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How to cook with children? Tips pope cook

Cooking with children is an interesting, useful and special occupation for both parents and children. The point here is not only in culinary art, but also in family traditions, joint pastime, unity of generations.

Artem Sherekh, author of the culinary app “7 Steps”, a participant of the TV show “Culinary Star” and a happy father of two sons, Sasha and Andrey, will tell you about how to properly and successfully cook with your children.

I started cooking on my own, probably from about seven years old.

Maybe later, but I am absolutely sure that I already began to spend time in the kitchen much earlier.

My father always cooked for our family, and I was there. I remember his huge hands (my mother could not even buy gloves on them), which with impressive agility managed with any products.

And I think it was my father who was addicted to cooking.

I’ve always had a great example!

Today I am the father of two sons, I cook at home every day, and my boys constantly spin around me: the younger one is mostly in the legs and on the floor (Andryusha is only 9 months old), and the eldest grabs everything: “Dad, I myself!

Dad, I’ll cut it!

Dad, I’ll salt! Dad, what does it smell like ?! ”

I think it’s great when we cook together!

But still, the kitchen is a kitchen, with all the consequences, and after all our joint culinary feats with my sons, I have formed some rules that I would like to share, and you may add them (I’ll be glad if in the comments to the article you share your tips on this topic).

How to cook with children

There is a lot of dangerous stuff in the kitchen, so decide at once what kind of work in the kitchen the child is allowed to, and what kind — no. Immediately explain the rules of behavior to the child.

From the rules — do not back down. For example, I allow my son to use a special children’s knife (a child cannot cut himself with such a knife, while this object itself is quite functional), work with a blender, grater, mix hot (under my strict supervision, of course).

At the same time, I categorically prohibit to light the fire itself, to pour hot things from dishes into dishes, etc.

Do not strive for the final result. Cooking with a child is primarily a process that is important for both of you. If you need to cook something quickly, better do it without helpers.

The child will distract you and distract himself, you will start to get nervous, and the child will feel it. As a result, you can accidentally offend the kid in the nerves, but he is not to blame for the fact that you need to «quickly», but he needs to «interesting.»

And in general, friends, cook better in a calm state of mind.

Get ready for anything! The child is mobile, sloppy.

Fiddle with flour — be prepared to wash the child first, then the kitchen, and finally yourself. Not the fact that everything will work out the first time!

There is someone to call for help in «laundering», call!

Right away buy a child’s apron. Just imagine, he will have his apron and his knife! This is already cool!

And, by the way, an apron will save a piece of clothing.

Well, in the absence of a children’s apron, put on your own.

Believe me, it will look incredibly cute.

Give the child a separate space in the kitchen, which should look like a copy of yours.

You have a board, so he has one.

You cut it, too.

Please note that the space should be close to you so that you can pick up something, help and secure it.

If the recipe says that the cooking time is 20 minutes, safely multiply it by 2.

Comment on the child everything you do and why you do it..

Believe me, the child is smart, so if he does not understand something, most likely, you simply do not explain well.

To this conclusion, as well as to all previous ones, I came to practice.

Let the child taste during the cooking process..

Let him smell the spices, lick the sauce, chew a leaf of lettuce.

Ask what you like, what not. So taste is implanted, and in general the ability to understand what is in principle like and what is not.

For example, my child almost does not eat sweet, except honey, loves pasta, is indifferent to potatoes, loves sauerkraut and very subtle smells. Understanding the child’s gastronomic preferences is even more important for you than for the baby. After all, he simply will not eat what he doesn’t like, and you will persistently “shove” it into him.

And so — all to the mutual joy!

If the child is small, he will need a stand. The ideal thing is a plastic stool-stand, and if not, make something simple, functional and, most importantly, convenient for the child themselves.

The stand should not slide and be as stable as possible.

There are no strict steps or roles in recipes.

Improvise! If the child wants to do something himself, let him do it.

Remember, this is all — your game with him!

Artem Sherekh:
“I’ve been standing in the kitchen behind the stove for so long that it’s hard for me to say exactly when I got there.

Sometimes it seems to me that I live there simply. But I love not only to cook, but also to talk about it. At first, of course, few people immediately believe that I have such a love for cooking, because a two-meter-old uncle in a suit with this hobby is somehow not usually associated.

But those who have long known about this hobby, often ask for recipes or ask to recommend a restaurant, or something else.

In this connection, I had the idea to create a culinary application «7 steps», so that every time you do not write a recipe via SMS. The application is over two years old and has its fans. It’s nice to know that with the help of this application I met very interesting chefs of Moscow, got into the program “Culinary Star” and thanks to him today I can share my ideas and recipes with you.

Thanks to the once small idea for so many wonderful present and future friends and for the opportunity to cook tastier and more interesting. ”

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