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How to fix 8 mistakes that make while cooking pizza at home

How to fix 8 mistakes that make while cooking pizza at home

Have you tried to cook pizza houses?


Or did you get a pie with abundant filling on yeast dough?

You may have made mistakes while cooking pizza.

We will show you how to prevent these missteps.

To get the perfect pizza, you need the right «working» yeast. If you are not a specialist in yeast, it is better to use dry, fast-acting (instant) yeast.

They reduce the time of kneading dough, increase its stretchability when forming pizza, help to give the correct forms to finished products.

Flour should not be random. To avoid mistakes, choose Italian flour 0. If you want to get a soft pizza base, mix it with flour 00.

If elasticity, dough strength is needed, make a mix with more coarse flour.

This is the first thought that comes to mind when preparing pizza dough. Form a ball or a hemisphere from a kneaded dough and leave it for lifting.

Meanwhile, you can go another way.

It is enough to form a rectangular platter of dough and fold it several times onto yourself.

So, according to the pros, it will rise more evenly.

Pizza dough

Salt is an important ingredient in dough, which requires strict dosage. It needs to be added at a certain time.

Salt and yeast do not get along with each other, so if there is no experience with this pair, add salt and add it to the dough.

Or mix all the ingredients, including yeast, and add salt at the very end.

This is not true! Sugar is needed to facilitate fermentation, refining the taste of the dough and the beautiful color of the scones.

If desired, it can be replaced with honey or malt.

You can use a rolling pin, but it is better to knead the layer of the desired thickness and shape by hand.

Ideal: the dough is divided into such pieces, which then can be easily molded by hand. If you are preparing a home-made pizza or focaccia, place the oiled baking paper on a baking sheet.

Put a piece of dough on it and, stretching it with your fingers, stretch it to the desired size.

For thin and crispy pizza, you can use a rolling pin only if you cannot roll the dough with your hands.

Making a cake for pizza

If you decide to cook a classic pizza with tomato sauce, watch its quantity. Nobody likes eating pizza when the sauce drips. Try to think over the amount of this ingredient.

Put the sauce in a ladle with a flat bottom as possible: pour it onto the center of the dough, put the ladle in the center and spread the sauce on your future pizza in one spiral movement.

Do not reach only to the very edge of the reservoir, leave 2-2.5 cm clear.

The best way to tomato sauce on pizza dough

If there is no wood stove, feel free to work with the oven.

First put the pizza tray in the bottom of the oven, heated to the maximum possible temperature (above 250 ° C) for about 10 minutes, then move the pan to the middle part and bake the pizza until ready. The dough will be crisp, but not dry. Even better, use a stone for pizza.

And you can go the other way: to increase the percentage of moistening of the dough, so that the ratio of flour and liquid in the dough is about 1: 1.

Then even in a home oven you can bake a pizza with a soft, porous crumb and a crispy crust.

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