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How to choose shrimp

Among the seafood, firmly included in our diet, shrimp occupy the first place.

And as an independent dish, and as a component of salads or appetizers.

For convenience, manufacturers have introduced a rather original shrimp calibration system, which we will help you to easily understand.

Before you — a memo on the choice of shrimp.

A shrimp buyer usually deals with a frozen product.

Weighless nameless shrimps are the cheapest, and together with them we risk getting snow, ice, and more than once thawed seafood.

A good manufacturer will carefully pack the goods, leave a small window on the package so that you can be convinced of the reality of the declared content caliber.

And the content is very different.

Atlantic, cold water the shrimp is not large, and its calibers look like this: 50–70 (pieces in a kilogram) — selected shrimps; 70–90 — average; 90–120 — small.

The colder the water that shrimps inhabit, the smaller and juicier they are.

Northern deep-sea shrimp rarely reach the size of large sizes 31–40.

Such shrimps are wonderfully suitable for making salads, appetizers, serving soups, and very small ones are often used in Scandinavian cuisine for toasts and smokers.

Atlantic cold water shrimp

Tropical, or warm, Shrimps are divided into two main types: tiger and royal. They are much larger than cold-water (length up to 25 cm) and calibers for them are: 31–40; 21–30; 16–20; 12–16; 8–12; 6–8; 4–6; 2–4. Representatives of the latest calibers are real monsters compared to the Atlantic maelzule.

And this is reflected primarily in the price, which is several times higher.

Eat this and what is called «waving a thing«.

Large shrimps are cooked on their own and served most often with vegetables.

Tropical or warm water shrimp

Selection of shrimp: raw, cut and peeled

Shrimps are sold uncut, cut (without head) or peeled (without head and without shell). Undressed — cheaper.

But this does not mean that buying them is more profitable.

For 1 kg of treated, there are about 3 kg of uncleaned.

Shredded (Headless) Shrimps

Shredded shrimp are also calibrated by the piece, but not per kilogram, but per English pound (454 grams).

From what considerations manufacturers left pounds, remains a mystery.

And there are still originals expressing the caliber of the letter, like clothing sizes, for example, XL or XXL.

Here until you look into the package, you will not understand where in this shrimp is sixty, and in which ninety.

But there is a hint here: on any foreign package there will definitely be words that more or less define caliber.

Extra colossal, Super colossal, Colossal, Extra jumbo and Extra large — This is most often warm water shrimps. Large, Medium,
Small, Extra small
— cold-water shrimp, the caliber of which is almost always below 31–40.

There are many nuances in the ratio “size — price”. With large shrimp easier to cook, especially popular with chefs Tiger chrimp with characteristic stripes on the shell, which are grown on farms in the Mediterranean, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries of Southeast Asia.

We have a huge shrimp for sale jumbo — up to 30 cm long.

In many countries, where the size is more relaxed, it is Atlantic The cold-water shrimp is very exotic both due to its taste and higher content of vitamins, and because of its relatively small production, which accounts for a few percent of the volume of catch of warm-water shrimp.

We are talking about selected 50–70 Atlantic shrimp. «Seeds» caliber 120 and above — this is «krill».

It is also necessary to take into account that the shell of shrimp is also used for the preparation of shrimp flavorings and “cancer oil”, while the Atlantic flavor has more.

So, despite the loud epithets about tigers and kings, the meat of the smaller Atlantic shrimp is valued all over the world.

Coating seafood and fish, and individually, a thin layer of ice is called glazed. It prevents weight loss during long-term storage and maintains quality.

Immediately after the catch, the shrimps are boiled in sea water right on the trawler and then frozen very quickly at –25–30 ° С.

But all that the consumer can not check immediately, introduces unscrupulous suppliers in the temptation.

The percentage of glazing, that is actually ice, in the final product should be 4% according to our State Standards.

But most independent tests show ice content from 10 to 40%.

Shrimp in the glazing

What is good.

Frozen shrimp has a smooth color, a thin «icing» and a crooked tail.

Caliber on the package corresponds to the caliber on the price tag.

A brown head is a sign of a pregnant shrimp, its meat is very useful.

The green head is found in individuals eating a certain type of plankton.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

. And what is bad

Faded patches on the armor and lumps of snow in the bag — during storage the thermal conditions were disturbed.

If the shrimp looks like a piece of ice, it means that it was lowered into the water so that it swelled, and then froze.

The black head reports that the shrimp was sick.

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