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How to cook corn

How to cook corn? For guidance, you can contact the Aztec or Maya, if they were in the public domain. Would have sent a prescription nodular letter.

We will mean to understand themselves, but when we learn to cook corn, find out how to cook it on the grill.

The main task when cooking corn — make no mistake in choosing. The corn that grows on the remaining kolkhoz fields near Moscow and in the middle lane doesn’t go further than the milky ripeness in its development, and you can only make a mistake with the size.

More difficult in Ukraine and Moldova, where the climate of corn is much more favorable.

There it grows to wax, and to completely wooden ripeness, which must already be cooked following the pattern of dry peas.

For the correct selection of corn, it is necessary to push the cobling green leaves and find out what corn is closer to the stalk. The tip itself is almost always soft and very still immature, but we are interested in the base of the cob. Large grains should be plump, pale yellow, partly almost white, easy to waste your finger and regain form.

Such corn we need

What to do after the right choice? Next you need to put a large pot of water to boil.

The cob should fit easily in the pan, and not one.

And free to swim there.

If you are going to eat your corn right away, then it makes sense to clean it. That is, first to break the leaves, and then the so-called «silk«- long white threads that go along the cob. No sense in them, but they interfere fairly.

It is necessary to cut off the ear so that it can be held by the trunk with one hand, with a margin.

If corn intended for use some time later or even for sale, then it is just not worth cleaning, in any case, to the end. Leave on the cob a couple of layers of cover leaves, dusty upper better cut off.

So corn retains more taste, vitamins and heat — cools more slowly.

Leaves can also be used instead of napkins.

When the water boils violently, in no case it is not necessary to salt! From salt, corn becomes only harder.

Some lovers add sugar to the water — this is not forbidden.

But no salt or seasonings.

Now lay the cob in boiling water and close the lid — the corn has a habit of floating up. Wait until the water boils again and ready! Milk ripeness corn has warmed up and cooked during this time.

Some lovers are softer, and the victims of orthopedic dentists prefer to boil the corn for another 10 minutes, and they can be understood, but in principle it’s enough to make it boil.

Cleaned corn feels bad in the broth — it begins to wrinkle, like the skin on the hands in the bathroom and in general.

Corn in the leaves at the same time feels quite comfortable and does not dry.

What to do with corn next? Then you put an oilcan with a large piece of butter on the table, take a hot cob with both hands and rotate it over the oil, melting it and picking up grains. Soaked corn should just be eaten, biting into it with strong young or porcelain teeth, as lucky as anyone.

This is delicious.

You can go the Mexican way.

Deal with corn as with a shot of tequila — smear the ear with a slice of lemon and sprinkle with coarse salt. Also very tasty.

I even like it more.

If you decided to treat guests with corn, there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, everyone is very animated, they remember their childhood and laugh merrily at foreign implants stuck on the cob. So, in this case, boiled corn can be further fried.

On hot butter, turning the cob 3-4 times.

Or burn it on the grill pan, also elegant, but it tastes better with butter.

Boiled corn with butter

In general, corn is very good to include in the program of any kebabs and other barbecue. It is fried very quickly, the cob can be broken or cut in half, the halves can be planted on wooden skewers, burned on the fire and distributed to the children so that they do not fuss at their feet. Then only the dogs will be distracted.

This is if the corn is cooked in advance.

If not, the task is somewhat more complicated, but not by much.

It is not necessary to clean the corn for baking! On the contrary, leave a dense layer of leaves. To begin, soak the corncobs in cold water for 15 minutes.

Additional moisture will allow you to cook it for a couple.

After 15 minutes, reach the cob, turn away the leaves, like a banana peel, but do not tear off completely!

Brush the ear with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add garlic and, if you like, onions and sprigs of spicy herbs, cover again with leaves.

Put it on the coals and let the leaves get pretty hot and charred on all sides, then slide to the edge, close the lid, if possible, or with foil, and hold for another 15 minutes until it finally reaches.

With the finished, carefully remove the leaves — hot! — grease with butter and sprinkle with salt, such corn tastiest of all.

Grilled Corn

All of the above is true for corn of ripeness.

If, by mistake or out of despair, you bought bright yellow corn and completely ripe, it will take a long time to cook.

How long — depends on ripeness, it may take more than an hour.

This should be cooked in the leaves, of course, and sometimes try, until you are not satisfied with the softness.

It is better to dry cooked corn and fry it in butter, so there is a greater chance that it will still become tender and juicy.

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