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How to bring to mind the plan or losing weight by the New Year

How to bring to mind the plan or losing weight by the New Year

November was invented not only for gatherings under a warm blanket with cocoa and marshmallow. Now is the time to start preparing for the New Year holidays to shine in a dress-case on the corporate party. Or become irresistible at a family dinner.

But what about the autumn «stocks», carefully accumulated by our body. On the features of weight loss during the cold season, our experts will tell: nutritionist, fitness trainer and famous singer

As a doctor, I am against any diets. For me, there is only one diet — proper nutrition.

Any other diet, especially a low-calorie diet, is an additional stress for the body, which already in the autumn-winter period is not easy. Remember: it is impossible to put yourself in shape for 1 month and save the result for many years.

A person should eat right all year round and get all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

Human diet should be varied.

You can not completely give up fat, protein or carbohydrates — this will lead to health problems.

Therefore, in the cold season in the diet must be present cereals, vegetable oil, fruits, vegetables, animal protein (meat, fish, dairy products). And do not forget about the liquid!

In winter, ordinary water can be replaced with infusions of ginger or sea buckthorn.

Just chop them and fill with hot water.

For all my practice, I have not yet met a single diet that I could recommend to my patient.

Individually selected varied diet — the best way to keep yourself in good shape.

If you need to look 100% in a month, then I advise: 1) start drinking more water, 2) eat often, every 2–3 hours, but in small portions, 3) chew food thoroughly, 4) include in your diet more fruits and vegetables, and 5) be sure to take vitamins and exercise regularly. Not necessarily exhausting yourself in the gym, taking a long walk in the fresh air or morning exercises will help you feel healthy and happy. And this is the most important thing! 6) Do not forget at least one hour a day to give yourself a favorite.

Listen to your favorite music, read books, meet friends — this is important from a psychological point of view. 7) Do not forget about additional vitamin complexes. Ideally, it should be tested and, together with the doctor, understand what the body lacks.

Of course, it is possible to take vitamin-mineral complexes independently, but a problem may arise here.

However, you can not always keep yourself in the framework: sometimes you can afford a tidbit. The main thing in this matter is not to delay. If you allow yourself too much, then arrange the next day unloading (for example, apple or kefir).

So you compensate for overeating and return to the previous mode. When you want something harmful or already full, and your eyes are asking for more, the following trick may be useful — drink slowly 1-2 glasses of water, then 1 cup of kefir.

If the feeling of hunger has not passed, thoughtfully and slowly nibble whole-grain breads.

Edward Kanevsky, fitness trainer

Extra kilos are fat that will not leave us after short or irregular workouts.

For effective weight loss, I recommend 45-minute aerobic sessions either on cardiovascular equipment or on the street — in the form of jogging or cross-country skiing in winter.

We live in modern cities, where a normal fitness club is not an overseas «wonder», but a very real and affordable service. Therefore, my advice to you: purchase a subscription to the nearest club and attend it regularly. If you want to make a “sports break” during the day, you can do short circuit workouts, with a minimum set of equipment, even in your kitchen or office.

Also a good option is to perform the exercise «bar».

Do 3-4 approaches in 30–60 seconds.

Many people want to get results without any extra effort and are “underway” for a publicity stunt, such as butterfly miostimulators or slimming shorts.

To burn subcutaneous fatty tissue, you need to produce a certain amount of work that these “simulators” will never do..

Moreover, there is a golden rule «fat is not burning locally«, Which means that the effect of a myostimulator is simply useless.

The same applies to the advertised «leggings» and «belts.» They are completely useless and can even harm health.

After all, in them you begin to sweat more, and together with then lose the mineral salts that are so necessary for the body.

Heat stroke may occur if you have been engaged in this “underwear” for too long.

Another option is weighting, they are much more useful for training, the main thing is to use them correctly.

For home classes, I recommend circuit training.

Pushups, squats, twisting on the press, raising hands with dumbbells — everything is done 4 sets of 20-30 times.

Anita Tsoi, singer

When I gave birth to a child, my weight reached 105 kg.

Once I realized that my husband just stopped being interested in me.

I am a straightforward person, so one evening I asked him frankly: «What’s wrong?«The husband looked at me and honestly answered:»Did you see yourself in the mirror? I did not marry such a girl«.

I was madly insulting. At some point, after an insult, I once again remembered the words of my husband and looked at myself in the mirror. It was a terrible revelation!

In the background I saw a clean house, a fed child, ironed shirts and a neat man, but in this whole perfect picture I had no place.

I was fat, untidy and in a dirty apron.

An additional incentive was the career. The recording studio has set me a condition: either I will lose weight, or they will not work with me.

All this pushed me to start a fight with myself.

I managed to lose weight more than 40 kg.

My tips: 1) To the maximum, eliminate salt from the diet. In any dish that I eat, it should not be and no. 2) I use special full moon calendar, on which I decide when to arrange fasting days.

In the full moon, I «I’m sitting«On the water, the day before him — on rice. For this rice «indigo»Soak for 8 hours in hot water, wash with cold in the morning, then cook for 10 minutes and eat it in small portions during the day. There is almost no starch in it, and it is very useful for the body.

After the full moon, you can sit on chocolate fasting days: one and a half tiles of dark chocolate you need to dissolve a piece 6 times a day. And meat eaters may like chicken diet: 1.2 kg of chicken cooked in a double boiler without salt, then the skin is removed, the dish should be eaten in small portions during the day.

3) Be sure to 2 liters of clean drinking water per day.

4) Eat 5–6 times a day, but a little bit: the amount of food at a time should not exceed the volume of the mug. fat, salty, flour, sweet, fried and fast carbohydrates.

Start to lose weight with a good mood and positive. If you are depressed, the program of weight loss is better to postpone.

You should also consider the female cycle.

Do not try all diets in a row and lose weight in several ways at once.

No way to starve, because the use of low-calorie foods gives only a short-term effect, while slowing down the metabolism and takes energy.

I strongly recommend not to abuse sports, loads should be added gradually, depending on the diet and your physical abilities.

If you approach weight loss correctly, then disruption can be avoided.

And remember that losing weight once and for life is a myth. It is painstaking work that requires a change of consciousness and constant work on oneself. Or maybe you should not dwell on it? For example, I have all periods: sometimes I keep myself in shape, sometimes I allow myself to relax.

Here the main thing is to find balance, listen to your body and trust it!

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