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Hoi An — what to see, what to try

About 500-600 years ago, Hoi An was a mighty trading port, not so much Vietnamese as Chinese and Japanese at the same time.

Well, and then the port importance of Hoi An quietly faded away, and the once rich city was impoverished.

And he did very well: it was thanks to his poverty that the local residents could not improve, modernize and somehow spoil their old houses, thanks to which Hoián remained untouched and managed to preserve 844 buildings that are now on the list of cultural heritage UNESCO.

For example, the oldest of the local pagodas, Chuk Thanh, carved wooden Chinese assembly hall, Quan Kong temple, a tiny but magnificent covered Japanese bridge, temples of the Cham people, ancestral houses in which 10-15 generations of one family live (and where for a very reasonable fee tourists are allowed).

To be honest, in a couple of days you can memorize the whole of Hoi An.

So, it’s time to raid the neighborhood — for example, it would be very correct to visit the Marble Mountains.

Well, next to the mountains is the famous Chinese beach, where at one time American soldiers rested from feats of arms (and from the mountain caves, intrepid young Vietnamese snipers watched with interest through their sight with interest.).

Another attraction near Hoinan is the Mishon, a thousand-year-old temple complex of the Cham people, built of small red bricks of such a quality that even in the humid and warm Vietnamese climate, mold does not take root.

Oh, and do not forget about another local pleasure — visiting the tailors! Once upon a time Vietnam It was French, and since then it has been perfectly sewn: a gorgeous silk dress or suit or whatever else you need will make it in about three hours — and this will turn out to be fashionable, beautiful, natural and very nice for you.

And it will cost three pennies — in Vietnam in general, everything costs three kopecks.

A decent hotel can cost $ 15 a day, you can eat well for a couple of dollars, and so on.

The local cuisine, which mixed Chinese with French, Indian and something particularly local, above all praise. Everything here is very tasty, fresh and healthy. However, sometimes it is rather strange smelling — for example, the smell of fish sauce socks our noses is not at all happy.

But you only try it!

In addition, the Vietnamese assure — the worse the smell, the healthier the food.

And here’s another thing that we just need to eat: stuffed pancakes there, soup pho (rice noodles in chicken, beef or pork), bun mom (rice noodle fish soup), Kua Zhang Mooi (fried crabs), kua crab soup, lyon eel soup, doufu bean curd, mi sao — fried noodles with spices and meat, mien luong — eel noodles and tree mushrooms … As well as coconuts, durian (plug your noses), guava, lychee, rambutan, mangosteen, dragon eye, mango …

The most courageous can also try the local vodka, in which a snake or a scorpion floats at ease — in my opinion, she still has the taste, but some like it. In general, you and I will have to eat here from morning to night, but this is nothing — the food here is light, and in order not to become fat, you can often run to the local masseuse.

However, they themselves will come running to you — the beach is simply littered with cheerful flip-flops, as well as those who would like to massage them.

Olga Volkova:
“I was born in the summer of June 17th, and probably this is why I hate winter with all my soul, as well as late autumn, early spring, and generally cold, darkness, slush, and snow. As soon as all these troubles begin in Moscow, I am drawn to go somewhere far and more pleasantly.

Most of all I love to travel, and the profession of a journalist allows me to do it, even if not as often as I would like, but still more often than if I worked for someone else.

My second passion is that I love to eat tasty food, and I am ready to try anything except dogs and cats — I will not eat these for anything, because I love them very much.

Like all other animals, by the way, I love them so much that I not only filled my house with them, but I also write articles and even books about them.

And I also speak French, famously drive a car and consider it the most foolish thing in the world to iron socks and shorts. ”

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