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How to organize an unforgettable picnic

It is time for picnics to last all summer, and the closest departure or access to nature — in the next 3 days of holidays.

How to organize an unforgettable picnic: funny, unbanal and tasty? Read our tips, cook according to our recipes, and you will have something to remember and share on social networks.

The picnic formula is pretty simple.

Let’s assume that you have 3 snacks or salads with you, and they are not very nourishing (not Olivier), but rather consist of vegetables and greens. Plus one meat dish (kebab or grilled meat), or fish, or poultry,
which you want to fry on coals, and to them also vegetables cooked for the same purpose.

This, strictly speaking, is the ideal picnic scenario, in which the food is quite diverse, but there is not too much of it, and there will be time and interest not only for absorbing food, but also for all sorts of nice outdoor games, walking, swimming and everything than a good picnic.

So, the calculations. Arm yourself with a calculator. Meat you need an average of 400 g per person (traditionally men eat more than women, about a quarter, and children — half).

If meat with bones (wings, ribs) — buy 600 grams of vegetables on the grill, you will need about 200 grams per person, and fresh vegetables for snacks and salads — 300-400 grams. And don’t forget about bread, especially those types of it that you can wrap or put something in (flat cakes, thin pita bread and pita). Approximately 150–180 g per person.

And remember that children often eat quite a few vegetables and meat, but they eat a lot of bread. So if you have a children’s picnic, this will be the main meal, and it is better to make sandwiches from it.

As for drinking, you really need a lot of soft drinks. Let it be basically just water, carbonated and simple — about 1.5 liters per person. You can add juice or soda, but little by little, no more than 500 ml per person.

The amount of alcohol is usually considered as follows: if you drink beer, then it is not less than 2 glasses per person (the same with wine, only glasses here are not 300 ml, but 150).

Strong noble drinks (whiskey, brandy, brandy) are usually 100 ml per person, and less noble ones (vodka, tequila, gin) — 150 each.

While the main dishes are being prepared, and you have already had time to get hungry a bit in the fresh air, you can eat the worm with snacks and salads. Salads are made quickly, snacks — even faster.

As "aperitif", for example, meat pate and flat cakes cooked in advance and captured from home are quite suitable.

Such apricot pate in principle, you can cook from any fatty meat or poultry (for example, duck or goose).

Pork pate with apricots

Capsicum with paprika and turmeric that are just cooked

On cooking Cakes with paprika and turmeric it will take you an hour and a half, but you can feed them with a very large company — enough for everyone.

Slices with paprika and turmeric

Seasonal green salad with cheese, fennel, grapes, strawberries and nuts for the whole family

Strawberries in this seasonal green salad with cheese can be replaced with any seasonal fruit, and cheese — camembert or brie. The main thing in it — do not forget about seasonal greens.

Actively use wild garlic, it perfectly complements the sweetness of the berries and the spicy taste of fennel.

Salad of seasonal herbs with cheese, fennel, grapes, strawberries and nuts

A good grill is a very important tool for a successful picnic with barbecue.

It should not be stripped or rusty, the lock should hold well, the handle should be long and not heated.

So that the products do not stick to the grill during frying, be sure to roast it before using it, and grease it thoroughly with grease — it is convenient to use for this a piece of lard or a silicone brush dipped in oil.

But for delicate products, this is not enough — it will still stick.

Before laying fish, for example, place lemongrass or thyme / rosemary twigs pre-soaked in water on the grill.

When baking a fish, try to protect it with something, especially if the coals are strong, otherwise the probability is great that it will quickly burn out from the outside and not be fried from the inside. In addition to bacon, which is not acceptable to everyone, there are different leaves: the green part of leek, horseradish and even burdock. A common option is foil, but you can also use newspapers, folding them in several layers and soaking well with water.

Grease the fish well with vegetable oil or other grease before wrapping.

Trout baked in bacon — the same option, when the fish is well roasted inside and at the same time does not burn outside.

Trout in bacon

What kebab without sauce?

For meat or fish, you can prepare several options for various sauces and dip from vegetables, fruits and berries.

For pepper sauce burn a few sweet peppers to black over an open fire, put them in a bowl under a foil or lid, after 15 minutes. Peel and finely chop.

Add some chopped garlic and basil, vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil and let it brew.

For eggplant sauce in the same way, burn the eggplants over an open fire and let them cool in a bowl under the lid. Cut it in half lengthwise, remove the pulp with a spoon and chop it together with cilantro and garlic or whisk with a blender, gradually adding olive oil.

Salt and pepper.

Tomato sauce bake whole large tomatoes over the charred coals, next bake a little chili and garlic in the husk.

