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Home-made kefir pizza, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • olives or olives (pitted) — to taste
  • sweet red pepper, sliced ​​into rings or strips — to taste
  • sliced ​​onions to taste
  • grated cheese, yellow — to taste
  • diced brynza to taste
  • fresh or canned mushrooms, sliced ​​- to taste
  • concentrated tomato paste — 2-3 st.l.
  • salt — to taste
  • diced tomatoes, diced — 1-2 pcs.
  • dry basil — 1 tsp. with top or 1 handful of fresh basil
  • olive oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • sugar — 1/2 tsp.
  • pepper — to taste
  • baking powder — 1 tsp.
  • salt — to taste
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • olive oil — 3 tbsp. l
  • kefir, sour cream or grated soft cottage cheese — 200-250 g
  • wheat flour — 2 glasses

Probably, every family has its own favorite homemade recipes. In the absence of the Internet and huge.

Do not cook, do not bake, or you are a cook from God, who can bake even birch deliciously. Mere mortals will not work, the hour was in the oven, stuffing &# 128293; fire dough terrible

Thank you so much for the recipe! Very tasty and fast, everyone liked the house)

Great pizza came out! Such a simple recipe for dough, delicious sauce!

For confidence, at first 5 minutes baked only the dough, then added the filling.

Baked in the convection oven at 205 degrees and average blowing.

It turned out very tasty, did not even expect. I did everything according to the recipe.

Dough just poured on a baking sheet and distributed.

Nothing stuck and well cooked.

Small additions.

The number of products is designed for a large baking sheet and a rather large oven.

If you have a small portable oven, it is better to take less dough so that the pizza was thin — then it will be baked well with the filling. If you see that the cake turned out to be thick, it is better to pre-cook it, and then decompose the stuffing and bake it until the cheese melts.

Fresh vegetables — pepper, onion — cut thin, they are baked only until half cooked.

Tomato sauce should not be much, do not need to cover the entire surface with a thick layer — spread it thin and leave "bald spots", so that the cake was baked on top.

Thanks for your feedback.

Indeed, kefir (or something else you have taken) may be of different thickness, and the flour is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on common sense: the dough should not be too liquid and too tight.

Once again, I emphasize that in order to make the dough product with a damp filling on top well baked, it is necessary to bake at a high temperature, it is possible and 220 degrees. and more. Just follow the process.

And when you decide on the baking mode in your particular oven — you will always get pizza, this is very simple baking!

Enjoy your meal!

Thank you, everyone is complaining about the dough, and it’s a pity that comes out very well, just in the process sprinkled half a glass of flour.


Not finished. Stick a wooden toothpick and check.

Maybe the sauce was very liquid and you poured it too much?

The dough did not work.

It is a pity, klekloe left.

Vegetable oil, of course, in the dough! I pour in immediately after kefir. Thank you, Alain.

I’ll try to fix it.

Very good dough! We did not even make pizza in the oven, but in the pan!

Slightly oil greased!

So do not stick! It is baked perfectly) very tasty) thanks, plus a recipe in a box)

Oil can be added at any time of kneading dough, for example, immediately mix with eggs.


Where is olive oil?

The ingredients have it, but the recipe does not indicate how and where to add it? Tell me, maybe I’m not "catching up"? (they just sometimes indicate the butter of the baking sheet grease, but you bake on paper, do you need to add it at all, otherwise the consistency of the test is completely different) Thanks for the answer in advance

Thanks very much everyone liked.

For the first time I made pizza dough with kefir, accidentally put more baking powder, and the rest also added more. I did not regret that I had so much test. Made 3 pizzas with different fillings.

The result — pizza turned out abaldennaya!

Thank you very much! And my sitting happy pizza eats, and kefir has not gone idle! :)) I first baked dough for 10 minutes, then added sauce and stuffing, baked for another 10 minutes, then put the baking sheet for another 5 minutes on the lower level and the pizza turned out perfect!)))

What, still strongly stuck? It is a pity that you did not read the recipe very carefully. I do not bake this pizza right on the baking sheet, only on parchment!

I buy ordinary baking paper and do not even grease it.

