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How to cook buckwheat step by step recipe with photos

  • salt — 1/2 tsp.
  • vegetable oil — 1.5 tbsp. l
  • water — 4 cups
  • buckwheat (jar) — 2 cups

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Buckwheat flour produces tender pancakes of a beautiful coffee color. The only trouble is that on.

It would seem that it may be easier to cook pasta. However, not always good. .

Buckwheat porridge — one of the most popular and tasty. There are many recipes.

Buckwheat, as we routinely call buckwheat, is obtained from the plant that is closest.

How to cook rice to make it crumbly?

This is what we are asked most often. Actually it is.

Sergey, you will first understand: there are few points in the instructions or is it a Talmud.

Buckwheat will be different!

If the grain was roasted, it will always be different in taste from just cooked.

Why are there so few instruction points? Some idiot wrote.

If you simply cook buckwheat in water in a ratio of one to two, it will not differ from that prepared for this Talmud.

If you follow this recipe, buckwheat will be ready only the next day.

I simplified the recipe a little, after washing it, I do not dry it. While washing the buckwheat, the frying pan is already standing at full fire, immediately after washing, I pour the directly wet buckwheat into the frying pan and constantly interfere at full fire, it is impossible to move away. It turns out the same.

But there is one nuance, the pan must be cleaned otherwise raw buckwheat will stick.

Buckwheat turned out!

From the heart!

Thank you, according to your recipe, I cooked the most delicious buckwheat in my life!

Fry never tried.

And I cook simply — I don’t touch anything, you just have to buy a good buckwheat more lightly. I wash it once, pour water in a ratio of 1 to 2, salt and on the stove. As soon as it boils, I turn it off, but leave it on the stove (electric stove!).

The result is soft buckwheat.

And then how it goes — with fried onions, mushrooms.

Buckwheat turns tough — you don’t want to eat. Therefore, First, wash the buckwheat with cold water. In the same cauldron we pour water abundantly and leave it for several hours. We put on the fire, add salt, etc., after boiling cook for 5-15 minutes.

It turns out very soft pleasant food — beloved by all.

Currently, all the cereals are sold steamed, which significantly reduces their usefulness, and if you fry them before cooking, then there will be no useful substances left in buckwheat (the most important of which is quercetin).

It may smell, taste, color — but empty food, without benefit.

I did not like the recipe. why do you even cook with the lid open?

Why cook buckwheat at all? For the night flooded — in the morning it is ready.

If you want, you can reheat.

I do this: Pour the buckwheat with boiling water 1k2 (1grechka / 2vody) and all. After 30 minutes, you can already eat peacefully. If it is longer (1 hour), then all the water is completely absorbed.

Generally pour in the morning — ready for lunch buckwheat.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which contain vegetable oils (most of all sunflower and rapeseed), cannot be heated!

Look for yourself info — why.

Mom did just that.

And as for me, so just a great recipe. All quick and easy. Well, the child will appreciate and say how it should be)))

Groats are fried in a dry pan, without adding oil.

Fry on what in vegetable oil or without oil?

super.recept simple. I got it right away. Thank you. ACCESS

Good day.

Many times cooked buckwheat as " Everything" 1-3 in boiling water and salt and then butter butter. But the last time there was no salt in the house, but there was a cube of maggi in boiling water, a cube of maggi and then the store buckwheat, which was moved from the garbage, and washed, were sent to boiling broth. a couple of minutes and buckwheat is very tasty ready, and well, yes, and then add cream butter ..


Thanks so much for the recipe !! Never cooked and here on you !! I had to surprise not only myself but even the mother-in-law)) decorations and sauce to taste!

Thanks so much for the recipe !! Never cooked and here on you !! I had to surprise not only myself but even the mother-in-law)) decorations and sauce to taste!

Well, about roasting: if dark, usual brown color is used, it goes already fried, so why do it again) I have never seen white on sale — not fried fried buckwheat)

Has gone too far with salt, take two

I steam buckwheat in a thermos (wide thermos with a wide neck).

At night or on the road.

I never fry and never mine. On a glass of cereal — three glasses of water. Krupa — in cool boiling water!

It turns out crumbly and tender porridge.

Absolyutno soglasna! Lyudshij sposob varki rassypchatoj grechki — s vechera zamochit ‘v solenoj vode, and potom utrom prosto polozhit’ na ogon ‘- i za 5 minut kasha gotova — provereno na opyte 🙂

I do not agree about roasting buckwheat.

I used to fry too, but then I found information that roasting for buckwheat is harmful, the useful qualities of buckwheat are lost.

And in order to get ready faster and to be crumbly, you just need not soak for a long time and the cooking time decreases, and if you soak for the night, you have to cook for only 5 minutes! Bon appetit!

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