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How stars care for their hair: cosmetic recipes and techniques

How stars care for their hair: cosmetic recipes and techniques

Claudia Schiffer knows how to make a beautiful styling without spoiling the hair: for this, she winds them on slightly cooled thermo-curlers.

Supermodel advises this method of styling to all who have dry hair.

Sophia Loren, Whose advice it makes sense to listen to, unlike many of his colleagues in the acting workshop, does not go into the kitchen to mix an egg hair mask and something else edible. She is not wise with her hair at all — she just washes them with baby shampoo.

Sophia Loren considers it an ideal remedy for any hair.

Top Model Eva Gertsigova she looks like an absolute blonde without resorting to any “chemical” tricks of hairdressers.

She believes that any dye dries her hair — and this is true.

Therefore, Eva brightens her curls with a solution of lemon juice and vodka ..

TV presenter and actress Lera Kudryavtseva — a clear fan of professional cosmetics for hair care.

True, she believes that these funds should be changed from time to time. «I wash my hair with different strengthening shampoos, on the shelf in the bathroom I have a whole bunch of special products of different brands, with the help of which I add shine to my hair.»

Masha Malinovskaya — A big fan of highly professional cosmetics. “I just don’t have time to make masks according to my grandmother’s recipes. But I still use one simple method, taking care of the hair — I rinse it after washing with cold water.

After that, the hair shines unusually! «.

Taisiya Povaliy Now caring for your hair only with the help of expensive cosmetics. “And in childhood,” she recalls, “my grandmother brewed lovage grass with her broth and rinsed my hair.

She said that the lovage has a magical effect — the one who rinses the hair with the lovage will always please men. ”

Nicole Kidman after washing, rinses hair with cranberry juice.

This makes them soft and alive, as the substances contained in the juice of cranberries, neutralize the action of alkali, which is in any shampoo.

Penelope Cruz for hair care also uses natural products. The composition of the health cocktail, which hot Spanish woman indulges his luxurious hair, includes mangoes, coffee, cinnamon, maple syrup and quail eggs. She applies this mask immediately after washing, and washes away in an hour.

According to Penelope, this procedure protects the hair from brittleness.

our beauty Oksana Fedorova admitted that she washes her hair every other day. “Sometimes I rinse my hair with a weak solution of vinegar (one teaspoon per liter of boiled water) — for shine.

I also use a comb with natural bristles, ”Oksana frankly says.

Elizabeth Hurley help to care for your hair sun and wind. She believes that nothing decorates her curls so much as the light of the sun.

The more hair fade, the more interesting it becomes their shade.

And Elizabeth believes that her burnt hair becomes much slower to pollute.

Kristin Davis, The famous brunette from the TV series “Sex and the City” believes that anti-dandruff shampoos are the best care for hair. «Even if you do not have dandruff, try using a special shampoo — it makes the hair fluffy and shiny,» — said Christine.

Julia Roberts following the example of his heroine from the movie Die Young, he makes hair masks from ordinary table mayonnaise: he puts a mask on clean wet hair and rinses off after 15 minutes.

Julia is sure that it is the mayonnaise that allows her to keep her hair in excellent shape, keeping their shine and silkiness.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Most cares about the rich color of their dark hair.

For «tinting» she uses coffee — a strong infusion of coffee is sprayed onto her hair with a spray gun and only then she combs her hair.

Christina Aguilera, who does anything with her hair, believes that only specialized cosmetics in the salon can restore the health of hair.

The singer regularly turns for help to professionals: otherwise, not to wear her hair on her head will fall out.

Sarah Jessica Parker I am sure that the most useful for any hair is to return to the “native” color from time to time. Having become popular in the image of a blonde, she sometimes ceases to dye her hair and grows natural strands of reddish-brown shade.

And the actress washes her head with a special shampoo for horse manes.

And it’s not a joke.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis uses a rather original mask for hair. It includes bananas, champagne, kiwi and quail eggs.

The ratio of ingredients keeps a secret.

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