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How to choose meat

No one understands meat better than someone who has something to do with it every day. Kirill Martynenko, network chef and managing partner Torro grill He agreed to share his professional knowledge with us. He told how to choose, store and prepare meat for cooking.

How to determine by eye that the meat is fresh?

Good meat should to be dry to the touch, without mucus, bright red in color, there should not be any colored spots on the meat and no trace of airing. And keep in mind that very fresh — fresh — meat can not be immediately roasted.

Good frying restaurants use only ripe meat — that which was stored in special conditions: in vacuum bags at a temperature of about 0 ° C for at least 14 days.

How to store fresh meat at home?

It is necessary, without cutting, A piece in the refrigerator to stand at least 3-4 days. Wrapped in a towel or nonwoven cotton fabric.

In no case, the meat can not be wrapped in a film or put in a plastic bag, otherwise it will quickly develop bacteria.

How to understand which parts of the beef are best roasted, boiled, stewed?

When choosing meat it is important to know that the softest meat is the muscles that are minimally used by animals while moving, and the toughest are the muscles that are most involved in movement.

Without analyzing in detail the anatomy, we can say that the upper part of the carcass, starting from the back, is perfect for frying, the middle one is for stewing, the bottom one is for cooking.

Well, if, buying beef, we did not ask the seller what part of this piece, we forgot.

How to determine that when cooking it will be soft?

There is a very simple way. We take a large two-pronged fork and try to pierce a piece of meat.

If the fork easily enters the piece, it means that the meat is suitable for frying.

If it is impossible to pierce a piece or it is done with great effort, then such meat is suitable only for long-term cooking: stewing, boiling, baking.

Before cooking fat from meat should be cut?

If you cook meat on the grill, then cut off all the fat from the piece is not followingt. When frying, it is the fat that gives the meat its flavor and aroma.

If you cook dishes from raw meat, such as tartare or carpaccio, then, of course, you must remove all the fat, because in the cold it can spoil the taste of the dish.

Which board is best for cutting meat?

And what is the knife for this to take?

I prefer wooden boards. With proper care, this board is more hygienic than plastic.

After use, the wooden board should be washed with a stiff brush with a small amount of detergent and set to dry at room temperature.

If the board is large and thick, then sometimes the plane should be removed from it the top layer.

In no case can not leave the board in the water for a long time and dry it after washing by the fire or in the oven.

If you ignore these recommendations, the wooden board can be strongly deformed.

For slicing steaks it’s better to use knife with a long and wide blade.

This knife can be easily cut a piece of steak in two or three movements.

This is necessary in order to avoid gashes on the steak, through which the meat can lose a lot of moisture when you start to fry it, and, of course, it will become significantly drier and tougher.

With the preparation sort of sorted out.

And what can you quickly cook from meat?

In my opinion, this fry, cooked from thinly sliced ​​beef.

For cooking, it is better to choose the same meat as for steaks. It is most suitable for quick frying. It is good to add to such meat fried onion, pepper, salt or spice to taste.

If you add a little flour and cream to the toast, you get beef stroganoff.

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