Peel tomatoes, chillies and garlic, fold into a blender, add horseradish spoon, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Beat until smooth.

Give the sauce a little brew.

Chutney of apples, mangoes and raisins — a spicy and necessary addition to fish

Instead of mango in this apple chutney you can use pineapples, and instead of raisins, fresh seedless grapes.

Chutney of apples, mango and raisins

Another option for accompaniment to kebabs is pickled vegetables that can be prepared in advance.

Thai style marinated cabbage for spicy lovers

Pickled Cabbage — excellent snack for kebabs, both meat and fish.

Thai style marinated cabbage

The most common chicken meat for barbecues and picnics is the wings.

It makes sense to marinate in a slightly sweet mixture, then the skin will be roasted to a pleasant caramel color. If you pre-cut the wings between the joints into 2 phalanges (the third is usually not prepared, leaving for broths), then in this form the wings will roast on a lattice on strong coals for 20-25 minutes.

The chicken legs (drumsticks) are roasted for the same amount of time. If you are stringing whole wings on skewers, fry them for at least half an hour on a slightly less high heat. The same time, chicken thigh fillets will be cooked, it is better to grill them.

Chicken breasts roast on coals very quickly — 10 min. enough, just be sure to let the breasts lie down on a plate, covering them with foil — another 10 minutes. The longest thighs with skin and bone are roasted from “spare parts” for up to 40 minutes. Chickens weighing up to 500 g can be cooked by strung on 3 skewers (by fan) or laid in a wire rack.

Roasting time — about 45 minutes.

For this chicken kebabs we took chicken thighs and wings.

To prevent the food from sticking to the grill during frying, use the advice above — be sure to calcine it before use and mix it well with any fat.

Shish kebab from chicken and vegetables in spices

It is easiest to grill pork meat on the grill — it is fairly fat, it is difficult to overdry it, the only exception is two cuts: tenderloin and low-fat chop.

The tenderloin is fried instantly, just five minutes longer than chicken breast fillets.

But the carbonade is better to fry whole large piece of the same technology that roasts a large beef steak.
Skewers are most often made from pork neck — diced with a side of 4–5 cm, the meat is roasted on charcoal for 25 minutes. Pork chops with a thickness of 2 cm (from the neck or carbonate on the bone and with fat) on the grill as much roast.

Pork ribs (they are also the most convenient to fry on the grill), depending on the size and fat content, roast from 20 to 35 minutes.

If you want to grill steaks, try to choose the most marble ones — with small streaks of fat, not less than 2, and preferably 3 cm thick.

There is no one time tip for roasting, because you may want meat from one of 4–7 degrees of roasting, from bleu (almost raw) or rare (with blood) to medium (medium roasting) or well-done (full roasting).

You for this case is better armed with tables of steak roasting. But there is one rule that allows roasting beef
evenly, without overdrying the edges.

Especially well this rule is suitable for large steaks weighing more than 1 kg. To do this, you need to fry the steak for 3 minutes. on each side (and there are usually six sides of such a piece of meat) — and then put “rest” on a plate for 10–15 minutes.

Then again fry the same way as in the first case — and again put the «rest».
The number of approaches depends on the desired degree of roasting, but after four approaches you will get a roast medium rare.

And it will be very, very tasty meat. Roast beef on the grill — from beef tenderloin weighing about 1200 g — is done like this: fry the meat on all sides until you have a firm brown crust and wrap in several layers of foil.

Leave the tenderloin on the grate away from the heat, just in a warm place.

In half an hour he will be ready.

Fish fillet on charcoal is cooked very quickly — from 4 minutes for the thinnest pieces to 12 minutes for the thickest ones.

Baking whole fish usually takes from 8 to 30 minutes, depending on its size.

Of all kinds of sweet picnic, the most convenient way is to take baking with you.

Regardless of whether it is cakes or pies, do not put them in a bag — they will surely be crushed or crushed.

Use only plastic containers or cardboard boxes. To prevent the dough from soaking in a closed volume during transport, place inside
several times folded paper towel.

Dried Fruit Buns — the most suitable option for a picnic dessert: do not spoil in the process "before" and "during" unlike cream cakes, they do not melt in the heat like ice cream or chocolate.

Dee and in general they can be served instead of bread to kebabs.

Dried Fruit Buns

No picnic can do without drinks. You can simply buy them, but it is better to approach the matter with the soul and to cook something unusual and very summer, for example, sangria or punch.

For a big company — the most it.

Aromatic, fragrant, with summer berries and citrus, a punch of aperol with gin and prosecco is the most suitable drink for a summer picnic.

Aperol punch with gin, proseko and strawberry

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