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How to disguise healthy food as fast food

Books about baby food I was helped exactly until the children started to go out to people and eat any unhealthy food that was forbidden in my orderly, correct little world.

I had to take into account that, firstly, children have their own taste and, secondly, this taste very often becomes a victim of advertising and herd instinct.

What if the birthday is celebrated in «McDonald’s»And all children eat cheeseburgers and fries?

I will not begin to hiss: «Spit it out immediately!«.

Yes, my children will refuse me for such a shame.

Therefore, we have to maneuver and adapt to the requirements of society: at home, after all, you can do something familiar to most children and at the same time useful.

I have a standard menu for children’s parties: French fries, chicken schnitzel, chicken salad, flour products with a filling or pancakes. I clean the potatoes in advance, cut into cubes and soak in water.

After two hours I throw it in a colander to dry, or soak it with a clean towel.

On a wide pan with a large amount of vegetable oil, I fry potatoes to a state of «fries» and then, bringing them to a golden crust and soft gut, I dry them on paper napkins.

Chicken Schnitzel — an unconditional hit, almost never met a child who would not eat them. A kilogram of one and a half weighty chicken breasts gently cut into seams as thick as a centimeter, put under the film and beat off quite easily — rather, to even out the thickness and preserve the shape during frying.

Pour marinade (fresh orange juice, salt, pepper, olive oil, crushed garlic).

Stir and refrigerate overnight.

Fry breasts in a large amount of vegetable oil, pre-roll them in breading.

To do this, we put three bowls: with flour, lezonom and breadcrumbs (you can take oatmeal, pour sesame or ground nuts). Consistently dipping each piece in all three bowls and put in hot oil.

We fry quickly, to a brown crust — how much children love reddish crusts!

The next item on the program is chicken salad. A chicken is generally a favorite baby bird, God give it health and corn for lunch!

So, you can boil a whole chicken or just chicken breasts.

It is necessary to cook until done, but there is a danger of overdrying with the fillet, so boil it in boiling water for 10 minutes, then turn it off and, without lifting the lid, leave it for half an hour.

We take out and disassemble with the fingers into fibers — the children say that it tastes better.

Hearty Salad Base — boiled rice or diced potatoes.

The rest is up to you!

There are many variations that only children do not eat under the camouflage of salad: both green onions, sweet corn, and grated tender radish, and fresh cucumber, and chopped greens.

They even eat green salad leaves, if they serve chicken.

But the main thing — to fill with mayonnaise. Make home, do not worry — the holidays are not every day. You can take a yogurt dressing like dzadziki: yogurt with garlic, greens and cucumber or sour cream with soy sauce and garlic.

There should be a lot of sauce, pour abundantly, rice will absorb and dry everything.

Khachapuri and pizza go by default.

I always plan to make each small tortilla, and then, with a wave of my hand, I mold the giants again on the whole baking sheet and cut into chunks.

Cheese pulls — extra visual pleasure!

Patties I cook to choose: fried, baked, with potatoes, meat, chicken, ham, mushrooms, onions and eggs — only they all must be of different shapes so as not to confuse.

Pancakes with the filling can be done in advance, and you can fry in a matter of urgency.

Sweets I usually do moderately: either eclairs with cream, or chocolate cake — everyone loves him.

I also have a summer jelly cake with strawberries — it is divine and uncomplicated, you need to cook for a day and keep it in the fridge.

What turns out: we feed children with useful food, but we mask it as harmful and seductive?

But not always.

Question with vegetables decided zucchini casserole.

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