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Home-made cheesecakes, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp
  • flour — 1 tbsp.
  • salt — to taste
  • sugar — 1 tbsp.
  • vanilla sugar — 1 tsp.
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • cottage cheese — 200 g

Cottage cheese cheesecakes are easy to cook, there are no tricks: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one thing.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

And the recipe seemed strange to me .. The liquid dough turned out, I had to add more flour, but on the whole the cheesecakes were delicious)

I just fried and tasted it. At first I was very upset, the dough was thin, I added flour, the sausage did not work. Cottage cheese was 1.8%, did everything according to the recipe) It turned out very tasty, only I will spread with a spoon)))

Excellent recipe, wonderful cheesecakes!

Yummy! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

The curd was very dry. And despite this, 1 spoonful of flour is not enough.

The recipe did not like.

Maznya some came out.

That is, Lera, are you convinced that corn starch is much more useful than flour or semolina?

Especially in quantities of 1 tbsp.?

still in the cottage cheese is necessary for a bunch of something .. for example, maysen-corn starch-1 tbsp.

PERFECT .. instead of semolina-unhelpful. maysen cornstarch, which is used by Hispanics.

Maybe Artem, you just had a tasteless cottage cheese?

Because the dough is the most ordinary thing.

not tasty cheese cakes from this dough!

Yes, I agree with: Elena December 14, 2013. There are no retarded ones.

There are hands not from that place! _ Well, and on the recipe to fold, it would be to justify yourself!

Listen, I am delighted, before that everything was very difficult with cheesecakes, sometimes they were pouring in, then tight, this time it turned out exactly what was needed. True, the curd was watery and took advice from the comments, only added the yolk.

I recommend to everyone.

I am only 10. So I decided to surprise my parents and cook cheesecakes. There was no vanilla sugar, I did without it, but I added cinnamon and a little bit of milk. It turned out awesome, the whole family is happy)

just cooked. cottage cheese 18%, 200g. Spoons of salt, 2 tbsp. sugar, spoonful of soda put out with vinegar, 2-2.5 st.l.m.muki. all rubbed with a fork. then they pinch the lumps with their hands, collapsed in flour, plyuschili into a cake and on the fire. right before our eyes pyshneli.). but to the taste. neither the words convey nor pen describe. )) air, yak vata. ). and finally, I want to say. if someone does not have a conscience, then at least show your education and do not insult the author of the recipe. do not fukayte.

thank you very much! it was amazing! delicious!

Cheesecakes never worked.

And today they are so tender. Wow, great.

Thanks for the recipe. Flour brought 2 spoons and everything is just super))))

Comrades, dear! After all, the consistency of the dough depends on the dryness / humidity of the curd.

If the cheese is wet, do not add more flour, put only the yolk, and not the whole egg.

Well, or put the cottage cheese in a colander and under the press to liquid glass.

No sausages will not work, the dough is liquid, but if you spoon the balls into flour in a tablespoon, roll them and put them in the pan, you get super 🙂 you can add more sugar

Knead the dough, put it in the pan and then sat down to read komenty. Immediately thought "pancake! in vain the products translated, the last egg that was at home". Frustrated in vain.

Cheesecakes turned out delicious and airy, made the way for the first time in my life.

MCH also liked.

One thing "but" — I put 2 tablespoons of flour to be more elastic. The normal recipe is shorter, I advise 🙂

Bad recipe.

Did as written, but the dough was very liquid for the sausage. Added more flour.

Cheesecakes turned out too dense and never air.

All thrown out.

I sit eating just cottage cheese with sugar.

More reliable.

Did all the potreceptu!

I am very sorry that I spent the products and time!

Today did, slightly modernized the recipe added 1 tbsp. I left a spoonful of starch and left everything else as it is, my husband and my son for 1.5 years were delighted, she was afraid she wouldn’t, because I’m not on friendly terms with baking, thanks for the recipe)))

Thank you for the wonderful and such a simple recipe!

Do not depart from the original, everything is perfect! Rolled up balls in hands and formed equal syrnichki.

Very gentle, beautiful, light! Now I will add what you like-apples, for example)

Who did not succeed, he simply does not grow hands from there, and do not blame the recipe for this :)))

Tasty cheesecakes))) instead of flour tried to add semolina) everything turned out great) add to my recipes)))

Awesome cheesecakes. I just baked it and I do not like it, soft, juicy and tender.

Previously, according to another recipe did not work, so that this is now my favorite!

Fuuu terrible recipe

Thanks for the recipe, everything turned out great.

True, she did not add vanilla and salt, but put a little semolina.

Cottage cheese 0.5%.

It turned out excellent, only as they said below, I put a spoon) I advise you to try!)

Cheesecakes turned out the most tender! Made strictly according to the recipe, only added raisins. Skatala sausage, it turned out more than 10 small cheesecakes.

