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How to choose a tomato sauce for barbecue

It is very important for lovers of kebabs to be able not only to roast meat on skewers, but also to choose the right sauce for the kebabs. Today, talk about how to choose the right tomato sauce.

So that the kebab was not just tasty, but more than tasty.

Puree of the southern fruit is red, thick, with a bright taste. That is why in the kitchen of hot countries we find so many delicious tomato sauces.

The easiest Italian version «salsa di pomodoro«(tomato sauce): grated, seedless tomatoes, a little basil or oregano, literally drops of olive oil and vinegar (not table, balsamic) — everything!

The composition is about the same plus a set of local herbs, hot peppers, wine vinegar, and oil is generally optional.

The French, as a rule, first stew the tomatoes in olive oil, then wipe and add spices.

Adding to the basic recipes onions, garlic, carrots, rosemary, cilantro, celery, oregano (her overseas name is Oregano), regan (basil), sage, various types of pepper, it is easy to turn a good tomato puree into sabellas, siciliano and even gazpacho soup.

By the way, I must say that the pigment lycopene, which tomatoes are red, is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune and nervous systems, stimulates the brain and protects the skin, is not destroyed by heat treatment.

Consequently, concentrated starters — mashed potatoes, tomato paste or sauce — contain it more than fresh fruit.

Next tomato derivative — mashed potatoes boiled until thickened, that is, tomato paste.

Its quality is defined as follows.

The solids content, that is, the concentration. According to GOST not less than 25%.

The composition of this classic of the genre — tomatoes plus salt in an amount of not more than 1.5%. The absence of other substances, such as: starch, thickener, flavoring, preservative, sugar, stabilizer, fruit puree.

Keep in mind: all this can be inscribed in the label with tiny letters.

The price of most firms is about the same — up to 150 rubles. for 1 kg.

Form — metal or glass jars.

By choosing a good tomato paste, we can not just cook — create. Sauce, ketchup, adjika, marinade, even gazpacho (with a stretch, of course).

You can follow traditional recipes or invent something of your own.

Down with benzoates, glutamates and ascorbic acid! We will create an absolutely natural masterpiece and do not intend to keep it forever.

Squash the garlic with a knife, fry it in olive oil, add the best tomato paste, fresh herbs, spices, sweet and bitter peppers, nuts or baked apple can be used.

Here, honey and sugar are appropriate, and natural vinegar and wine.

Pasta is made by different manufacturers in Italy, China, Russia. The domestic product is produced in the south, in the Krasnodar Territory, and it produces really high-quality and tasty.

The proportion of dry substances 25-28%.

Ingredients: tomatoes, salt.

The most running cost from 25 to 100 rubles. for 500 g. Despite the motley names — «Tatar«,»Mexican«,»Lecho«,»Bavarian«,»Gentle« — these are simple guys with a rather simple composition: in addition to spices, spices and, alas, the inevitable table vinegar, they often contain dyes, thickeners, flavors, preservatives, stabilizers E412, E415, E417, and sorbic acid.

We either create a serious alternative to tomato consumer goods (instead of using vinegar, use wine or simply squeeze out a lemon), or look for it in another price group. Example: French Gluten Free ketchup Danival BIO and Italian Natura e’Piacere BBQ BIO Tomato pulp, cane sugar, grain or wine vinegar, sea salt, spices and seasonings contain nothing superfluous.

Banks of 560 g and 330 g — respectively from 420 to 500 rubles.

The taste of these ketchup is thinner and quieter than usual. Vinegar does not hit the nose. Sugar does not obscure the taste of southern tomato.

It is suitable not only for meat on coals, but also for tender veal, some varieties of fish, pasta, rice and couscous.

For satsebeli and other similar sauces, their national identity allows us to hope for an exceptionally natural composition and rich, unique taste. We do not want to talk about cheap tomato fakes called «Adjika«And»Tkemali«.

Tomatoes in these products should not historically be present!

And adjika has never been a liquid dish at all — it is not poured into a plate, but taken out of a jar and spread.

In Italy, the most popular tomato supplements are olives, balsamic vinegar, oregano and basil.

Walnuts and Georgian herbs — coriander, blue fenugreek, tarragon, and celery create a taste of satsebel.

Special varieties of peppers give a hot temperament to Mexican salsa and chili sauces.

The Greeks, on the other hand, prefer the taste soft, mild, only shading the main course.

Hot pepper — at a minimum, herbs — fennel, marjoram, parsley, cumin.

Georgian satsbeli is presented here with two main brands: “Kinto«And»Trust B«. The sauces of both manufacturers are tasty and natural. True, «Kinto» adds vinegar to them, and a bouquet of spices, perhaps, is simpler.

The products «Trust B»All components are useful — this is the concept of the company.

In 1 tablespoon no more than 20 kcal.

4 tablespoons contains boiled pulp of 1 medium-sized tomato.

Ketchup, like tomato paste, is rich in vitamins E and B, as well as lycopene.

Excellent marinade for meat, depending on the fat content — ketchup, mixed with yogurt or olive oil.

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