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Holiday tours: where to celebrate Shrovetide

Moscow estate Abramtsevo holds shrovetide events (entertaining and educational program «Our Maslenitsa») 2nd of March.

They promise a theatrical performance with Russian amusements, games and songs, an indispensable tour of the estate and, finally, pancakes and tea from a samovar.

Tourist groups are accepted only by appointment. You can sign up by calling 8 (496) 543-24-70; 8 (916) 278-45-42.

The event is paid.

Recall that at one time the estate was owned by the writer Sergei Aksakov, and then — the philanthropist Savva Mamontov.

Among the guests of the manor were Repin, Vasnetsov, Polenov, Vrubel, Korovin, thanks to which the estate turned into a real museum: there are, for example, the Vrubel bench, the Russian-style church built according to the project of Vasnetsov, and the “hut on chicken legs” «.

Sengiley — self proclaimed «Pancake capital of the Volga region» — located in the Ulyanovsk region (where in recent years many creative ideas have been born).

On March 2, the main square of the city will host the Shrovetide festival, which will be attended by amateur teams from the district and the region, craftsmen, chefs, athletes and, most likely, almost all city residents.

The festive event will begin at 10.00 am with a procession of Shrovetide train led by comic slogans about Maslenitsa, sleigh train and drum show “Dance of the Seventh Heaven”, from the pancake monument to the main stage.

There, the Russian ceremony “Wedding at the Pancake Day” will be presented to the audience.

Pancakes from the smallest to the largest, of different types and forms will be presented at the site «Pancake Series».

Everyone will be able to feast on blinks on various recipes and bake your pancake.

In addition, at the festival, more than 17 sites will be carried out — with accordionists, animators, sports competitions, exhibitions of decorative and applied art, Rostov dolls, bead weaving classes, blacksmith trade, local honey fair, etc.

Also known that in the local cafe (its name is not called — it is quite possible that it is one in Sengiley) there will be tastings of Russian dishes, in the city museum of local lore there is an interactive platform “Siberian costume”, and you can go along the Volga and the central streets of the city on harnessed horses threes.

The culmination moment of the whole celebration will be the rite of burning the stuffed Shrovetide.

Shrovetide events will be held in Pskovfrom February 28 to March 2, the most interesting — March 1 and 2.

March 1, Saturday, on the territory of the Pskov Kremlin (Dovmontov city) will be «Shrovetide razgulyay.»

At 12: 00-13: 00 there will be a Paralympic torch relay, at 12:30 pm Pancake festivals and tasting pancakes will open.

From 15:00 to 17:00 all sorts of sports competitions will be organized there.

March 2 Shrovetide celebrations will continue from 12:00.

In particular, they will hold a competition for the best Shrovetide emerald.

The main thing the effigy will solemnly burn at exactly 20:00.

Both weekends there will be a Pancake Week and Pancake Town.

Husky dog ​​sledding is organized for children.

In the estate near Moscow Arkhangelsk the holiday will begin on March 2 at 12:00.

They promise a big circus program with the participation of the trained bear Stepa; performances of folk groups and the club of historical reconstruction “White Lynx”, a kind of “Candy show”, a festive fair of craftsmen, horse riding and dog sledding and, of course, tea drinking with pancakes.

Entrance to the estate is paid.

Shrovetide festivities in Sergiev Posad this year will begin on February 24th.

The organizers are optimistic that this will be «the main carnival of the Moscow region» — there is a chance to go and check.

The main platform, where Shrovetide celebrations will take place, will be Skittskie Prudy Park, which last year won the project Moscow Region Parks.

Guests of the holiday will be able to face off in arm wrestling, fistfights, battles with sacks on a log, tug-of-war.

In specially equipped tents, master-classes on making traditional souvenirs will be held, and a farm fair will be spread in stylized wooden houses.

Theatrical performances, competition and entertainment programs, interactive games, photo contests, handicraft workshops and traditional pancake tea party are also waiting for the residents.

In Yasnaya Polyana, a folklore concert is offered at Shrovetide — not a pop performance in the national spirit, but a real folklore ensemble under the direction of Alexei Chentsov, which will open the Maslenitsa ceremony to listeners and viewers.

The ceremonial concert will end with a treat for pancakes and the burning of stuffed Winter.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes both well-known Russian folk songs and unique songs collected on expeditions in the Tula region.

The highlight of the concert will be the performance of Natalia Serbina from Kiev, a folk researcher and author of folk songs.

She will present folk songs recorded on expeditions to Central Ukraine since 1995, and will accompany herself on an ancient instrument — the wheel lyre.

The event takes place on March 2 at 15:00.

Sign in with tickets.

Tickets can be bought on the website ypmasl.eventmag.ru and ordered by phone 8 (4872) 47-35-80, 8 (48751) 76-396, 8 (910) 156-71-74.

An interesting Maslenitsa program is offered by another manor house connected with Leo Tolstoy — Pirogovo, a branch of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum. March 1 at 13:00 there will organize a children’s role-playing game «The expulsion of Napoleon from Russia.»

Its participants will be local schoolchildren who “try on” the roles of French and Russian soldiers.

The game will be dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the capture of Paris and the victory over Napoleon France — it will be celebrated this spring. It is based on the old Russian game «Taking the Snow Town». Snow fortress in front of the manor’s house Pirogovo will symbolize France, and the house of Lev Tolstoy’s Marya Nikolaevna’s sister will become the personification of Paris.

Attacking the fortress of our troops will be under fire from a cannon, and the climax of the battle will be the capture of Napoleon himself.

The “war” will end, as it should be, with reconciliation: the “Russians” and the “French” will shake hands and go to drink tea with pancakes.

Then the holiday will flow in its traditional way — everyone will be told about the celebration of Shrovetide in the family of Tolstoy.

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