Great recipe.

And instead of flour, I add semolina to the cottage cheese, the cheesecakes turn out to be more magnificent. And you can add raisins.

Try it.

my dairy products are all homemade natural, so the recipe is simple — 1 kg of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, if there is milk or yogurt, where not more than 1 cup, 4 tablespoons of sugar, salt, a teaspoon, 1/2 tsp of soda, flour "approximately", knead with a spoon, you can add raisins. Spread with a spoon on a preheated frying pan, but with a small heat and close the lid. You get juicy, tender.

Very good recipe.

It is easy and simple, in the meantime, it turned out 4 syrnichka from a given amount of products. Cottage cheese is dense, 9% fat, the mass also turned out to be moderately dense, hands were molded.

Thanks for the recipe.

It turned out very tasty, I advise everyone to try. and the dough if someone has a bitter life, it is such a cottage cheese)))

thank you so much for the recipe I have never made cheesecakes. and according to your recipe, it is just obedenie and so easy!

Cheesecakes turned out gentle air and very tasty. My curd was fatty, so 4 spoons went.

Cook boldly the best recipe.

I liked the cheesecakes, and it turned out perfect. I also did not fold the sausage and spread it on the pan with a spoon)

I was looking for a suitable recipe for a long time, and now I finally found it. Thank you so much, it turned out just perfect cheesecakes)))

Everything turned out))) if you have the right curd (farmer’s dry), then the recipe is for you, and if the other one is more wet, then the flour is more or dry it.

Recipes moronic does not happen.

There are hands not from that place!

Everything worked out. I sifted flour, did not turn the sausage, but just took a wet spoon to the pan.

Very tasty turned out!

Cheesecakes, just what you need))))) Tasty and easy))))

Awfully roasted, spread. On the second run I dipped more flour and got

Not my recipe. Also spoiled the products ((((For now this recipe is the worst one that has been tried

I do not think that this is due to the addition of vanilla sugar.

Similarly, sugar, not vanilla?

I added vanilla sugar to the dough and it began to taste bitter after frying. why is that?

In addition to the recipe, there is also the ability to understand their products and feel the texture of the dough.

I also got the best cheese cakes in my life according to this recipe.

Flour bit more added!

Thank you for such a simple and tasty recipe.

Spoiled food cooking for this moronic recipe!

For the first time in my life cheesecakes GOT! No recipes, including grandmother and mother, came out at all — it turned out lumps.

She took a low-fat cottage cheese 2 packs and flour added another spoon.

I used to cook cheese cakes according to my mom’s recipe and very rarely, because they were always dark, downtrodden and dry. Someone was visiting a friend and she treated me to her home-made cheesecakes, which I remembered for a long time! And when I asked her for a recipe, she briefly replied that the ingredients are simple cottage cheese , yayo and flour. I came home, I think, let me make it ready and for me they turned out even worse than before.

Some time passed after these failures, the Internet appeared in our home and I found a really very good recipe for cheesecakes set out above. Now this is one of my favorite dishes and not only mine, but also my husband. I advise everyone to try to cook them, you will not regret.

everyone writes and I also confirm on personal experience that in the process it turns out that flour definitely needs more. the author of the recipe you before you write anything you check and do not waste time people and do not disgrace the site

Thank you so much for the recipe!

Cheesecakes turned out very tasty!

A good recipe, flour put more.

Cottage cheese took a rustic plus a pair of vanilla cheese.

It turned out delicious!

The dough from the cottage cheese turned out to be liquid, although the curd was more than 500g. There are really a lot of eggs.

Conclusion: the recipe is not for natural curd.

took advantage of the recipe .. everything worked out. tasty and satisfying. to those housewives whose hands are clinging — a little advice: soak in the water and everything will turn out. Thank you.

She added more flour because the dough was clinging to her hands and it was impossible to roll it. The result was a cake with cottage cheese flavor. (

She wanted to add variety to the old recipe and tried to bake cheesecakes according to this recipe.

The dough turned out liquid, although the flour added almost 2 times more.

Nothing came out, it is a pity that spoiled the real village cottage cheese (In my opinion a lot of eggs and a little flour.

It turned out very tasty, magnificent curd pancakes, made from low-fat cottage cheese !!

For those who do not know how to roll balls from such a liquid dough. We grease hands with vegetable oil, and nothing sticks to them.

The balls roll perfectly and are fried in vegetable oil, so it doesn’t affect the taste of cheesecakes. (This dad taught me, he even molds cutlets).

Unfortunately, it was not like it for this recipe.

The recipe must be modified, as many here have done.

. delicious! at last it turned out to be true cheesecakes.

thanks for the recipe. for a long time I could not find the right ratio of products. FOUND)))) very tasty turned out. and I poured one spoonful of flour, but with a hill)))

Thanks for the recipe!

