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Homemade ice cream: why is it better?

Telling about ice cream, it’s hard to avoid platitudes.

Because everyone knows what it tastes like, how it should look — and how it shouldn’t, how much it costs and where it is sold. All adore him.

And rarely anyone cooks.

What ice cream relatively rarely done at home, due not so much to the complexity of this very preparation, as its drearyness.

The original mixture for ice cream put in a freezing container, put it in the freezer, and then regularly take out and mix for a few hours to get not a block of ice, but that very velvety, thawing mass in the tongue.

Actually, all innovations in production ice cream — the result of attempts to overcome this dreary.

Anyone interested in history. ice cream, probably read how Alexander of Macedon ordered mountain snow to be delivered to his yard, where he was poured with fruit juices and served to the table.

In our opinion, in this legend, something is wrong. As winter comes, put some snow on a plate, and then pour it with orange juice from the bag. What happens?

Nothing. The snow does not mix with juice, or jam, or chocolate.

It is strange that Macedonian was not up to date.

How was actually preparing older ice cream, can still be seen in Sicily.

A large tray is filled with crushed ice, it is seasoned with large salt from the heart, then a bowl is lightly heated in this mixture, for example, with sweetened lemon juice, to which previously added a certain amount of gelatin solution — and stirred, stirred, stirred.

Even in ancient times, when the time of the kitchen workers was worth nothing, such ice cream lacked only the wealthiest citizens.

Nowadays only special connoisseurs and tourists can afford it.

Nevertheless, the described principle was adopted by the American housewife Nancy Johnson. She thought of placing a hand mixer in the center of a double-walled bowl, and filled the space between them with a mixture of ice and salt.

Unfortunately, Nancy Johnson did not guess to patent her invention, and it was successfully implemented by Jacob Fassil, who built the first manufacturing plant in Baltimore ice cream, and it was back in 1851.

Since then, much has changed.

Ice cream the whole mountain is now produced in the world, but its quality is getting lower and lower every year.

When comrade Mikoyan said in the 36th year, ice cream it is necessary to produce in summer and winter, in the south and in the north, he had a completely different meaning. Of course, the best examples of industrial ice cream and now they are amazing in taste and consistency, well, then they are the best!

If somehow, for a general, as they say, development, you decide to read the composition printed by the smallest petit on the wrapper of some non-primitive briquette, then you will be amazed how many interesting things are there.

Preservatives, gels, antioxidants, fixers, flavor enhancers, flavors. Of course, manufacturers can also be understood: their product must be well kept, keep its shape well, do not spoil for a long time — otherwise what kind of trading network will it take?

Consumers, by the way, in this case also do not look quite innocent victims of a corporate conspiracy. Because they are primarily interested in price, and only then in quality.

Although, if they had such an opportunity, they probably would have done the opposite.

Meanwhile, there is such an opportunity. The invention of nancy johnson ice cream machine left a large and diverse offspring. Today a lot of ice cream makers of all sizes, from huge restaurant models to small ones designed for the needs of one family.

Of course, as an accumulator of cold, it is now not ice and salt that is used, but reagents with a much greater cold-holding capacity, and instead of a hand mixer — electric.

The principle of using such machines is simple to primitiveness: you need to put the cooling bowl in the freezer ahead of time so that it gets cold, then fill it with the prepared mixture for ice cream, close the lid, press the button — and go to lunch.

By the end of lunch ice cream just be ready.

Homemade ice cream better than industrial, not only because you can use real fat cream instead of milk powder and personally collected strawberries instead of flavoring. You can also use yogurt — and make ice cream less nutritious. Or replace regular sugar with fructose — and such ice cream without any risk will be able to taste a diabetic.

Not to mention the unique opportunity to cook ice cream, which may be enjoyed only by one person.


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