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How to stop buying extra products and start saving

How to stop buying extra products and start saving

7 simple steps to virtually waste-free cooking in your kitchen.

The problem of food waste has recently become more and more urgent.

In Moscow, even held a gastronomic festival Smena Food Waste, where you could learn to cook from cleanings and use all the pieces of meat from nose to tail.

In Europe, companies are opening up that count and send people only the amount of food they need — for example, a teaspoon of paprika and 2 carrots.

But if you do not want to deprive yourself of the pleasure of going to grocery shopping, then remember 7 simple ways to reduce the amount of food leftovers in your kitchen.


Buy only what you need. Often in the store we collect a huge mountain of products, and then do not use them. Promotions, special offers and discounts literally encourage us to take "with a margin".

This approach to shopping hurts not only the planet, but also your wallet.

In order not to take too much in your favorite hypermarket, make an accurate list of exactly how many products you need for a week.

2. Freeze excess. Koneno, it’s not always possible to resist stocks like "2 kilograms for the price of one".

If you are still tempted and bought meat at a discount, just freeze the excess! You can cook a second serving in a week.

The same goes for vegetables.

By the way, the purchase of already frozen vegetables will not only help reduce the amount of garbage, but also save you money.


Use first those products whose expiration date is about to expire. Do not wait until the yogurt, milk and cheese in your fridge are sour. Keep track of the shelf life of products and eat them when they are still fresh.

And do not buy new products until you eat old ones.

4. Pack products neatly and correctly.

Store food in vacuum containers, the choice of which is now huge on the market. They will not only help to prolong the life of the food, but also save you space in the refrigerator.

In addition, in such containers, bacteria and viruses will not have access to your food supply.

5. Cook dishes from leftover food.

Shakshuk, fritatt, panzanella.

Each country has its own dishes, which are prepared from leftover food.

And they are usually perfect for breakfast! Do not hesitate to put in your omelet a slightly withered tomato and the remnants of yesterday’s sausages.

You will get a nutritious and tasty dish, save money and contribute to saving the planet.


Calculate portions by grams. Every home has at least one cookbook. And although not all the recipes in them are perfect, they teach us one very important thing — to count your portions per gram.

Prepare exactly the recipe, and then you can not only calculate how many days you have enough soup, baked chicken and cooked pasta, but also to avoid overeating.

7. Do not go to the store or to the market hungry!

This is the main rule that will not allow you to make rash and extra purchases.

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