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How to eat

Fighting overweight — This is a problem that is relevant for both men and women. Everyone may have different reasons for this: someone wants to get in shape for the beach season, others think about health, and still others become hostages of their lifestyle and only dream of a sports figure without making any effort.

At the same time, many of them think that losing weight is very difficult.

It is not surprising — there is so much information about “wonderful»Transfiguration.

In fact, the only effective way to lose weight is an integrated approach.

If you have gained weight, then start the fight with extra pounds stands with the analysis of their eating habits. Try a few days just to fix everything that you eat, and mark at what time and in what situation you usually do it.

Food in front of the TV, snacks on the go, «stickingStress — all of this can cause fullness and makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

It is also worth noting how much water you drink every day, while tea, coffee or juice does not go into this offset.

More than one article has been written about the benefits of water, and all authors agree that drinking enough fluids helps maintain a healthy weight.

There are many reasons for this: for example, sometimes people confuse thirst with a feeling of hunger and eat in those moments when they actually want to drink.

Also, the use of a sufficient amount contributes to the acceleration of metabolism, has a positive effect on the skin and regulates digestion.

Another important point — the correct goal setting. You should not strive to lose weight quickly — this process should be slow, but consistent.

The optimal rate of weight loss without harm to the body is 2-4 kg per month, depending on the initial weight and other parameters.

You can make a schedule and follow it, taking into account various factors: for example, if you are waiting for one or two weeks of vacation, do not plan on this time weight loss, and focus on retaining the already achieved result.

There are a number of rules that will help you stay in shape:


Health comes first.
Consider the features of your body.

There are no universal recipes, so any recommendations should be adapted to each specific situation.


Motivation is the key to success.
The mood is half the battle.

In order not to lose decisiveness, try to visualize your goal: imagine how great you will look in your favorite dress or how much lighter your weight will be on your heels.

Break your goal into several stages and reward yourself for achieving each of them.


Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.
It is likely that at some point you will step back from your diet and allow yourself a piece of cake or a plate of rich pilaf. There is nothing terrible in it — a couple of hundreds of extra calories does not negate everything you have already achieved, and besides, there are now modern safe means that block fat and prevent you from putting off more than one kilo — like, for example, XL-S Medical.

It also helps regulate your appetite, so you will feel satiated with less food.

However, remember that the more often you violate the principles of healthy eating, the more time you will need to achieve results.


Find an ally.
If you have a girlfriend who also wants to lose weight — join forces.

You will be able to master recipes of delicious and healthy dishes together, and joint trips to the gym will reduce the percentage of workouts missed because of laziness.


Choose what you like.
Of all the variety of diet products focus on those that you love.

There is no need to choke on asparagus or celery, if you can’t stand them — just eat other vegetables.

A similar rule works for sports, so try to choose for yourself those types of activity that you will do with pleasure.

6 Show imagination
Any recipe can be slightly modified so that the resulting dish contains fewer calories: instead of fatty pork, give preference to chicken or turkey, replace white bread with whole grain, and mayonnaise — with a light salad dressing, etc.

7 Try to eat more often
Several meals reduce the risk of overeating, as you have enough to saturate a smaller amount of food.

Firstly, you will not have time to get hungry much, secondly, you will know that in 2-3 hours you will be able to replenish energy reserves with another snack.

In addition, this mode will help you resist the temptation to have a good dinner before bed.

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