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How to grow out of a child cook

It’s great if the child learns to cook. So in the future, instead of being poisoned by junk food, he can easily and quickly make himself a healthy dish.

It is not so difficult to bring up a cook in the kid.

The main thing is to give tasks in accordance with his age.

2-5 years

During this period, the child only gets acquainted with the kitchen, mastering the basic operations of cooking.

Give him simple tasks and do not forget to monitor security. Of course, the baby is unlikely to do everything perfectly, most likely, you will have to redo much of it.

This is not scary, because the main thing at this stage is to involve the child in the process.

Have the kid wash the fruits and vegetables.

Not too small, but not too large, otherwise he simply will not hold them in his hand.

Cutting cooked products. Give the child a knife — better plastic (you can take a one-time) and something from boiled products.

For example, potatoes, peeled egg, etc.

Use liquid ingredients. Let the child pour water into the pot where you are going to cook the soup; pour a glass of milk into the dough, etc.

Just measure the required amount of fluid in advance.

Let him put the food on the plates. Of course, we are not talking about the kid pouring out the soup on his own.

It is still very difficult for him.

But spread the greens, cucumbers and tomatoes, cut into a vase of candy he is already quite capable.

Dough. Tear the kid a piece of dense dough and let him try to make his own pie or cookies from him.

And even put in the stuffing.

6-8 years

The child has become older and is ready to learn more complex kitchen skills.

What to offer him at this stage?

Kitchen appliances. Modern children of this age can already turn on the electric kettle themselves, heat something in the microwave, open a can with an electric can opener, start a food processor, etc.

Just remember that all this baby should do under your supervision.

And by no means let him independently assemble-disassemble a combine, blender, meat grinder and other things where there are sharp details.

To rub the cheese.

Take a large grater, a piece of cheese and let the young chef rub it for pizza, pasta or salad.

But to suggest rubbing something hard, for example, you don’t need an apple yet — the child will hardly have the strength to do it, and at the same time he risks injuring his fingers.

Boil the products.

Under your strict guidance, the baby will be able to boil eggs, potatoes or pasta.

Let him pour water into the pan and put the products there.

But to get them out of hot water is better for you.

Do baking. Roll out pieces of dough for pies and fill them with stuffing — at this age, children usually cope with such operations.

You can also instruct your child to spread the pies or cookies on a baking sheet, set the time and temperature of baking (at your prompting).

Peel vegetables and fruits.

You can trust your little helper to peel potatoes, remove the peel from an apple, etc.

And even cut it all into pieces.

9-12 years old

These children already know a lot.

Therefore, it is possible to entrust them with serious, «adult» operations.

To pick up products according to the recipe.

At this age, the child is already reading well. Therefore, let him choose the recipe of the dish that he would like to prepare, and then he will find the right ingredients in the store.

Of course, it’s better for you to be close by, so that if necessary you can tell the young cook how to choose the right products.

Make a salad by yourself. Of course, not “Herring under a fur coat”, but something simpler.

A maturing child can easily wash, peel, cut and mix the necessary ingredients.

Use kitchen appliances.

And not just to press the buttons, as in the previous age group, but to pawn and remove products from there.

Kitchen accessories.

Knives and other traumatic items from a person of this age can no longer be hidden.

Measure out the right amount of products.

Give a beginner cook recipe, products and electronic scales.

And let him make measurements.

Bread and pastry. If you have a bread maker, then the heir may well please you with freshly baked bread, especially if he prepares it from a mixture.

Also, the child is now able to use an electric waffle-mill, crepe maker, etc.

13-16 years old

In terms of their skills, such a child is almost an adult.

He may well cook himself a whole dinner.

So at this age we are talking more likely about expanding the culinary repertoire of a teenager.

Fried meat.

Share simple recipes with your child.

Tell us how to fry chicken legs or grilled meat.

Pickles, jam.

If you do the work, the child may well participate in the process on an equal footing.

Cleaning vegetables, cooking marinade — everything is already available for a teenager.

Garnish, sauces, dressings.

You can do the main dishes, and the child instructed to make a side dish, simple sauce or dressing.

Yeast or puff pastry.

These types of dough are not easy to do, they are not subject to every adult.

But if it is you who owns the secret of preparing a beautiful, tender dough — it’s time to transfer this knowledge to the heir.


Find simple recipes of the first courses on the Internet and let the child please you with fresh soup.

If not from the first, then from the second time it will definitely work for him!

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