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How to choose a multicooker

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Most models of multicookers have several standard modes: “buckwheat”, “plov”, “stewing”, “baking”, “steaming”. In addition, in a slow cooker you can cook diet and baby food.

Of the convenient features — the delayed start timer and the heating mode of the finished dish.

The “buckwheat” mode is intended for cooking dishes from any kind of cereals, both as a porridge, and crumbly side dishes.

It can also be used for legumes, only they will need to be pre-soaked.

By the way, in some devices there is a mode of soaking.

Initially, the «pilaf» mode was conceived solely for the preparation of pilaf.

Conveniently, all the ingredients are laid at the same time and there is no need to guard the right moment to add them. It will involve not only the evaporation of liquid, as is the case with cereals, but also roasting for the last 5–10 minutes.

Experimentally, the owners of multicookers came to the conclusion that it is possible to cook both baked potatoes and ravioli with a crispy crust in this mode.

You can experiment with the mode of «quenching», which involves languishing at a certain temperature without evaporating the liquid, including in its own juice. In the same mode, you can cook melted milk, heat the finished dishes.

In some models, along with the ability to languish for a long time, at low temperatures, low pressure, there is a “pressure cooker” function.

But even with high pressure, a special valve will not allow the product to escape.

With the creation of desserts, muffins, biscuits and baked puddings, the baking mode will do a great job.

Even this mode is used for ordinary frying anything: chicken, meat, vegetables.

Steaming is very convenient for preparing dietary meals, including baby food.

In a slow cooker, you can cook and eggs, placing them on a special nozzle-grid.

It is very easy to care for the slow cooker: he took out a cup and rinsed it.

But you must admit that when the appliance washes itself, it is wonderful!

There are those with steam cleaning function.

Someone will seem redundant, and someone will be overwhelmed by the regime that creates an ideal microclimate inside the device for germinating grains.

Initially — brown rice.


The design of the multicooker is simple: a removable container with a non-stick coating (often multi-layered, even with gold), a lid with a lock (plastic or metal, sometimes with a swivel mechanism), a container for drops, temperature sensors and pressure, fuses to reduce pressure and protect from overheating . Inside — heating elements. The body can be plastic or metal.

The microprocessor thinks for the multicooker, he is also responsible for strict adherence to the cooking mode.

The device is controlled by pressing the buttons on the built-in remote or touch, there are models with voice prompts.

Information on the set mode, progress and remaining cooking time is displayed.

Almost all firms producing household appliances, have in their range and multicookers. Multicookers have earned a good reputation in our market Panasonic, Moulinex, Daewoo. Quite a serious competition to these brands are multifunctional South Korean Cuckoo.

Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of how to choose a multicooker.

There is a choice, which means there are some points that should not be overlooked when buying.


This device was born in Japan and was designed for cooking rice. Large international companies have expanded the capacity of multicookers, adapted their functions and interface for Europeans, and developed detailed instructions. Therefore, choosing a cheaper goods nouneym, made in a distant province of a distant Far Eastern country, you have the chance to buy exactly rice cooker.

And to figure out how to boil buckwheat in it or to extinguish the meat will have to at random.


For many, the biggest minus multicooker — slowness.

It cooks longer than a stove or oven, but it doesn’t require attention — put the right thing, set the mode, set the timer and forgot.

And it treats products carefully, combining the functions of steamers and slow cookers — just a dream for supporters of healthy food.

3. Pay attention to the volume of the bowl.

It should be borne in mind that if the total volume of the inner pan is 4 liters, then the net volume will be no more than 3 liters, you will pour a little more than one liter into a 2.5-liter bowl.


A good slow cooker and bake, and fries.

The bowl in it heats up evenly, but if you like popetzharistey patties, they will need to be turned over.


If the function of the double boiler you need is missing, you will have to purchase the so-called “steam plate”.

So, the slow cooker is a simple and useful kitchen gadget that is able to cook tasty and healthy food by the time you need it with virtually no part of you. It takes up very little space and is able to replace a few devices. It has no radiation.

Easy to clean.

And what is important, it is relatively inexpensive, on average from 2 to 6 thousand rubles — depending on the brand, volume and capabilities.

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