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How to live longer

Whatever songs may be sung about long-lived aksakals from remote mountain villages, in fact, they live longer in metropolitan areas.

The main reason — quality medicine, a factor that will give a hundred points ahead to clean air, organic milk and other environmental fetishes.
The opportunity to get an appointment with a good doctor in time, to pass tests — including genetic susceptibility to certain diseases — increases the chances of tracking down health problems in the early stages and solving them.
At one time, the idea of ​​having to brush teeth and take a shower twice a day was introduced into the mass consciousness.

Now every decent person should know everything about his pulse, pressure, cholesterol level.

Even if nothing hurts, doctors recommend regularly to be examined: men over 30, women over 40.

First about the sad.

According to the WHO, every 10 seconds the world misses one smoker. With cigarettes associated with 90% of deaths from lung cancer, 75% — of chronic bronchitis, 25% — coronary heart disease.

It is especially harmful for teenagers and those over 40 to smoke.
Now for the good.

If you quit smoking, you stop smelling like an ashtray, begin to feel tinges and smells thinner, stop hacking cough in the morning — and add yourself 10 years of life.
If you are not interested in your own health, think about others.

First of all, about the family.

Doctors are now talking not only about significant risks for passive smokers, but also about the harm smoking "through third hands". In children who are constantly being smoked, the elasticity of the vascular walls decreases and the level of cholesterol in the blood rises. Is this what we want for our siblings?

As for the «third-hand», then if the house is constantly smoked, nicotine accumulates on the walls and furniture.

By itself, it is not a carcinogen, but over time it turns into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

These substances are especially dangerous to babies who tend to pull everything in their mouths.

The concept of beauty is different for everyone, but in terms of physiology, the waist is wider than 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men is considered a sign of abdominal (abdominal) obesity. According to statistics, the owners of the “apple” figure (no waist!) Live 7 years less than the “pears” (there is a waist!). They are more likely to have type 2 diabetes and hypertension, sugar and “bad” cholesterol are going off the scale.

If a person has at least 3 of these symptoms, then doctors talk about developing metabolic syndrome.

This is not a disease, but a condition in which there is a sharp increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke, at least three times.

It sounds frightening, but the plan of action is clear: you need to lose weight and make a waist!

Many processes in the body are “tied” to a specific time of day. Disordered from the point of view of graphics life confuses the body.

Just one example: if a woman has worked for a night shift for many years, the chances that she will develop breast cancer are 2-3 times higher. «Night work» violates the production melatonin hormone — it is mainly produced at night, in the dark. This hormone is a powerful immunostimulant and antioxidant that protects us from cancer and heart disease. Melatonin deficiency is a kind of signal for other body systems: old age has come, it is time to rest.

How to deal with it?

To live in daylight, to sleep at night — and without a night lamp, a working television, a computer, and other sources of «light pollution».

The “running from a heart attack” rule continues to work. Or walk. You can — swim.

The main thing — no less than half an hour every day a person should move actively. “Active”, by the way, does not mean “through force”. Watch your pulse.

It should not exceed 70% of the maximum possible (you will know your maximum, taking away from 220 age in years).
True, there are people — this is about every fifth of us — who have no sense from fitness. It is all about the features of the genome: the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and the absorption of oxygen in response to physical exertion do not increase in them.

Who among us falls into these 20% of the “lucky ones”, there is no possibility to find out yet.

On the other hand, we are not only running from a heart attack, but also just for fun — the same 30 minutes of fitness stimulates the production of “hormones of joy” in the body, and so successfully that psychiatrists do not advise many of their yearning patients to not antidepressants in pharmacies to buy, and just go for a walk.

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