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How to celebrate a children’s holiday at home

How to celebrate children’s birthdays?

There is a very simple way: to save for a year a large wad of money and invite all friends and comrades to the kids club. And there — adults celebrate, indulging in sentimental memories: "Yesterday she was like that!" — and to give the birthday man with his guests to the mercy of clowns, fakirs, face color makers and raccoon trainers.

Or maybe try to spend a holiday at home?

Advantages of holidays on a rented site: no need to cook, no need to wash the dishes, the apartment safe and sound. Cons: always expensive, often tasteless, and besides — the circle of fakirs and trainers is narrow. By the end of the evening, it may appear that most of the children have already seen this all five hundred times.

In general, the children’s party at the club is a standard and impersonal story. It is possible that your child will remain quite — but when he grows up, he will never remember his birthdays with tenderness. And their children will also arrange them — exclusively in the club.

So if last year you paid tribute to fashion and brought his classmates to a walk through the club "the jungle", this year be original — do it at home.

The last thing you want to do after parents take their children home is to wash the dishes.

You can make your life easier if you buy disposable plates and glasses for a children’s party.

Look not plastic, but paper, with bright pictures — they are produced especially for children and are very cute.

They can usually pick up napkins and even disposable tablecloths.

If you have the time and desire to do "not like the others", buy white paper plates and glasses and paint them yourself with food colors. Or make small applications related to the theme of your holiday (animal grin, crown with scepter, etc.), and attach a stapler to disposable dishes.

You can decorate the room with balloons — or you can complicate the task a little.

Inflate more balloons and let your child stick them together so that you can get some kind of animal — for example, a giant bee or a caterpillar. Then from scraps of newspapers, flour and water make "dough" and thickly smear it for you "animal"leaving a small hole where his mouth is.

This should be done two days before the holiday — in order for the papier-mâché to dry.

Color it, then pierce all the balls and put candy inside. Delight is provided

Reflections on the topic

The easiest way, oddly enough, to arrange theme parties. You need to start with the choice of priorities.

If your child "potteromania", organize a meeting of wizards and wizards.

Ask the parents of your young guests to supply them "robes", and make magic wands and caps with your child in advance — from scrap materials.

In country conditions, a great idea — a pirate party. For her, you can even borrow from someone a large inflatable pool, and then dip into it the defeated. The ship is also easy to build — from cardboard boxes and boxes, just as pick up a pirate entourage: paper flags with a skull and bones, "hidden treasures", saber pistols, bandanas and black eye patches.

There are fairies and elves holidays, tournaments for princes and princesses, parties in the forest of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, a congress of dinosaur lovers with their favorites … Separate entertainment is an invitation for guests. It is necessary, of course, to work hard — but how much joy!

And for the one who makes them, and for the one who receives, the holiday begins in advance. If you are going to have a pirate party — it can be "map", rolled up into a tube, tied up with a string, secured with paraffin seal.

If you play Tarzanov or Mowgli — make an invitation to "leopard skin" — such paper is on sale now.

To the invitation to the Night of the Indian, attach tinted crows and pigeon feathers … In general, your possibilities, as always, are limited only by your imagination.

Kids without Carlson

If you have a small child’s birthday, do not invite a lot of guests (except for "small" there is a nurse supervisor).

For those who still do not know: if a three-year-old child disperses, bring him around … not so easy. And when there are many of them, the process becomes uncontrollable.

It is believed that guests should be as old as your child. But the rule it makes sense to five years, no more. Small children do not come to eat, although they cannot be left hungry.

Try to do without forks and spoons — cook "small food for little fingers": tiny sandwiches, sliced ​​cucumbers, carrots and apples, small individual sweet pies — instead of one that crumbles and sprinkles.

At the same time, it will be easy for the birthday man to blow out the candles on his own cake.


What is a good birthday for a chef who serves him? First of all — the novelty of forms. Food should not only be delicious, it just has to be beautiful and interesting.

