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How to beat stress: drink milk and herbal tea, eat bananas and scrambled eggs

How to beat stress: drink milk and herbal tea, eat bananas and scrambled eggs

According to statistics, in state of chronic stress lives about 80% of the population of Russia, and it is unlikely to succeed in completely excluding it from our life.

But there are a few simple rules, adhering to which you can gradually stop experiencing an oppressive feeling of anger, anxiety or self-doubt.

Great "antidote" from stress — vitamin b. It is proved that people experiencing a lack of it, more than others are prone to depression and nervous disorders.

A lot of vitamin B is found in dairy products, eggs, green vegetables, nuts, yeast and bananas.

Therefore, before finally hating the whole world, try to increase the proportion of these products in your diet.

Eat a banana or a handful of unsalted cashews.

Longing at least briefly retreat. In general, in this bleak period of your life, fatty foods will have to be abandoned altogether — this is not the best gift for the body. Even from your favorite croissants for breakfast, which, by the way, does not have to be dense at all.

The necessary strength and vitality can be gathered from a glass of fruit juice or a cocktail.

But best of all is a banana smoothie.

Nutritionists, of course, will advise you to eat oatmeal in the morning as the best remedy for all illnesses, including stress.

But we all know that oatmeal in the morning does not always raise your spirits.

In a pinch, you can compromise: corn or rice cereal with milk is not the worst option.

In order to be able to react more calmly to what is happening and to keep working during the day, more often eat any protein food for breakfast or lunch, be it sushi, chicken legs, hummus, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs with a few slices of ham or cheese, complementing it with fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

By combining high protein foods with fresh herbs in your menu, you will have another important result — the risk of cardiovascular diseases will be significantly reduced.

The feeling of hunger between breakfast, lunch and dinner do not rush to drown crackers, chocolates or chips. Joy you will not add, but there will be a couple of extra pounds, that is, another reason for stress.

A few minutes, drawn from a busy work schedule, is enough to eat some fruit, vegetable, salad, a sandwich made from grain bread, or drink a glass of fresh juice or water. This will help not only to keep the figure, but also to cope with depression.

As for dinner, the best end to an unbearable in all respects day can be food with high starch content — pasta, potatoes, rice.

Ideally — risotto.

After him you fall asleep sleeping baby.

About alcoholic drinks as well as about coffee, at this time it is better to forget.

Although, if a cup of coffee helps you focus and you feel that without this "recharging" you simply cannot be at your best at business meetings, negotiations and similar events, "pumping out" your energy, do not give it up.

Just do not forget that the caffeine contained in tea, coffee, colas, hot chocolate and so-called energy drinks increases the amount of adrenaline produced by the body, and this in the long run can put you on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

When refusing caffeine, remember that in the first 24 hours you may have a headache and you will begin to experience a slight discomfort.

Therefore, drink more water and juice, eat more fruit: they contain fructose, which stimulates brain activity, and does it very gently.

If you are on the move all day, be sure to take a bottle of mineral water and sachets of herbal teas with you: all you need is a glass of boiling water, and a bag of dry chamomile or mint will turn into an anti-depressant drink. It is still very good to brew freshly grated ginger root and lemon slices …

Gradually coming out of a stressful state, we return to a normal life. During this period, include in your diet spicy food. Spices have a lot of wonderful properties, and one of them, while little studied, is to magically cheer up.

Adding a small amount of fresh chili to chicken soup or cumin — to lamb, you will feel an unprecedented surge of strength.

Or try, like the people of India, rinse your mouth with water and spices.

You immediately cheer up and stop falling asleep on the go.

Modern neuroscientists consider calcium the best natural sedative. It plays an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses between nerve cells and the brain.

Some animals, such as roe deer and hares, who have experienced severe stress, fleeing from the pursuit, instinctively look for plants rich in calcium — thyme, rosemary, dill, sage or marjoram.

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