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Honey cake with sour cream, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • honey — 2 tbsp. l
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • flour — 2 glasses
  • sugar — 1 cup
  • soda — 1 tsp.
  • butter — 200 g
  • the nuts
  • sugar — 1 cup
  • chocolate
  • sour cream with fat content from 30% — 500 g

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Honey cake — one of the most famous homemade cakes, his recipes are in each notebook for.

To roll out 5 cakes 1 cm thick, at least about the size of a dessert plate, you need to take twice as many ingredients.

Yes, and the flour specified in the recipe is not enough to roll out the dough, as in the photo.

The recipe is a great favorite of all, I used to bake many times, I took the usual sour cream, always successfully, but I add less sugar and more honey for a richer taste.


Very successful recipe cake. The only thing that took 2 times less sugar for the dough and a little more honey turned out very tasty. I also baked cakes for 6 minutes and at 150 degrees (the first baked was 180 to 15 minutes, it turned out to be dry).

For more than an hour, my cake in the fridge did not stand), but despite this, I was soaked and loved all the household ones. Thanks for the recipe)))

Anna-elena, you cannot always guess the quality of sour cream — but if it is of good quality and fat, everything works out perfectly, without tilting

The recipe for cream, even with a 30% sour cream is no good, in my opinion, too liquid even in a cooled state.

Tip: get rid of excess moisture in sour cream.

To do this, hang the required amount of sour cream in gauze for the night before cooking, for example.

This will make the cream thicker.

Liquid dough turned out. Just in the form of distributed spoon and not bad turned out cakes. According to the advice in the comments, added a glass of honey to the dough, instead of sugar.

Now my body is wildly shocked by such sweetness.

Wildly sweet cake.

Next time I’ll put less sweet in both cream and cake.

Cake called "Redhead","Honey cake","Rotten stump".

For the test honey and sl.maslo + gash.soda-on "steam bath".Cool a little and + other products, knead the dough ..

And gusty sour cream + sugar = cream. Glaze.

Sometimes, not to mess around, bake "monolith"which cut with a thread or a knife on the cake layers.

The cake was too sweet.

Next time I will try a glass of honey (without sugar) for the cake layers, a little more flour. And in half the cream less sugar.

I think it will be tastier.

If there is no form of the desired or close to it diameter, then you can use improvised means, such as a plate. On the parchment, circle around the contour with a conventional ballpoint pen a plate of the desired size, and spread the dough on the circle, evenly level it.

All errors will become invisible after baking.

According to my observations, the degree "honeyed" Cake does not depend on the amount of honey, as written in the comments, but on the grade and quality.

If you put at least half a teaspoon of buckwheat honey, the cake will be much more fragrant than 5 teaspoons of herbs.

This cake I know, love and bake since childhood. The truth in my recipe is 2 eggs and 3 cups flour. The dough is obtained as plastic sand.

The dough, divided into 3-4 parts form in the cake immediately on the baking sheet, sprinkled with flour, hand.

For the cream you need only a very fresh and natural estimate, preferably oily.

If the shape is of a different diameter, it is advisable to recount the recipe. Sour cream is better to whip, and then add sugar, otherwise, really, the cream becomes liquid.

But it’s not scary, the cakes are well soaked.

I only got 3 Korzh, because baked in silicone form, i.e. customized by its diameter.

Dough-watery, just gently distributed in shape. And honey 4 tbsp. put it down The smell when baking awesome!

Only now the cream is not cream, sour cream is 25%, but it began to be whipped and it became more liquid as if (Straight spreads on the cake.

Put exactly 2 times less sugar, and in the dough, and in the cream, but otherwise fully adhered to the recipe.

The result fully met expectations, and came out as on "picture"!

REAL Honeymoon! But: instead of 2 tbsp. spoons of honey and a glass of sugar you just need to put one glass of honey: then the taste will be honey.

About flour: yes, the dough turns out to be watery, but you do not need to add flour more than 2 cups, just divide it into 5 parts and pour it into molds. Bake as indicated for 10 minutes.

Awesome cake!

The recipe is wonderful!

Flour need more, I divided into 6 parts, the cakes turned out thin, but tender. The whole process took me 1.5 hours — super. Fast, tasty and beautiful!

Thanks for the recipe!

The recipe is simple, good, if you do not make gag, and make a prescription.

After 8-10 hours of the refrigerator is delicious and perfectly soaked.

One but-taste of honey is almost not felt. In general, this is not a honey cake)))

In my opinion, this is the most successful recipe. "Medovika" of all — and easy and tasty.

Cake is gorgeous!

Already 2 times cooked! Guests sweep away with a bang)) gave a neighbor, she asked for a recipe)))

about taste — have not tried yet. For several years now I have been cooking with the Deli (since 2008), I have never regretted it, but here.

upset (((nothing happened. 1. on the picture, the dough is rolled up, and I got liquid. I added more flour.

2. I do not know, but from the amount of dough that came out, five cakes with a thickness of 1 cm each cannot be made. made three.

3. cream — like water, if you need sour cream with more fat, so write.

The cake is wonderful.

Flour over the norm is not necessary to put, otherwise the cakes will be dryish and hard.

The only remark on the picture shows that the cakes are rolling, I spread my hand on the pan. The cake is soaked with cream and it turns out awesome delicious. She baked it repeatedly and the result is always super.

I made daughters for my birthday, the children ate all and were extremely pleased))) so bake and eat with pleasure.

cakes are delicious but the look of it"cake" not true. 0 (((It turns out not a festive cake, but pancakes with sour cream and sugar.

0 (((It would be desirable, nevertheless, to prepare and derive pleasure from it, seeing an excellent result, similar to that indicated in the picture. 0 ((((

Flour really need a little more.

The cake turned out just amazing, now it’s my specialty cake) Everyone just likes it.

these cakes like pancakes can be baked in a pan floured

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