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Honey cake, step by step recipe with photos

The most popular cake recipe Honey cake on the site.

In the comments to the recipe only good reviews.

  • fine sugar — 1 cup
  • egg — 4 pieces
  • 2 tsp. soda
  • flour — 3 glasses
  • vegetable oil
  • 40 shelled walnuts
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 0.75 cup sugar
  • 400 g sour cream with a fat content of at least 25%

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Cake Napoleon leads its history from such a depth of centuries that its beginning is completely lost. Obviously.

Honey cake — one of the most famous homemade cakes, his recipes are in each notebook for.

Loved the recipe. the cakes were well raised, soft, porous, I didn’t pour out the sugar prudently (and it’s too sweet), but the honey came out a little more, poured over the eyes. cream made custard, smetannom does not take me. thank!

This is our family, so to speak, honeycake recipe, recorded by mom in her youth. It always turns out perfectly.

For the impregnation, according to the established experience, I always do more.

Nelly, in all of our recipes used a standard glass with a volume of 250 ml. In the conversion table from volume to grams, you can easily determine the weight of any product.

Honey can take any. Depending on the variety, the cake will have its own characteristic aroma. What is not clear in step 2? You need to bake 3 cakes.

If you have three baking sheets at once, cover each sheet with parchment and lay out 1/3 of the dough. To level the dough is better with a special spatula or a large spoon, evenly distributing it into a thin layer. If you do not have three trays, then make the first one, distribute the dough and bake the cake.

Cool the baking tray a little, cover it with pure parchment, distribute the dough and bake, etc. To make the cakes the same size, draw a circle 25-28 cm in diameter on the back of the parchment and distribute the dough without going over the edge of the pattern.

Any honey you can take ??

1 cup in this recipe is how much gr.

Dd! Who can STEP 2 paint in more detail, for dummies in cooking?)))) How to spread, what, with hands, with a spoon, how to cut a shape and for what?

And what is "Put on 3 sheets of parchment.". What 3 traits Thank you in advance for your reply and help.

So many positive reviews that I wanted to bake and try myself.

Be sure to share my impressions!

Zhanna, and why in the honey cake to replace honey. Do not like honey — look for another recipe

Wonderful recipe.

And what can replace honey?

The cake turned out delicious, soft and fragrant, but from the second time :).

And the thing is that you need to keep the dough in good. a warm place. The first dough stood near the battery (rubber cakes), the second was warm on the battery and everything worked out perfectly. The silicone spatula deprived me of problems with applying a parchment test, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for the recipe.

The cake is incredibly delicious!

Thanks so much for the recipe!

In the recipe has changed a little: Sugar did not put at all, only honey in the dough and in sour cream.

Sour cream took 700g, and added vanilla to it.

Cakes made thin turned 7 cakes. Because of the walnut, the dough was hard to smear on paper, into a trace. Once I sprinkle nuts on top of the cake and bake. 🙂

The cake is very tasty and easy to prepare! Recipe I bring to my asset) The family is very fond of honey pastries))

The cake is very tasty. It is necessary to prepare for the birthday

With custard will taste better

Ira, you only grease paper.

How long does it take to smear a sheet of paper? Well, for example, half a teaspoon


Girls, I really haven’t baked a cake like this yet, but I met somewhere in recipes that you can use yogurt as a cream instead of sour cream, it is less sour-milk than sour cream and therefore (as the author wrote) the taste is simply unearthly, tender and she sandwiched fruit.

Having read your comments, I also wanted to bake it, otherwise I’m still mostly biscuits and our favorite. " turtle".

Nothing such a cake) Surely delicious)

the cake turned out to be delicious. In the recipe, I didn’t change anything, and so everything is fine to taste. The only thing is soda-gasila.

But the dough is deposited culinary bag.

As a result, perfectly even cakes, nothing sticks to the hands.

The cake is simple and very tasty! exactly as desired.

cooked for the specified recipe, but after reading all the comments, eventually made the dough out of 1 cup of honey (without sugar), 2 tsp. soda, 3 stack. flour, pinch of salt, 4 pcs. eggs (large), Art. spoon of sunflower oil.

