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How to choose sausages and wieners

You can argue about whether sausages are useful or not, but the fact that they are easy to prepare is undoubtedly.

True, it is necessary to choose this fast food wisely.

Let’s try to answer the important question: how to choose sausages and wieners?

Selection «Right products» You can start with their name. If a sausages are made in accordance with GOST (this fact is usually shown on the label), then they belong to the highest grade. And therefore, ideally, they should be made exclusively from high-quality meat and natural ingredients, in any case, neither starch nor soy vegetable protein should be in them by definition.

Understand that before you the highest grade, you can simply by name.

There are only a few names here: «Amateur», «Dairy», «Special» and «Creamy».

No less popular among the population «Russians» and «Beef» — this is the first grade.

True, there may be their little tricks. If the sausages label indicates that they are made according to GOST, but they are called «Dairy Country» or «Amateur to beer», This is a reason to refuse to buy: a strict standard prohibits the manufacturer to change not only the recipe, but also the name.

But if sausages are made according to specifications (technical conditions), do not argue: the manufacturer is free to develop the recipe independently, while the meat may be 20% or less.

A good quality sausage or sausage can be tried to be determined by external signs. It is clear that a slippery or wrinkled specimen, besides exuding an unpleasant odor, clearly indicates that the product has expired.

Worse, when the sausage is quite appetizing at first glance, in fact — a meat surrogate with a high content of starch or soy.

  • «Correct»Sausage should be elastic with a dense shell.
  • Broth and fat edema, which are clearly visible, indicate that in the production of cheap meat with a large number of lived and fat, or the manufacturer went too far with water.
  • If the sausage is too soft, no protein supplements definitely cost it.
  • At the same time, the sausage can be more loose inside due to the high content of fat, and to the touch is much softer. But if, after pressing, it does not regain form after a few seconds, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Bright pink or red color indicates that the manufacturer has gone too far with the dye, dark — with preservatives. It is better to opt for a pale and gray sausage: most likely, it will be natural.
  • Sausage or sausage can be asked to cut. If you see a homogeneous mass of grayish-pink color — good. It is bad if the consistency of the flesh is loose. The color of the sausage cut must be pink or light pink, and the meat mass may be slightly porous. The cutlets on the cut differ in pieces of fat white or pinkish in size no more than 4 mm. A grainy consistency or large voids speak of excess water.

If it was not possible to determine the quality of sausages or wieners in the store, you can do it directly in your own kitchen.

  • Sausages swell and begin to fall apart before our eyes, which means that the producers did not regret the starch.
  • Sausage grilled or cooked in the microwave is wrinkled or swollen — there is an excess of water in the product or carrageenan, additive that can cause allergies.
  • If water is colored during cooking, then dyes are added to the composition of meat products.

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