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Hibiscus tea (how to brew properly), step-by-step recipe with photos

I brought this recipe from Egypt. He was told to me by a native of Cairo. This tea not only quenches thirst on a hot day, but also has very beneficial properties.

Hot karkade tea increases the pressure, and if it is cold, it lowers it.

  • sugar — to taste
  • water is normal, cold — 1 l
  • Karkade tea roses — 15 pcs. (about 10 g)

Cold or hot, spicy karkade — just a fabulous drink. So tea could well.

I’m not worried with this tea at all.

In the evening or in the morning I put 4 buds in a glass of cold water and put them in the hololin.

As I remember, I drink.

He is ready in 3-4 hours. If the buds are large and the infusion is saturated, then it can be diluted with water.

I bought dry karkade flowers in a store threw in cold water. after a short time they were allocated and "to crawl" at the bottom of the cup is something very similar to dye.

I just wanted to make sure that the tea you bring also behaves this way or not.

Attention !! Be careful. I brought a hibiscus from Egypt, as it lowers the pressure in a cold state, but I didn’t know exactly how much to put it on. I made a nice pinch on my big glass.

2 or 3 times made this drink, I really liked but. I started to scratch my face. Pimples appeared, I wasn’t in my youth, then my back was so itching I was shocked and finally I read (well the internet is at hand) everything from the hibiscus. in bags, there is a miser, and I brought a kilogram is not a pity, brewed directly to say it was dark cherry. so be CAREFUL.

Make a pale pink drink.

On one liter of water 15 buds! Cool.

Yes, 3-5 is quite enough, and this recipe is similar to if you would like to make a pack of black tea with a liter of water — some kind of chifir is obtained. Can "native of Cairo" Gave a recipe for Egyptian Chifira?

Friends brought from Turkey, everything was fine and crumbled, of course, I tried a prescription drug today (because of forgetfulness I kept it in cold water for 24 hours). a bit more tart, it turned out, the nature of the product was brewed. compared with bags for dieters, I do not remember the name, something like "young", the bags have a plus — instead of sugar, they immediately have stevia, a dietary substitute, very sweet. I brew them 4 sachets (2 to 2 per teapot for 5-10 minutes) and one teapot with the remains of 4 sachets (barely pink is obtained). it is about 1.5 liters — it depends on the kettle, the stump is clear. and another half of the lemon for sour squeezed — knock. Packing for 20 bags costs about 112 rubles. I didn’t see any difference, but I drink a lot of alcohol, like all the taste buds have already burned. so see for yourself. but the acidity increases both equally — heartburn (if after a good libation) is provided. and on a typical day, a pleasant coolness. I still do not understand why ice is added there, it’s still in the fridge, and not to cool it in a freshly-frozen way — it’s checked.

Thanks for the recipe! I love karkade tea, but I didn’t know how to brew correctly

I brought 2 pounds from Egypt.

He chose the flowers better) Thanks for the recipe!

I will enjoy!

When I lived in Israel, I worked for weekends at discotheques. So at the end of the discos, everyone was treated to ygbnrjv called tea (h-articulated firmly). I remember a lot of herbs were cooked and all this was made on milk. Thank.

Thanks for the recipe. I cook on it often and drink it with great pleasure! 🙂

Thanks for the recipe, be sure to try.

In Syria, the hibiscus petals (karkade) are boiled together with half a lemon. Also very tasty.

Sometimes even seasonings are added.

Tatiana, do not drain the water, boil in the same water, pour the prescription.

For me, it remains unclear whether to drain the water after soaking or boil in the same water?

And how much water should you pour when soaking?


ali-che, between the tea that we drink in the hotels of Egypt, and between natural hibiscus tea is a big difference!

In the hotels we are served a karkade drink (dry mix, which is diluted with water), by the way, is very tasty, and if you compared with this taste — then, of course, nothing in common.

Could not reproduce, because the Egyptian karkade is special .. nothing to do with what is sold here ..

Thank! Saw in Egypt this tea in the cold — an indescribable feeling.

But she was not able to reproduce this drink at home.

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