First, beat the eggs with salt, then add honey and soda — still beat, then flour and knead, then sunflower oil and left for 4 hours near the battery (warm). It should be noted that the dough was liquid, put on a cut out parchment circle with a spoon dipped in water.

It turned out 6 cakes all slightly less than 1 cm. It could have been even thinner.

The first cake kept exactly seven minutes, as in the recipe, however, then everyone else held no more than 5 minutes and they were not so fried (this is better).

For the cream I bought 3 packs of sour cream 500gr., Used only 2 (15%), beat 1 pack with a glass of sugar.

She folded the cakes in a high form, poured them with cream, to soak up better. Left overnight in the refrigerator, the next morning the top cake sprinkled cocoa through a stencil (hearts and asterisks).

The children are delighted, we are eating it for the second day and today it was especially soaked and tender.

Sorry for the photo can not be posted.

Flour — 3 cups.

And how much flour is that?

The first time I made this cake, it turned out excellent! I did it strictly according to the recipe, but after reading the comments, the cream made twice as much and spread the dough with oil on my hands.

Everyone really liked the cake, thanks a lot for the recipe!

I liked the recipe, although I did not put sugar in the dough at all, honey is enough, and sour cream, of course, needs more. Next time I will try with a more liquid cream base, as advised here, since I wanted to make the cakes soaked better. But in general, it is easy, fast, tasty! 🙂 Someone wrote correctly — you need to spread the dough with wet hands, then it is very easy!

As for the alternative to sour cream abroad — maybe try a savory curd activ or a soft diet cottage cheese?

I will share my preparation of this cake)) I draw a circle on baking paper using a plate or lid from the pan, and spread a thin layer with a spoon or a wet hand (my sister uses a rubber spatula), I put the nuts after smearing the dough on paper. I bake each cake for 7 minutes, it turns out eight cake layers. Do not be scared, the cakes are obtained fragile, uneven. cream all evens out)) cakes will increase in size.

I use sour cream more than in the recipe, I don’t add sugar to the dough sweet enough with honey)) And I don’t add soda to the cream, of course, it goes to the dough) The recipe is wonderful!

Tastier did not try!

Girls and someone cooked this cake with another cream. I live abroad and I can’t find sour cream. ((((

And no one has tried to use Kefir or Snowball for the impregnation of Medovik made according to any recipe, only the amount of sugar changes.

It turns out much tastier, softer and better impregnated layers. I highly recommend.

Tried the cake. just beautiful.

She baked a cake, now stands in the fridge, soaked. Swept cream by your measure was enough, why everyone writes that you need more.

Cakes turned out soft, porous, I think soaked quickly.

Then I will write how it came to taste.

Especially delicious, probably cream. ((((in the recipe it is written: For cream: 2 tsp. of soda 0.75 cups of sugar 400 g sour cream flour — 3 cups vegetable oil 40 peeled walnuts 1 cup of honey

The cake was excellent))))))))))) Soft cakes. and in general if everything is done as in a recipe. then there is no difficulty!

The cake is not even bad, only the dough is sticky to the hands, it is not convenient to roll, because the recipe says it is growing. oil but not indicated where to add it, I lubricated their hands.

She put more nuts, but there are 1.5 times more sour cream.

I got 4 Korzh, very decent size.

In the recipe, it is not clear which products go into the dough, and which in the cream

So that the dough does not stick to your hands, lubricate your hands with salted butter!

Very tasty, did everything according to the recipe.

Soda to extinguish is not necessary.

The recipe is all written correctly.

While baking cakes, everything works out. Thank you, dear magazine.

So many recipes and such fabulous photos.

This sets up a good result.

Already cooked this cake a second time, this time not 3 cakes as in the first, but 8 and 1 kg of cream for the cream — well, a delicious cake. I will bake it again and again!

Thanks Gastronomy.

Natalia, extinguish the soda with vinegar, and there will be no unpleasant taste.

But in the dough containing honey, it is desirable to put only soda, and not baking powder.

cooked this cake, delicious but 400g sour cream well, this is absolutely not enough, after reading the comments I used as much as 800g and still the cake was rather dry the next time I use 1kg

For the first time I made a bargain and decided to start with honey cake. It seems to be not difficult, but that’s how hard I had with the cake. The dough turned out so sticky that it was barely able to spread it in a thin layer.

