face was electrocoagulation.

The method is traumatic and not very effective.

Now it is increasingly being replaced. photothermolysis (the walls of blood vessels are “glued together” with a laser and become invisible).

But he, too, does not suit everyone — before deciding on a procedure, it is necessary to conduct tests in order to understand whether this method is suitable for you.

7 Diet, strengthens blood vessels. It is very important to eat right.

The menu should have strengthening products: spinach, currants, cabbage, wild rose, tomatoes, blueberries and mountain ash, walnuts, buckwheat, oranges and lemons, and eating them better with the peel — in fact, vitamin R was extracted from the peel lemon.

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