Well, for whom else will you make hedgehogs from pate, amanitas from tomatoes with eggs and a garden city of carrots with broccoli? Then you need to remember that children of almost any age are individualists.

They love everyone to have their own.

Even 15-year-olds, who in principle do not care what they are fed, want to have their own, personalized bottle of beer.

Therefore, strangle Tsereteli in yourself — abandon megalomania.

Than to sculpt for small monsters bowls with salads or pans with casseroles, manage small forms. Bake them small pizzas, pre-lay the salads in bowls, bake macaroni and cheese in individual molds …

By the way, for any thematic party you can think of thematic sandwiches. The only thing you need is a form (like those that cut cookies from dough) for the convenience of slicing bread.

Although you can do without it.

For games in the jungle fit giraffe sandwiches and hippos; for wizard games — ghosts; in the pirates — the skull … If you don’t even have any theme — make feline and dog heads — then there will be joy!

The composition of the sandwich can be the simplest: bread and cream cheese, although you can add ham, greens, cucumbers, boiled eggs and other goodies.

Whatever you think of teenagers and their habits, they don’t eat just junk food. They even love to try new things — true, only in their own style. If you are having a holiday in the fresh air, you can entertain teenagers by inviting them to cook their own food.

Your business is simple: kindle coals for kebabs and cut the products into suitable pieces. There may be meatballs, sausages and wieners of all shapes and sizes, zucchini and cherry-tomatoes, sweet peppers, blanched small new potatoes. About the onion with garlic forget — no one will appreciate.

Put the grill on the grill or on the grill, and instead of the usual iron skewers lay out a long wooden one. And make some sauces: for example, tomato and cheese.

Let them string themselves what they want and fry to the extent that they themselves like. Same with sweet.

You can put on the ice "baths" with five varieties of ice cream and a bunch of different syrups, powders and waffles. It turns out a kind of ayskrim bar.

Do not forget to put the containers with hot water, in which you can dip the spoons, so that the ice cream is easier to apply.

Note Bene: As practice shows, teenagers in 2005 are considered to be children from the age of ten.

Acceleration-with … If with "by feeding" Most of the parents cope with the guests in one way or another, but the entertainment is just a disaster. Without a hired clown, the parent is shy and nervous, in no way relies on his own strength, and in general is ready to drop everything and run towards the Canadian border.

There is one recipe: remember that you were not always past thirty. Call for a couple more parents to help, and remind them of this.

And then it will be easy and pleasant to apply one or several of the listed games to the situation.

Poor kitten. With the help of counting glasses, select the leader and tie his eyes. Gather the rest of the children around him.

And let them go in a circle, but very, very slowly. The leader moves inside the circle as he wants, and touches any player.

That any "not own" voice says: "Poor kitten!" — and meows. And the leader must guess who it is. If you guess — they change places.

If not — "kitty" out of the circle, and the game continues.

Grow mutant For this game you need to prepare in advance: cut thick colored paper into pieces, and on separate strips write the names of different animals. Children are divided into pairs, and each child is given a strip, and each pair — a piece of paper, scissors and a pencil. Children must "to combine" two animals which have fallen out to them in one new, fantastic.

Draw it, cut it and make it up.

Let’s say giraffe and bear owners can form "fatty"… and the rest will have to guess who such Lyabez’yana, the crocore or nocthec.

Dancing drinks Super entertainment from the category of developing. Gather the children around the table, give everyone a clear plastic cup and plate with a handful of dark raisins.

Pour carbonated lemonade into glasses. Tell the children to throw the raisins into the glass and see what happens.

Gas bubbles will be "grab" raisins and carry them to the surface. When the bubbles burst, the raisins fall to the bottom, where they are picked up by new bubbles — the dance continues! And so — until the gas runs out.

I assure you, it is a very exciting activity, even a meditative one.

Peanut modeling This is a nutritional game.

Americans who invented hamburgers and coke, apparently, well versed in the child’s soul. So, American parents respect peanut butter very much. Not liquid, vegetable (this version is loved by the Chinese, they all fry on it), but a thick and sticky mass, usually not very nice color.