It turned out delicious, though more flour added.

Can be rolled in sausage, sliced ​​DOLECHKI, rays balls and fry in vegetable oil, like donuts, until golden brown, remove with a slotted spoon on a plate and sprinkle with SUGAR MAMA PUDROYYU in childhood, we did always does.


Cheesecakes are delicious. flour added a little more and the oil did not add! Super

The recipe is excellent! And you do not need any baking powder, add soda., According to this recipe, cheesecakes turned out to be lush and just curd!)) There is enough flour, well, maybe 1, 5 tbsp, but not more.

Everything is perfectly molded, even the sausage rolled up, as here) And another useful advice was to sift the flour. Everything turned out to be 5+))))

Experienced chefs say that you need very little flour in the curd, but forming balls, you need to roll them well in flour. Cottage cheese will take himself as needed.

And it will be cheesecakes, not flat cakes with cottage cheese!

Yes, you can flour and more)))

Hello! Cottage cheese 9% Kuban Burenka. Mixed in the combine, the mass seemed to be watery.

Added four spoons of flour. Daughter ran for supplements three times.

Said: "Delicious, like grandma Zina. " Thanks for the recipe!

Made a recipe, it turned out very tasty.

Flour is necessary as much as indicated in the recipe. To make them neat and even, you need not flour, but hands from the right place;)

I add 1st st. Of flour and 1st. a spoonful of starch, my children are delighted.

Cottage cheese take 9% ROSAGRO.

Thanks for the recipe! cheesecakes turned out very tasty, but flour is not enough according to the recipe.

I added 5 tablespoons of flour for 3 packs of cottage cheese and it was still not enough.

He poured flour in a plate, and with a spoon put a lump in it and rolled it in flour, and then on a frying pan. It turned out 15 small, but beautiful and delicious cheesecakes.))

Obviously, the need for flour is three times more.

Thanks for the recipe turned out very tasty, I liked it.

It turned out the best cheesecakes in my life!)). true flour I added a little bit more

Cheesecakes turned out great! Very neat, of the same shape.

True, I added more flour — I had wet curd and semolina for pomp.

And I put cottage cheese, egg and semolina (2 tablespoons) in cheesecakes. And nothing, it turns out delicious.

Made with curd cheese 9%, 1 tbsp. l flour was not enough, the first time added Art. l without a hill, then I had to add another 1 tbsp.

Roll sausage did not work, made one cheesecake by hand. And so very tasty, I like cheesecakes. 🙂

Are you generally why you made the recipe? I would like to look at how you make cheese cakes from dough with so much flour.

The fat content of cottage cheese, too, must be specified.

As a professional chef I can advise on the amount of flour added.

If you have cottage cheese with high humidity, in this case, it is better to slightly dry and sift the flour — such flour better absorbs excess moisture, but if the cottage cheese is rather dry, then it is better to add flour in small batches so as not to tighten the mass for cheesecakes. became rubber.

I wish you success and a pleasant appetite!

Instead of flour, you can add semolina, let it stand a little, so that it swells, I really like it! Thanks for the idea how to make all the cheese cakes the same size and even, I will definitely try 🙂

and my liquid-liquid dough turned out. Roll unreal.

Flour added much more. And still with a spoon, each syrnichek did separately.

I don’t know the taste, but I ate dotsya and said it tastes better than in the garden! This is praise. 🙂

we liked syrniki =) used granular curd (Svalya 9%). The only thing we did not achieve absolute mass homogeneity, tch it remained slightly granular) + used vanilla essence) very)

and the skill turned out with a rubber sandpaper-)))) it is not clear, it may be necessary on a slow fire or less oil.

Cheesecakes — it’s almost like a charlotte, an insane variety of recipes. I often add grated apple with cinnamon, banana or plum, and add curd to the usual cottage cheese, it turns out much tastier.

The main thing in cheesecakes — to understand the desired proportion, and then you can experiment as you please.

You can add dried apricots, prunes and nuts to the raisins — it turns out wonderfully with cottage cheese. but if you like more flour, there is no point in adding.

Thanks for the recipe. From my personal experience, the amount of flour added, as well as the finished cheesecakes, is very dependent on cottage cheese.

It happens that you add 2 tablespoons to cottage cheese and you don’t need it anymore, and sometimes you add and add it, and then you don’t feel cottage cheese in the cheesecakes.

The best is market cottage cheese (or homemade), fat and dry (i.e., additionally hold it over the sink, so that all the liquid in the glass).

Added more flour. Vkuuuuusno!

Thank you!

Tasty cheesecakes!

For synuli, instead of raisins, I add in the dough multi-colored marmalades, and without sugar.