It turned out a little thick cakes.

And thanks for the recipe.

and nuts right in the dough to put or decorate them?

it seems to me, instead of soda, it is better to add baking powder, otherwise it will taste like soda and this is already unpleasant

According to this recipe, I have been baking for 20 years. Favorite cake. Top covered with chocolate or chocolate fudge.

And for cream you can add finely chopped fruit: orange, kiwi, banana. Or prunes with nuts. Or syrup from pounded raspberries with sugar.

Sea of ​​options.

According to this recipe, I have been baking for 20 years.

Favorite cake. Top covered with chocolate or chocolate fudge.

And for cream you can add finely chopped fruit: orange, kiwi, banana. Or prunes with nuts. Or syrup from pounded raspberries with sugar.

Sea of ​​options.

The dough stood in hot water for 2 hours and became like yeast. I spread them out in a thin layer on a round base with my hands in advance, smearing them with vegetable oil and in the oven for 4-5 minutes. It turned out 10 cakes.

Vkrem instead of sugar added condensed milk and sour cream is really better to take 800 grams. In general, it lived and missed. the last crust crushed with a rolling pin. as well as ground nuts and whole cake with this decorated and rolled through and from the sides. It turned out very tasty honey cake.

I did it again, but this time it turned out quite differently — I put the right amount of honey and sugar very sweet — you can use less sugar or not put it at all, the cream made 600 g of sour cream had enough current flow, but alas, the baking cakes stuck to buumage — I can’t understand why the oil didn’t put it, because it’s not written where to put it and in the recipe there isn’t — or because of something else and so delicious, and my nuts have vanished from the house so uto without nuts .

A wonderful cake turned out. bake quickly and the recipe is easy. my men swallowed for both cheeks. At work, the girls really liked. and the cream turned out cool. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

Autumn 02/07/2012 10:43:39 AM You probably have snapped off the beating (divided into its component parts).

It was possible to immediately throw it away as soon as it turned into some water. It can not be saved) Choose a more reliable sour cream)

The cake is very tasty, but too sweet. It is necessary to reduce either the amount of sugar or honey

and I did it at the weekend, the awesome cakes came out, but with cream the trouble that I just didn’t do with him, he refused to thicken, took fat cream (with Matroskin’s cat) (only milk and sourdough in the composition), added icing sugar and became beat, and she from a thick sour cream into a little sweet water turned. at first, whipped up slowly, then on high ones, and put them in the fridge, and again whipped, and began to add sugar, then poured more condensed milk to thicken it, my cream did not take anything.

What did I do wrong tell me?

wow !! tastes so good poluchilooooos. real jam .

I read some reviews, it became a shame for my favorite magazine.

I have never had a failed recipe from "deli"everything worked out.

Today cooked honey cake for this recipe, homemade delighted.

This recipe for a hundred years may have small variations in doses. It cannot fail to turn out even for beginner housewives. This is my mother’s favorite cake.

The recipe is excellent, as well as the look and taste … Do not be afraid to cook seeing negative comments. I’ve been cooking for several years now with the recipes of “Gastronom” and everything always turns out chic.

Reading the comments it seems that people are preparing for nothing to do, i.e. without a soul, not loving this business … this is the result of how you approach the execution of such and the final result.

Thank you “Gastronom”.

Very tasty cake turned out. Thank you so much for the recipe.

Tasty cakes turned out.

The whole family loved it.

THANKS — an interesting recipe — rewrote my cookbook — bake for the New Year.

And I bake my signature cake like this: 3 tbsp. l honey +1 tsp. Heat. (Possible in a water bath). stirring. +1 st. Sugar + 3 eggs + 3 st.l.sl.sl. butter + 3.5 st. flour.

Knead the dough. divided into 8 parts. Bake cakes. Cream: 1 tbsp. sour cream + 1 tbsp. sugar-stir. without beating. and in the fridge.

Crumbs smear sour cream. except the top. cover with a small wooden and put on top banks with preservation.

To apply glaze on a plain surface. Glaze: 4 st.l. Sugar + 50 g plum. Butter + 2 UF. Milk + 3 tbsp. cocoa. Mix. bring to a boil and cover with this mixture from above and from the sides.