If someone likes the smell of roasted peanuts — so it is 99% in this mass. Parents smear his children on bread, and put it on top — guess what? — grape jelly. You will laugh, but the kids really like it.

They eat it at school almost every day. On holidays, parents continue to develop this theme.

300-400 g of this peanut butter is taken, 5-6 tablespoons of honey and so much dry (powdered) milk are added to it to make an elastic, non-sticky dough. There is usually a glass and a half. From this test, a crowd of children who came to visit and are eager for entertainment, sculpts a hunchbacked with pleasure. elk

Or some pigs. In general, what task you give, then blind.

Just provide them with aprons — peanut butter is extremely poorly washed.

While the children are playing the next game, the figures will dry out … after which they can be pounced and eaten together.

Tear free zone While providing fun at a children’s party, stick to some principles.

You can, of course, ignore them — but then you have to fully enjoy the sounds of the roar and the contemplation of dissatisfied faces. If you do not achieve this by collecting guests, then:

Choose suitable games.

Some will be hit, others — a failure.

If you have not had this experience planning games, just ask your child to help you.

If he (or she) is interested, there is hope that peers will be interested too.

It is necessary, of course, to remember about the size of the room and the number of guests — there are such games, which have been carried away by even quite adult creatures demolishing furniture.

Be flexible.

If you worked half the night on the world’s most wonderful children’s holiday plan, and the children are sitting in the corners with a boring look, look out for the place.

Go to the next item.

Or even bring them outside to play there in the stupid buffoon — a win-win.

Be prepared for anything. Including the fact that guests will come in half.

Or twice as much — you should have enough gaming at all. "equipment".

— Let everyone be a winner. Holidays, unlike the Olympic Games, are such events during which everyone should be fine. It is desirable that all children, regardless of the number of riddles solved by them or the quality of the drawings, receive prizes.

This applies especially to children under 10 years of age. During games and contests, everyone can give something microscopic, but enjoyable: a ball or a sticker.

And at the very end of the holiday, at the exit, give everyone a more substantial gift bags. By the way, if your own child does not get some kind of crap ball or sticker, he will be VERY upset.

Despite the fact that there are already two unloaded cars of gifts in his room.

And finally — the most amazing.

If you arrange this children’s holiday with your child from beginning to end — draw, cut, cook, invent games, and even with excitement, but with imagination — you will like it terribly.

As if they returned to childhood, by God!

A few words about the nutrition of preschoolers and first-graders.

First of all, children are the best.

In the sense that it is not necessary to save.

Buy, for example, meat.

You take a piece in your hands and understand: here you can cook it for a child.

Secondly, it is no secret that children fanatically love sweets. And not because the sweet is tastier than the bitter or salty.

It is just that the security system built into the person works: the bitter can be spoiled, it is better not to eat it. Sour is the same.

And sweet is good.

Taste buds in children are so tuned. Therefore, it is important not to overfeed the child with sweets. Enter into the children’s diet and other tastes.

Gradually, but persistently.

With the introduction of new flavors appears "third".

Of course, taste nuances are an interesting thing. For example, sweet and sour taste with a hint of ginger and caramel notes. But for an adult.

The child, most likely, will not understand such complexity and will ask an ordinary fried chicken.

So, making up the children’s menu, follow the fashionable restaurant trend. "natural taste of the product is above all".

And it is better to limit to a few, three or four, products, not to create complex culinary products.

Fourth, it would be nice to get acquainted with what foods contain vitamins and minerals necessary for a child. This is also useful for adults.

Eat plenty of fish and vegetables yourself and feed the children as well.

Fifth, cook with your baby. Or at least let him present.

Children need to know what they are fed. Read the kid the tale of the adventures of Cipollino.

Let him pay attention to what he eats.

Arrange an impromptu restaurant in the kitchen. Show the little man how to do it.

Originally cut vegetables, make simple sauces, take the most different dishes. And let the child help you — even if he just washed the vegetables and fruits or laid on the table.

After all, it is necessary to start somewhere.

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