I personally got the dough watery (I did everything clearly according to the recipe), but the cheesecakes are excellent. dare everything at once

200 grams of cottage cheese and this is for 8 servings, 25 grams per person, very generous))

Great cheesecakes!

Thanks for the recipe!

I do not add sugar to syrniki, only salt, everything else as usual, very tasty!

You can add apples (sliced ​​with a knife) — it turns out like apple pies.

200 gr. cottage cheese, 2 eggs, a little milk, or sour cream, or kefir, apples, flour for the eyes, like on thick pancakes. Soda 0.5 tsp to extinguish

All the recipe and very tasty!

Ate instantly.

500 gr. cottage cheese (2 packs not soft), 1/2 tbsp. sugar sand, 1/2 tbsp. flour, 1 egg all mix and take a tablespoon and in a saucer with 2 tbsp. flour, roll on both sides, then hands to form a cake and into the pan with hot vegetable oil. I do many years and always tasty.

Half of the curd dough can be left in the fridge until the next day.

Try the finished cheesecakes to put out for 10 minutes in sour cream with sugar and 1 tbsp. l butter.

You can eat hot, but I prefer to eat these cheesecakes chilled.

Try the finished cheese cakes

After seeing so many cool reviews, I decided to do it too. Probably, I will "black sheep", but I did not like it. 🙁

the right recipe! it’s straight "cheesecakes"and not flour pellets in the canteen. Inside you can put 1-2 cherries, apples in thin sheets — it turns out delicious 🙂

I’m not talking about sugar. ((

It seems that no one ever tried to mix 300 grams of cottage cheese, 1 egg, and so surely — postakana sour cream from 4 tbsp. spoons of flour. A cocktail may not be bad, but obviously not cheesecakes!

I won’t say how much flour it took, just sprinkled constantly, but no less than a glass!

What a spoon.

I followed the advice of Olesya))), although I modified the recipe a little: cottage cheese 500g usual in a pack (Ruzian) +2 eggs + 4 l sugar + flour 4 l. with top + raisins.

The dough turned out very homogeneous, not liquid, cheesecakes were easily formed, rolled in flour and fried under a lid over medium heat.

It turned out sooo delicious!

Just dined with these cheeses — were satisfied. Of course, to make dense cheesecakes, with the obvious presence of cottage cheese, they were fed like that in childhood, and they are clearly in the picture, you need to take market cottage cheese, dry, granular, fat cottage cheese.

And I took what was — 5%, cheap, slightly denser than 0% pasta "House in the village". Of course, I had to add more flour, baking powder.

Cooked in a not very hot pan with the lid closed.

Expect that you can turn the sausages out of soft cottage cheese and a spoon of flour.

Therefore, she laid out a pile of dough with a spoon. It turned out, as I expected, cottage cheese pancakes, cottage cheese almost never guessed, but the taste is awesome, delicate, but not puffy, rising.

To them boiled jam from frozen wild berries.

Vanilla soft taste of cheesecakes goes well with tart jam of lingonberries, blueberries and cranberries.

Curd pancakes are a wonderful thing, no worse than traditional cheesecakes.

and I also added some confectionery poppy to the dough part — it turned out funny and tasty.

Oh. by the way. even better to wipe the curd through a sieve, we rubbed through a metal sieve! And instead of vanilla sugar, separate sugar, separate vanilla, soaked in a small amount of water!

Try still to make about half a gram with cumin!

This is somewhere a couple of pinches.

Hello. someone here says that the flour is molovato. I study in a cool technique and I can say that there is enough flour. We are preparing in technical school according to STANDARD recipes and we have everything calculated in grams, so I can say flour normally, but who has a problem with eggs =) I can say that there are enough eggs for 8 pieces and half the eggs !! But I don’t argue that the more eggs the tastier and more tender you get!

And BOLD ADD ADVANTAGES (within reasonable limits) it will generally be delicious.

I took 300g grained cottage cheese + 1 egg + 2.5 tbsp. sugar + pinch of salt + 4-5 st.ll.muki)) It turned out great!

Just grainy cottage cheese with a little water, so the number of flour increased!

Everything turned out very tasty! for beauty and diversity, some were made with grated carrots, and some with raisins.

For ease baked in the oven with almost no oil. It’s nice and easy and tasty! I recommend to everyone

maybe just cottage cheese is not very.

I take Fat Low Fat.

And still need to stir the mixture so that the mixture turned out to be air.

And the flour is not enough. Take a generous spoonful of flour with a slide.

And if you have a granular cottage cheese, then replace some of the usual cottage cheese with it.

and by the way everything turned out very tasty!

today prepared 24 pieces. everyone is happy))

1 tablespoon of flour for a pack of cottage cheese, even dry, is very small.

If it was necessary to take a grainy, so they would have written.

The result was flour "soles", small and fresh (sugar per curd pack is also small).

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