It is possible to decorate the cooled glossy surface from above with an inscription on the occasion or a picture you like.

To do this: 0.5 protein + powdered sugar (sugar can be crushed in a coffee grinder) + a few drops of lemon juice or acid grind to a viscous uniform mass. put in a rectangular bag. in which to cut a very small corner.

So "a syringe" apply any text. Not expensive. quickly. yummy. unusually.

Enjoy your meal.

Girls! the cake turned out just amazing, though instead of 3 cakes, I made 8 thin ones, but that didn’t stop the cake from making everyone happy) Can I still turn to the outraged?

I am only 18 years old, and I have been standing behind the stove for the last 8 months (and before that I had never done anything more difficult than eggs with tomatoes), and you know, I cook mainly according to recipes of the guest-house. it turns out everything, even though, but it still turns out. And you know that if it does not work once, you need to try again and again until you succeed.

Where can I see the recipe Medovik, which was published in the magazine Gastronom 2011, I do not know the number? The recipe uses lemon and orange peel, orange juice. Cream fat sour cream, sugar, condensed milk, vanilla.

I would be very grateful if someone bought this magazine and put out a recipe.

Thanks for the recipe

Preparing this cake, very delicate. There is no truth that honey taste was very desirable. But the recipe is good, simple. The korzhiki are delicious and perfectly soaked with cream, even for a few hours. Thank you for the recipe.

I love this cake. Just cooking and it turns out "on a big company". I sometimes decorate with wafer flowers (sold) or almond petals (also sold).

Thanks for the recipes!

Critics of course a lot, but I really liked the cake.

It turned out very beautiful and tasty!

Ludi, spekla ya pervyi raz v moei jizni tort!

Medovik polu4ilsya o4en vksunym, vsem ponravilos. nu konechno ya neskolko oshibok sdelala, tak kak pekla pervyi raz.ya namazala krem ​​pryam na goryachie korji, i potom u menya ves krem ​​ischez :)))) eto raz. potom ya sdelala oshibku to chto ya polojila tolstym sloem testo, hoty vse k rukam, no zato pomuchials iv kontse poluchilsya u menya vkusnyi Medovy tort. I eshe druz’ya kto sladkoe ne lubit, mojno vzyat menshe sahara i meda.hotya s chaem bez sahara vse v norme;)

I read that someone can not cook according to the recipes of the Deli. Outraged.

I discovered for myself "School of deli", and then "Recipe collection" with the filing of the sister of an excellent amateur chef. I cook many dishes for these magazines, sometimes I improvise, but I always remain satisfied.

So girls learn to be housewives in the kitchen.

For Luda, the Site is definitely not only for chefs.

Generally speaking, it is primarily for lovers. Regarding gnocchi. As with any dish that is based on products of nonindustrial origin, problems often occur to them.

A very important point — what kind of potatoes to take. I can say for sure that crumbly — say, Belarusian — is no good. Obviously, it is necessary to conduct a test in this regard.

I think we will hold it and publish it. Although again it’s obvious that we’ll be testing only potatoes "with documents", that is, bought in the store, because it is impossible to adequately describe the potatoes bought on the market. Where did she come from?

How to grow? What sort of wine is it? — sellers do not tell the truth, and not because they do not want to speak it, but because they do not know.

Thank you for giving the topic — we will discuss it in our blog so that everyone can share their experiences.

And thank you for commenting — there is no other way to make the site better.

For Glavred Thanks for the reply. I think the site is not only for chefs, although there are skills.

I agree with the nuances, but call. and the weight of the products must be observed acc. compounding

Nyoka (there was a recipe on the site " potato gnocchi ".

On such a call. Potatoes, flour, and cheese were not enough. Scales there. Nyoka boiled soft. )

For Luda It is a pity that you are not able to cook according to our recipes. Because it turns out very many.

As you probably understand, each dish is more complicated than a sandwich, there are many nuances in the preparation — unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to describe them all carefully. Maybe we will try to figure out what does not work out specifically? For example, what is wrong with gnocchi?

What did you want to cook and what did you get?

Products for gingerbread. Cake hard and rubber as a shoe. Preparing a cake, gnoches, ice cream according to your recipes.

Everything was in mus. bucket.

Disappointed with your site. I do not think that miss such a comment.

