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How to cook a delicious dish from unidentified frozen fish

How to cook a delicious dish from unidentified frozen fish

As from frozen fish of dubious gastronomic merit, to prepare dishes that are excellent in all respects is the personal experience of our regular author Natasha Skvortsova.

For many years of family life, the technology of purchasing products has been debugged to the smallest detail.

But sometimes it fails.

All week was very busy. Spouse valiantly endured an empty refrigerator, then he could not stand it and went in the evening to the grocery store. «Bought a chilled fish!

«, He happily told me on the phone, knowing how much I love fresh fish.

In the morning I open the fridge and see something vaguely resembling fish fillets.

I ask: honey, what did you buy? He absolutely honestly and joyfully declares that the saleswomen in the store, one and all, assured him that fresh fish could not be found. I understand that this unfortunate fish was frozen and unfrozen more than once and turned into a rag.

I remember my grandmother: «From good products, any cook, and you try out what is on hand!«

I take a large frying pan, pour vegetable oil.

When it is well warmed up, add the finely chopped leek and garlic.

Slightly pass.

I open a jar with autumn blanks (tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, vegetable oil, salt) and add to the pan.

I grind red pepper of average zhguchest and add to the same. Mix well and hold until boiling. As soon as I seethed, I put the fish fillet, cut into small pieces, open a jar of olives without pits and send to the fish (can, along with the pickle, which were olives).

Salt, pepper, put thyme sprigs, bay leaf and lemon zest.

Carcass on low heat for 10-15 minutes, until fish is fully cooked.

Served with polenta (boiled corn grits) and everyone is delighted, not even realizing what an unfortunate fish I am talking about.

Something similar with frozen fish happened in the summer at the cottage.

Suddenly, friends called — we drove by and decided to stop by for a snack.

I was very happy and with my characteristic cordiality asked what they wanted at dinner: meat, poultry or fish, while forgetting that I was very far from the capital and there are no all-day supermarkets in our village.

The guests ordered the fish, and I was horrified to realize that I did not have fresh fish, and there was no place to buy it at five in the evening on Tuesday.

In our general store I bought frozen sunflower fillets. Very cute white fish. But it was an illusion.

When the fish froze, they halved, losing their shape and color.

It became clear that they were frozen more than once and it would hardly be possible to fry such fish.

I decided to make Indian curry, hoping that the abundance of spices and spices will give the dish both flavor, and color, and depth of taste. In a blender, chopped ginger root, hot red pepper, turmeric, curry, garlic and a bunch of cilantro. (If the mixture seems thick, do not be afraid to add a little water.

) In melted butter, three onions, three clove buds were browned (in a couple of minutes I remove the carnation), half a teaspoon of ground coriander and two pinches of ground cardamom.

She added a mixture of a mixer, mixed well and carefully laid out the fish in the resulting sauce.

She closed the lid and extinguished 10 minutes.

Then seasoned with salt and added some natural yogurt.

Served on the table with crumbly boiled rice. For the dory it was a benefit performance.

Hardly in another outfit, he looked so appetizing, as in the mantle of curry.

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