In one of the comments they complained that the pizza was stuck — I advised to lubricate the paper with butter, apparently, they had paper of worse quality. Another visitor, Marina, successfully bakes this pizza right on the baking sheet, brushing it with butter.

Choose the way to your taste!

Always pre-read the comments.

Well, you did not immediately say that you need to lubricate with oil? Only in the comments I saw later. and realized that my dough stuck — for sure. I sprinkled flour on the baking sheet, as usual (but I usually made a thin roll of Italian dough), and spread the dough, pressing on the baking sheet, then I realized that it would stick. eeeh. offensively. I specifically even went to buy kefir. we will tear off))))

Piza poluchilas prosto super !!

Ya dobavila kusochki kopchenoi indeiki, svejie griby, pobolshe bolgarskogo perca I syr mocarella. Predvaritelno propekla korj 20 min v duhovke, a Potom dobavila nachinku I ewe na 10 min v duhovku. ))) Vsem udachnogo prigotovleniya. ))

I answer.

Peroxide dairy products are great for baking soda!

Acid will react with soda, carbon dioxide will be released in the form of bubbles — they will provide the dough with a porous structure. It is believed that it is preferable to have an excess of acid over soda in order for ALL soda to react, then the test will not have an unpleasant soda flavor. MAIN THAN peroxidized products are not spoiled!

Check — they should not change color to unnatural for them (dark yellow, pinkish, gray.), Should not have an unpleasant smell (the smell is sour is normal), and of course, there should be no mold on the surface. If in doubt, throw it away without regret. * Second question. Kefir is about a glass (accuracy is insignificant here, because the density of kefir can be different with you, different flour absorbs liquid differently, which even depends on the humidity of the air in the room, etc.).

The main thing is to achieve the correct consistency of dough, and for this, add flour gradually, making it difficult to circle the dough, until the dough reaches behind the spoon and sticks into a lump — it should fall from the spoon with a piece and not drain. But it seems to me, it is not connected with this, that the bottom is baked, and the middle is damp — perhaps you have too much heat from below. Move the pizza in the oven to a higher level or reduce the lower heat if your oven has a separate adjustment for the top and bottom.

Do not forget to also pry the pizza thoroughly on the baking sheet (except the sides), somewhere up to 0.5 cm, then it will be quickly and evenly baked.

If you like thicker pizza, bake the base without the filling, and already with the filling, put it in the oven higher, so that the bottom does not burn, and the sauce and the filling is heated and the cheese is melted.

Is it possible to use sour kefir?

And how much kefir do you need for these 2 cups of flour?

My bottom is constantly being baked, but the middle of the dough is raw. The necessary consistency does not work (

Great recipe! It turns out great pizza. I first bake the cake (10 minutes), and then spread the filling and voila after 2 minutes I take out. Husband and children are delighted. The dough is very thin and soft.


Thanks for the recipe!

Very pleased with the result! I used to do it on yeast dough, it turned out like a sole is hard.

And the yeast dough was on fatty ingredients.

And on this test is soft and gentle.

Everything was baked, but I pre-baked the cake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, and then the stuffing (ketchup, mayonnaise, raw sliced ​​champignons, cheese, sausage) was laid out and somewhere 20 min further.

I will now use this recipe for dough for pizza.

The baking temperature needs clarification.

I set the temperature with an ordinary rotary knob, but I can’t check what it is there, inside the oven.

I do not have a special thermometer for this.

Possible and higher than 200 degrees — my pizza is well baked for 15 minutes.

If your pizza is damp after a wooden toothpick, keep it in the oven for a while. Next time try to set the temperature higher — pizza loves the heat.

And make the dough thinner, it is faster baked. In any case, after 10-15 minutes. after the start, do not go far from the oven, watch the pizza, so as not to burn. 🙂

I honestly did the first time, and it turned out not very. but this is evident from the fact that the hand is not full. and so tasty.

Sorry. And my bumpers do not even fry.

It would be more beautiful.

But if they burned, and the middle is under-cooked, then it means that you need to have a lower pizza tray in your oven. Then the bottom of the pizza will be baked, and the edges will not burn. You see, different ovens — and a different result, any recipe is verified by experience.

