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How to choose a ripe peach? The benefits of peaches

For a bright taste, for a delicate color, for a velvety skin, for a magnificent smell and a very tasty juice.

And also because peaches are not high-calorie at all — medium-sized fruit contains only 35 calories.
Aromatherapists claim that the peach scent is an excellent antidepressant, it removes from the state of indifference and apathy, stimulates mental abilities, improves memory and concentration of attention.

  • Ripe peach not difficult to choose. It exudes a strong, bright aroma and slightly springs, when it is slightly squeezed in the palm of your hand.
  • Peaches come in different varieties, which differ not only in the place of growth, but also in color and taste. The pulp of ripe peaches can be pink, white or yellow. Pink and white flesh is the sweetest, yellow is more fragrant.
  • Very well versed in ripe peach wasps and bees. Feel free to buy the fruits on which they sit.
  • If you still got not very ripe peaches, do not worry. They can ripen if they are held for several days at room temperature. You can even speed up the ripening process, there are put peppers in a paper bag with bananas.

Connoisseurs also claim that the most delicious peaches There are always slightly irregular shapes. Easy asymmetry is good not only in art 🙂

In the shop, especially not in season, we buy, as a rule, fruits that have already undergone chemical treatment: so that the peaches do not deteriorate when they come to us from distant countries, they are processed "on track" gas sulfur preservatives, which also allow the fruit to ripen on the way.

If you want to find out how badly the fruit has been processed, break one of them. If you overdo it with chemical protection, the bone inside will be dried out and shriveled.

From such peaches can be cooked compote, pie, jam.

The main thing — do not eat them raw. At least not to give to children.

If the peach bone remains intact — eat and enjoy, just be sure to wash it before eating.

In general, if you buy peaches in a store, you need to adhere to the same recommendations as when buying in the market.

In China, the peach symbolizes longevity and is considered one of the main components of the elixir of youth.

Peaches are often recommended to include in the diet diet: fresh peaches contribute to the digestion of fatty foods, so the peach dessert at the end of a hearty lunch will be very useful.

Nutritionists advise

  • peaches are necessary for sick and malnourished people as a nutrient and tonic
  • peach juice will help weakened children gain strength
  • peach juice helps with diseases of the stomach with low acidity and constipation: 50 g of peach juice should be drunk 15-20 minutes before meals
  • peach fruits can be used as a diuretic for urolithiasis
  • peaches contain potassium salts — they will help with heart diseases, for example, in violation of the heart rhythm
  • fresh peaches can be used as a remedy for anemia: they stimulate the increase in hemoglobin
  • due to the content of vitamins A, C and B, peach fruits are recommended for an increased tendency to catarrhal diseases: they help the body adapt to adverse environmental conditions

Allergy, diabetics and people prone to obesity have to be careful with fragrant peaches.

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