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How to feed the kids

Anna Krasilshchik, Deputy Editor-in-Chief «Big city» and section editor «Children» on www.bg.ru, knows how to feed babies who eat almost nothing. Her six-year-old Sonya and three-year-old Petya in the kitchen do not eat breakfast or dine — they save the drowning people, study the tails of unseen beasts and boil the soup with jewels

My children used to eat everything.

Even fresh cooked vegetables. Even though it’s quite hard to believe, given by the manufacturer for broccoli puree
stinking swamp-colored slush like the one that the main character drinks in the movie “The Scam of Thomas Crown”. Even tasteless infant porridge on the water. And acquaintances envied me.

But this nostalgic time quickly ended.

By the age of two, each of them had not eaten anything. Almost.

In a surprising way, almost everything has got into the list of hated products than a normal person usually wants to feed his children. All useful. Fig.

Greens — even hidden in your favorite omelet.

A fish. Squash Green bean.

Yogurts without additives. Kefir.


Every breakfast, lunch and dinner became a mutual torment. The table looked like a battlefield, and — what to hide — the battle ended not in my favor. Requests and pleas, threats and attempts to bribe — all was to no avail.

The children were removed from the kitchen hungry, but with a sense of superiority.

I had to with anguish and impotent malice to accept untouched plates.

Cunning and patience are virtues that by the end of the second year of a child’s life every mother should have acquired. If, of course, wants to survive. A plate of soup began to turn into the deep sea, and vegetables in a spoon became desperately willing to survive (for some reason, certainly in the child’s stomacha) shipwrecked wanderers.

On the porridge hercules we have to draw different creatures with jam, and then watch the ears, eyes, and tail disappear in turn. Greens — chop and quietly pour into the stuffing.

Fish cakes to issue for meat. Zucchini fritters — for the usual.

Everybody lies, especially the parents.

For the sake of justice, I must say that, nevertheless, some of the things my children ate and ate without violence, even with pleasure. First of all, it is pasta, and I think that they are not original here. But in our pasta the main thing is the sauce, which is made in 5 minutes and always causes uncharacteristic satisfaction.

Fresh tomatoes and so-called “tomatoes in their own juice” of the domestic firm Green Giant or Italian Pomito are brought to a boil along with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, sugar, salt and a piece of mashed garlic.

Then the sauce — and the more of it, the better — is poured into the pasta, the dish is poured with grated cheese and immediately eaten.

The most difficult thing is to pour soup into the children. After all, this is such a thing that is difficult to assess until you become mature and wise. And what child loves soup?

Rarely what. And this is despite the fact that in our culture it is believed that without lunch dinner is not lunch, you should not be full and, until you eat at least a few spoons, you can’t see the second. Every lunch starts (rather, it all starts half an hour before lunch) with a rending soul: «Soup will not!»Quite quickly, the second is added to the first yell:»I won’t either!

«And here it is not up to the hit of growth.

You are left alone with your fair anger and the pan with that useful, seasonal and young one you just dragged from the market in heavy bags to shove into your pale Moscow children.

But there is one soup that my children never refuse, and which I make exactly the same way as my mother, as my grandmother did, and as I believe her mother and her mother’s mother did. This is broth with dumplings — a magical soup.with jewels«. It is beautiful in and of itself, and because it can be done with children.

When the chicken is boiled a second time, when the broth surface gets a wonderful golden hue, when the carrot becomes soft, and the top layer is separated from the onion, then the tip of a teaspoon sinks into the boiling liquid, the dough slides to the bottom of the pan and immediately emerges as a newborn strong unsightly, but impossible delicious dumplings.

If the child takes part in this process, I give five fingers: he will eat soup, he will also ask for supplements.

Or lazy dumplings. We also make them together.

You need two packets of nine percent cottage cheese, an egg, a couple of tablespoons of sugar and flour, which is added to the dough until it becomes steep. Then several long sausages are molded from this mass, and this is just the most interesting thing — to sculpt long rollers from dough, press them with a knife and chop them up into small neat pieces.

All this is thrown into boiling barely salted water, it floats up, is taken out and poured with sour cream or, for example, strawberries mashed with sugar.

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