I wish you only successful undertakings.

Sorry. And my bumpers do not even fry. It would be more beautiful.

But if they burned, and the middle is under-cooked, then it means that you need to have a lower pizza tray in your oven. Then the bottom of the pizza will be baked, and the edges will not burn. You see, different ovens — and a different result, any recipe is verified by experience.

I wish you only successful undertakings.

failed ((the oven is very good. and in 25 minutes the thin dough inside was slightly damp and on the edges of the croutons).

Made on sour cream.

Very tasty dough, I would never say that on kefir! Only it is better to take a baking sheet more, so that the dough was thin, and first I bake for 15 minutes without filling (until ready), and then I fall asleep and the cheese is melted!

That’s right, Gnomus, and you can do that.

This method is preferable when the filling is laid out on an very thick layer.

lorina, I recently just first spread the dough on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Then I pull out, "I burst" with a knife, bubbles, if formed, and then I spread the sauce and the stuffing and send another 10 minutes to the oven (I use the recipe from V. Pak. I am very pleased with the dough).

Pizza is damp — it was necessary to bake a little longer.

If the top is already ready, move it to a lower level.

Check if the pizza was baked in the usual way: stick a toothpick or a pointed match — there shouldn’t be any sticky raw dough on it. Try to make the dough thinner.

Baking time, of course, can vary. And the ovens are different, and the thickness of the dough, and the amount of the filling — everything affects.

I usually set the timer for 15 minutes, and then look into the oven, check and bake for as long as I am satisfied with the result.

And so that the pizza does not stick, spread the parchment with a small amount of vegetable oil, as if nothing will stick!

You can do it without parchment, just grease it with butter, it is well behind. Fragrant very turned out!

The taste has not yet tasted, but I think it turned out great.

You can do it without parchment, just grease it with butter, it is well behind. Fragrant very turned out!

The taste has not yet tasted, but I think it turned out great.

I tried to do it. I laid out the dough on the parchment; it stuck when baking. And the dough in my opinion turned out as if it was damp. (

Yes, the dough is really wonderful !!

And with the filling you can experiment each time in a new way !!

I also made such a pizza out of hot dough, it’s just a BOMB. delicious oooooochen

it seemed to me that the baking powder was harmful to health. Is it so?

Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe.

Baking powder in the recipe dough is not superfluous.

There is not a lot of dough, and we strongly press it in the center — the baking powder guarantees softness and porosity. Vegetable oil — a must! Improves the structure of the dough, makes it more tender.

Preferably olive, it brings the taste of our pizza to authentic. In my opinion, mayonnaise and pizza is generally a purely Russian invention, the Italians are relaxing 🙂

On health, Guest.

I try as little as possible to use mayonnaise, as well as many other long-term storage products from the store.

They have too many preservatives that inhibit the digestive system.

It is even easier to make dough: 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 1 egg, 9 tablespoons of ul. Moons is all.

The dough is easy to prepare and very tasty!

And most importantly — thin.

Yesterday they made this pizza with my daughter once again, this time on cottage cheese lying around in the fridge (in the form of such a thin paste like thick sour cream). Made a change in the recipe, or rather an improvement. Combine all the ingredients of the sauce and set it to boil for 1.5 minutes. in the microwave.

Wonderful sauce turned out, much more fragrant, vigorous!

Recomend for everybody.

The recipe is great. The dough turned out air. Everyone loved it.

Thanks for the good recipe.

Dough is just a class.

great recipe. did on kefire.propeklo one hundred percent.

The filling did another, but the dough is just great. if you honestly did not expect, usually the dough always comes out dry, but here is the most tender) I recommend it to everyone!

I made the dough on a soft cottage cheese, in the middle it was badly baked. Maybe a thick layer turned out, but my friends still appreciated. This is my first pizza cooking experience.

Great recipe!

Until recently, she doubted the test. Made from ryazhenka, the dough actually turns out to be watery, laid out on parchment, sprinkled with flour (a couple of spoons) and made a form with sides, then according to the recipe .. the dough is baked instantly

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