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How to choose a good honey

Find high-quality honey in the stores and markets is not easy. It is difficult to collect, but it is very easy to falsify: chemical additives, molasses, just sugar syrup are used.

How to distinguish a natural product from a fake?

If honey is sold in sealed form, it is extremely difficult for a buyer to assess its quality.

However, you shouldn’t hope for the manufacturers’ honesty: there are some tricks that will help you not to be trapped.

Natural honey is liquid and crystallized «sat down«.

The time of crystallization depends on the colors from which the nectar is collected, and on the temperature at which the honey was stored.

Most varieties of honey crystallize in november-december.

Buying candied honey (it consists of fine crystals and looks like ghee), you can be sure: it is real.

With liquid honey more difficult.

Take a close look at it: in natural bee honey, wax and pollen particles are clearly visible.

And never buy honey if you see that there are two layers in the jar: more dense below and more liquid from above, is an obvious falsification.

Only a few varieties of honey (heather, acacia, chestnut, in which more fructose than in the rest) remain liquid until spring.

Natural thin honey in the middle of winter is a rarity, so you should be careful when buying: you can slip either artificial or sugar (resulting from feeding the bees with sugar), and most often — subjected to heat treatment. “Grounded” honey, heated to 40 degrees and above, becomes fluid again, but loses almost all its beneficial properties.

And the taste of it is sugary caramel.

If you buy honey in bottling or weighing, assess its quality is much easier. You should not stop your choice on highly packed honey — they look like monoliths of frozen butter or pieces of sugar sorbet, they are difficult to even cut with a knife. Such a product is definitely not assembled in this, and perhaps not even last year.

What’s wrong with this honey? The fact that it contains components unknown to you. The fact is that honey during storage actively absorbs moisture and odors.

Where is the guarantee that it was kept in good conditions?

By the way, by the weight of honey you can determine how well it was stored and if it is not diluted with water: kilogram should be placed in a 0.8 liter jar (and if it doesn’t fit, then there’s too much water in it).

However, the most important thing is to try honey.

1) High-quality honey evenly, without residue, dissolves in the mouth, the language should not remain strong crystals or powdered sugar.

2) He is always a little tart and a little “tearing” the throat. But the healing properties of honey (soothing in motherwort or cough in crimson and linden) at the counter check fails.

However, at home, after swallowing a certain amount of honey, you will definitely feel its effect: for example, from a raspberry you will be thrown into sweat; if this does not happen, it means that there is one name from raspberry in honey.

Stir a tablespoon of honey in a glass of clean hot water.

Honey without additional impurities completely dissolved; if you then add a little alcohol, the solution will not become muddied, it will remain completely transparent (the only exception will be honeydew honey from coniferous trees).

There is another way — sprinkle a drop of honey with a pinch of starch.

If the starch remains on top of a yellow drop with a white cap, honey is excellent; if this does not happen — before you falsification.

And the last.

Buy honey from a beekeeper!

Then you will know exactly on what ground, in which month of summer or spring that amber treasure is collected, which gives us health and pleasure.

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