Try to cook something according to your recipes.

I did it)) the cakes are excellent! although I took a little bit of sugar and honey, but added a little more flour, a great recipe!

Baked cake, sooo delicious!

Everyone liked it, baked cakes in a round Teflon form, it is more convenient than on the protvine, and immediately even cakes come out. Honey added half a glass, pre-melted in a water bath (because it was very thick)

everyone really liked the cake, but it turned out the test for as many as two)

Girls the cake turned out just amazing. cooked according to the recipe. very tasty. the only thing you need to add cream sour cream. ))))) Thanks for the recipe!

Skajite, a tort ne poluchaetsya slishkom sladkim?

Stakan myeda, stakan sahara na krem.

Dear girls, you can add a pinch of citric acid instead of vinegar, the taste of soda disappears.

For the New Year’s (2011) table, this Honey cake was baked, the cakes are really just amazing, they melt in your mouth. True with baking cakes I had to suffer, or the dough is too thick, or something I did not do right myself, but all the works are worth it, sour cream also took 2 times more.

Thanks so much for the recipe.

Tell me please, should soda be extinguished with vinegar or not?


I’ve been baking this cake for a long time, I and my whole family really like it, my friends and acquaintances ask me for this honey cake recipe. True sour cream on my cream goes more than 2 times and I do not always add nuts, but everything is strictly according to the recipe. 😉

I use the same amount of eggs, honey and sugar 2 times more sour cream and 2 times more flour (in my recipe).


explain how to cut the cake in half, if they are thin and the consistency of this shortbread dough

Thank you, very tasty cake. The whole family was satisfied!

And I do not bake in shape, but on baking paper =) I draw a circle with the help of a plate, and after smearing it on the contour thinly, I bake for 5-7 minutes. True, I do not add nuts, I crumble them already on ready-made cakes when I smear with cream.

I grease abundantly. I bake the rest of the dough on dry land and then crumble on the last cake on top of the cream. You can also add gelatin to a part of the cream and smear the ready cake with it, cover it with packaging film (which is like that with pimples like this, we burst them with fingers during childhood) and put them in the fridge until the top layer hardens.

Remove the film and get the honeycomb! =) You can decorate with berries, plant bees, while decorate with sprinkles or remnants of cakes.

Och delicious.

super, I liked it, but I probably don’t have enough honey to put about 3-5 stl, but sour sauce can be done a little more, and the guests and I are happy with the result

The cake was amazing. Also 3 cakes (only I cut them in the sexes). Cakes were soaked perfectly.

Only I made cream from cream (whipped with sugar separately) and sour cream, which is carefully added to cream!

Cakes stored for a long time.

They become tough, but the cream is well soaked.

Long storage must honey!

The cake was amazing. Three cakes turned out, which I cut in half.

Soaked up everything perfectly! Mouth melts! Only in cream I added whipped cream (more precisely in cream — sour cream).

It turned out not like a grandmother in the village 🙂 But this is the beauty!

Thanks Gastronomy!

and sour cream took 800 grams cakes very well absorbed sour cream

cooked according to the recipe, the dough is a little thick, it was difficult to spread it in shape. It turned out 2 lush cake, which is cut into two more. porous cakes, soft

just in exactly the recipe prepared, the cakes came out terribly dry, for the whole night and not soaked a bit, even though it is very richly smeared with sour cream. so nothing, but did not cause delight

2 tablespoons of honey, 100 grams of margarine, a glass of sugar (always take less) in a bowl, heat in a water bath until everything is dissolved and melted. take off. add 2 teaspoons of drinking soda — foam will rise. beat 2 eggs. add 3.5 cups of flour. everything. and instead of honey, I took syrup from cherry jam and even rosehip syrup — no difference, everything is very fast and simple. and if instead of cakes stick many small balls and pour this slide with the same whipped sour cream, then you will get a completely different honey tale.

A glass of honey and a glass of sugar.

And how much is sweet?

Delicious! Constantly bake this cake.

Sugar according to the recipe in the journal indicated 1 glass, but it seemed to me a bit too much — 1/2 cup is enough.

A glass of honey — this is superfluous. most likely 1 cup of sugar, and honey in honey cake is usually a tablespoon needed. maximum 2.

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